All-you-can-eat high-end flavors while you’re in the shop Internet café that is “too serious about soft serve i ce cream” Offers 15 kinds of free soft serve ice cream in one month

City Communications Co., Ltd.
All-you-can-eat high-end flavors while you’re in the shop Internet café that is “too serious about soft serve ice cream” Offers 15 kinds of free soft serve ice cream in one month
“DiCE Omori Store 15th Anniversary Event” will be held from November 5th (Sat) to the end of November

The Internet cafe “DiCE Omori” operated by City Communications Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture / President: Daiaki Mita) will celebrate its 15th anniversary on November 22, 2022. As a “DiCE Omori store 15th anniversary event”, we will offer 15 types of soft cream for about a month from Saturday, November 5th to the end of November. Offering 15 types within a month is the first attempt in “DiCE”, and 5 out of the 15 types provided belong to the “luxury flavor”, and the other 10 types are also very popular. It is a mono and collaboration flavor.
At this event, we will return our gratitude to our customers for celebrating the 15th anniversary with soft cream that is highly demanded and has a special content.
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About Softream provided

[Image 2d22051-243-aaab37a9b99ed399ed53-10.jpg&s3=22051-243-3e464b7bdb7c41dd2a29098ee1935a96-1874x754.jpg
Left: High-end software release schedule POP Right: Dead by Daylight collaboration software
You can check the offer period at any time on the “DiCE Omori store” official Twitter account -@DiCE_OOM-. The flavors provided are as follows.
■ “DiCE Omori Store 15th Anniversary Event” Provided Soft Cream Yubari Melon / Matcha Chocolate / Soft White Peach / Sophore / Apple Mango / Vanilla / Sugar Vanilla / Ice Kurin / Yuzu / Salty Lychee / Muscat / Haskap Orange / 2 DbD collaboration soft drinks (cassis, bamboo charcoal chocolate)
■ About premium flavors
[Image 3d22051-243-4cc234f31d70c278f4f6-6.jpg&s3=22051-243-32ee3c670e8182fca53141759c38e7b2-1800x850.jpg
Flavor name/Providing period/Comment on the taste from the “DiCE Omori store” soft serve staff
・Yubari melon from 11/5
You can enjoy the firm sweetness of Yubari melon as it is.
The scent is also solid and the degree of reproduction of melon is high. ・Matcha Chocolate 11/12~
A flavor that combines the sweetness of chocolate with the bitterness of matcha. DiCE original (so-called mixture) flavor, with less frequency and higher rarity. Because it is based on chocolate flavor, it is easy to eat even for those who are not good at matcha itself.
・Soft gourd white peach from 11/19
Yogurt-flavored soft-serve ice cream with a gentle sweetness of white peach. It’s very refreshing, so it’s recommended for those who don’t like rich sweetness.
・Sophore 11/22~
It is the king of vanilla, which is popular among all DiCE flavors. Not the heavy sweetness that comes after regular vanilla
It has a refreshing aftertaste and is easy to eat and can be eaten forever. ・Apple mango from 11/26
A popular flavor that faithfully reproduces the sticky sweetness and texture of mangoes.
The frequency of implementation is low, so the rarity is high. Like the Yubari melon, it has a strong aroma and sweetness that makes you feel like you are eating an apple mango.

“DiCE”‘s seriousness for soft cream is the best in internet cafes ■ Commitment to DiCE’s soft serve ice cream
[Image 4d22051-243-5500ccdc1150fd3daa79-2.jpg&s3=22051-243-4c2faa30a6e80cdf43b025733acb8153-442x572.jpg
We offer soft-serve ice cream with different flavors every month according to the season and event. In order to provide various toppings and flavored syrups and provide delicious coffee that goes well with soft serve ice cream, some stores have a permanent server “KEY COLD CREMA Dispenser” dedicated to cold crema.
We are focusing on developing soft serve ice cream that can only be tasted at “DiCE”, such as implementing “collaboration soft serve ice cream” with various companies and regularly developing and providing original soft serve ice cream. All employees have the right to be in charge of developing original soft-serve ice cream, and the
“soft-serve” who decides the soft-serve ice cream for each week is stationed at each store.
[Image 5d22051-243-05519858de4e2711c1a6-3.jpg&s3=22051-243-55a3a38580d4b9bc93ec1d7ed8367555-1275x381.jpg

About 180,000 servings per month About high demand for soft serve ice cream [Image 6d22051-243-381ea372969b3ada51d1-0.jpg&s3=22051-243-1116ced7129e119ac0d5f85bd70bac68-1920x831.jpg
The number of soft serve ice cream cups at all DiCE stores is calculated based on the average value* of 13 cups per liter. Approximately 180,000 meals are served monthly. (From 2018 to December 2021, according to our research)
* Calculated from the amount of soft cream mix

■ The content of the post is all about the soft cream “DiCE” Instagram [Image 7d22051-243-cbb839897aa375f62af0-1.jpg&s3=22051-243-ddce28b1173695db0f51a2f188621c9f-800x273.jpg
The branding by this Instagram is “Anyway, I’m serious about soft cream”. Therefore, although it is an official net cafe account, we do not do any store information or facility appeal, and operate it entirely to send out soft serve ice cream that shines. At “DiCE,” you can eat all-you-can-eat soft serve ice cream that changes every week while you are in the store. We are posting for the purpose of getting interest in net cafes not only for net cafe users, but also for Instagram users and sweets lovers. In the future, in addition to attracting customers to the store, I would like to improve the image of the Internet cafe through SNS.
【account information】
Account operation start date: July 1, 2020
Username: @softcream.dice

■ Internet cafe “DiCE” ▼DiCE official website [Image 8d22051-243-8dc0ca26e814fe255000-5.jpg&s3=22051-243-ff3a880b33b2ca14e9bc169fd6882691-1276x657.jpg
“DiCE” is an Internet cafe that has been operating mainly in the Kanto region since 2000. It is popular with many female customers because of its luxury and cleanliness. In addition to plenty of magazines, comics, and free drinks, we also have seasonal soft serve ice cream and a full-fledged coffee server. In addition to fully private VIP rooms ideal for group use, you can also enjoy amusement content such as darts, karaoke, and e-sports. An Internet cafe that evolves day by day to meet the needs of the times.

* Product and service names mentioned in this news release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. * The information contained in this news release is current as of the date of the announcement. Subject to change without notice.

■Company Profile
Company name: City Communications Co., Ltd.
Location: Asahi Building 3F, 3-33-8 Tsuruyacho, Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Representative: Hiroaki Mita, President and Representative Director Established: December 20, 1995
Business description: A comprehensive entertainment company that provides play, healing, and relaxation.

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