Alphable Co., Ltd. Held on 11/17 Photojoy will be on stage at the photo online seminar (free) for marriage-hunting businesses

Alphable Co., Ltd.
[11/17 Held] Photojoy will be on stage at the photo online seminar (free) for marriage-hunting businesses
Commentary on tips for marriage photos and clothes suitable for marriage
Business manager Fuuta Miyazaki and stylist manager of Photojoy, a business trip photography service specializing in profile photos for love and marriage activities operated by Alphable Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Atsushi Kami) Takumi Kobayashi will be on stage as a lecturer at the “Photo Online Seminar for Marriage Hunting Businesses” held by Kikuno, a love marriage consultant, on November 17th (Thursday). I would like to talk to you.
Application form: [Image 1d87412-27-7761e0a06e81b9cfdb9b-0.png&s3=87412-27-30b5d5ffb19bbcde5086839e77182e33-1280x670.png

About photo online seminars for marriage-hunting businesses
■ Title
Photo online seminar for marriage-hunting businesses
■ Seminar overview
Date: Thursday, November 17, 14:00-16:00 (You can enter the room 5 minutes before)
Fee: Free
Method: Zoom (URL will be sent by email after application)
Target: Marriage agencies, local government marriage support business staff, matching app staff, love consultants, stylists, makeup artists, photo studio staff, media staff, and those whose business partners are the matchmaking industry, etc.
Lecturer: Mr. Hiroaki Iwamoto, Representative Director of iLuce Co., Ltd. Fuuta Miyazaki, Business Manager of Alphable Photojoy Co., Ltd. Alphable Co., Ltd. Photojoy stylist manager Takumi Kobayashi Seminar details page:
Application form: ■ Contents of the presentation
《Photojoy Fuuta Miyazaki / Takumi Kobayashi》
・Advantages of location (outdoor) shooting
・The impression of the photo changes depending on the location ・ Tips for taking wonderful wedding photos in areas where there are few ideal studios
・Choosing clothes that make a good impression in photos (mainly choosing suits for men)
[Image 2d87412-27-c4d1abd969578d0877db-1.png&s3=87412-27-c9912196e4b1a4fcdd9dad43b5bf174f-1189x685.png
Introduction of Photojoy instructors
Photojoy business manager Fuuta Miyazaki
[Image 3d87412-27-4cc0329db3e9d02bca84-2.jpg&s3=87412-27-c8ad6a9623126c99b18bd84b3d514616-407x408.jpg
Born in 1994. Born in Hyogo prefecture. Responsible for launching Photojoy, a business trip photography service specializing in profile photos for love and marriage activities. Experienced taking profile photos for over 1,000 people.
In 2019, he became the head of the Photojoy business and currently manages 100 photographers.
Appeared in many media such as TBS TV “Matsuko’s unknown world” NHK “Good morning Kansai” Fuji TV “Data is missing!” Kansai TV “Chimata no Joshiki-chan” Nagoya TV “Up!”
Photojoy stylist manager Takumi Kobayashi
[Image 4d87412-27-42cb6c786efdf735c57b-3.jpg&s3=87412-27-f8156a9e9b19d52f9f0ee423c9269278-607x606.jpg
Born in 1989. Born in Aichi Prefecture. After gaining experience in coordination at a major suit company and a personal stylist company, he was appointed as Photojoy’s stylist manager in 2020.
On Twitter, he works as a “male matchmaker @wan” for marriage counseling. He is also active as a matchmaker for men, disseminating the way men think about love that women are interested in.
In my private life, I registered with Pairs with photos taken by Miyazaki and married a woman I met at Pairs.
Introducing the organizer
Love Marriage Consultant Kikuno
[Image 5d87412-27-0e6c98cfedb7de0e9d8d-4.jpg&s3=87412-27-2757b432d5305bfafbe3def090a45003-665x664.jpg
Born in Yamagata prefecture. Marriage-hunting columns and blogs for women’s SPA! are popular. Ameblo official blogger. From 2020, he will occasionally host online study sessions for businesses to improve the level of the love and marriage support industry. About 340 companies have participated so far.
Her books include “Your ‘there’ is a waste.”
About 40% of the people who come for love consultation are women who have never been in a relationship.
■ Personal Twitter (@koakumamt): ■ Ameblo:
■ Seminars for past marriage-hunting businesses:
About “Photojoy”
[Image 6d87412-27-103eeba93a2ea2fe84c0-5.png&s3=87412-27-c0d932b50bb3ee2e682761f578c65d47-650x366.png
・ Business trip photography service specializing in profile photos for love and marriage
We recommend that you smile when you take a photo of our on-site photography service “Photojoy”, which specializes in profile photos for love and marriage activities, and our photographers will suggest natural poses. In addition to taking profile photos, we also offer a plan that provides total support for love and marriage, such as fashion coordination and profile writing.
■ Features
・Total number of photographers exceeded 17,000
We have dispatched photographers who have received photography instruction and provided photo shooting services to people who are having trouble finding profile photos to be posted on matching apps and matchmaking sites. With the support of many people, the total number of photographers has exceeded 17,000.
・Shooting is possible in all 47 prefectures of Japan
Photojoy’s business trip photography service started in February 2019 in Tokyo (around Shinjuku Station), and has provided services mainly in Tokyo and Osaka. is possible.
・96.8% satisfaction in post-use questionnaire
As a result of conducting interviews using interview sheets before shooting, training on matching apps for photographers, and selecting suitable shooting locations, the post-shooting questionnaire showed a 96.8% satisfaction rate (as of September 2022). It is highly rated. ■ Photojoy official website
■Photojoy Official Twitter (@photojoy_japan) Inquiries about this matter and services
Alphable Co., Ltd. Kagami
■Overview of Alphable Co., Ltd.
・ Main business: Operation of “Photojoy”, a profile photo shooting service specializing in love and marriage hunting, and planning and sales of men’s cosmetics brand “MULC”
・Head office location: 8-17-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Sumitomo Fudosan Shinjuku Grand Tower 27F
・Representative: Atsushi Kami, Representative Director
・ Company URL:
Details about this release:

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