AlphaDrive/NewsPicks Releases POT Assessment, an Assessment Tool to Visualize Transformational Human Resources in the Company, and a Human Resource Development Program, Transformational Leader Development Program

AlphaDrive/NewsPicks Releases POT Assessment, an Assessment Tool to Visualize Transformational Human Resources in the Company, and a Human Resource Development Program, Transformational Leader Development Program
Combining training and assessment to visualize and nurture human resources who will bring about change in the company

AlphaDrive/NewsPicks, a joint venture between Uzabase Group’s AlphaDrive Co., Ltd. and NewsPicks Co., Ltd., will launch an assessment tool “POT Assessment by AlphaDrive/NewsPicks” (hereinafter, “this Assessment”) in October 2022. At the same time, we released a human resource development program based on the “Transformation Leader Development Program”.
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■ What is “POT Assessment”?
As the importance of human capital management increases, the visualization of the qualities of employees and the development of human resources who lead the company to reform are urgent issues. This assessment is an assessment tool developed by AlphaDrive/NewsPicks’ human resources research and development department, the People & Organizational Transformation Institute (POT), to visualize the “transformation human resources” that lie dormant within companies. 《What is transformational human resources?》
AlphaDrive/NewsPicks defines transformative human resources as people who can utilize their own individuality and lead to new business development and corporate transformation. At POT, we have been researching the qualities possessed by such transformative human resources.
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■ “POT Assessment” process and how to use it
At POT, we have incorporated the perspective of psychology into the knowledge about transformative human resources that we have obtained from our past support for new business creation and corporate transformation, and classified the abilities necessary to bring about transformation into the following four categories.
1. Relationship building ability
2. Perception of things
3. Thinking tendency
4. Behavioral characteristics
In addition, among these four competencies, 19 qualities that are characteristic of transformative human resources were identified. Visualize how well you possess these qualities by answering 77 questions. In addition to the characteristics of people’s thoughts and actions, it is characterized by visualizing the “relationship building ability” that involves many stakeholders as a quality.
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“POT Assessment” was supervised by Mr. Manabu Shikauchi, CEO of Singulate Co., Ltd. Mr. Kanai has a background in basic research in cognitive neuroscience, specializes in psychology, and has experience in developing human resource assessments.
This assessment is intended for young employees who will be
responsible for corporate transformation in the future, as well as mid-career employees, including middle managers who will actually lead the transformation.
By visualizing people within the company who have the potential to transform, we can train them early on and encourage them to take on the challenges of new businesses and projects. It is also useful for nurturing managers who support the promotion of change and for creating a foundation for an organizational culture that creates human resources for change. We also have a program to develop such human resources.
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■ What is the transformation leader development program?
In addition to visualizing what kind of qualities employees have and what kind of environment they can be active in with “POT Assessment”, we also provide a human resource development program “Transformation Leader Development Program” that maximizes the range of activities. increase.
-Training program example-
・ Leadership improvement program for Generation Y (ages 37-45) Acquire the mindset and skills as a manager of a transformative organization ・ Next-generation leader development program for millennials (ages 27-36) Acquire a mindset as a leader who will bring about change in the future ・Early leadership education for Generation Z (until age 26)
Acquiring the mindset to become a transformative human resource These human resource development programs not only provide training to promote awareness change, but also support behavior change by utilizing the video learning program “NewsPicks Learning” provided by NewsPicks and “NewsPicks Enterprise” that revitalizes the community. ■ Comment from Joji Hirao, Director of AlphaDrive
Based on my experience in new business development and seeing many people who bring about corporate transformation, I believe that the key to competitive strategy in the VUCA era is “transformation human resources.” Innovative human resources are not necessarily the same as “excellent human resources” evaluated in existing businesses. I hope that as many companies as possible will discover innovative human resources who are sleeping in many companies, change companies in today’s unpredictable and uncertain world, and develop the ability to create new businesses. As a material for that purpose, I would like you to use the “POT Assessment” and the human resource development program that brings together our wisdom.
◆Company profile
Company name: Alphadrive Co., Ltd.
Established: February 23, 2018
Representative: Yoichi Aso, President and CEO
Location: Head Office 〒100-0014 2-17-3 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Kurusu Building 1F
Mitsubishi Building, 2-5-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
Company name: NewsPicks, Inc.
Established: April 1, 2015
Representatives: Yusuke Inagaki, Hitoshi Sakuma
Location: Mitsubishi Building, 2-5-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
◆ Inquiries about “POT Assessment” and human resource development program

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