Alphax Co., Ltd. New product “Dense puff eye mask that melts to your ears” will be released on October 7

Alphax Co., Ltd.
[New product] Let’s relax and get a good night’s sleep with the warmth of your ears “Dense puff eye mask that melts up to your ears” released on October 7
The makeup puff material is comfortable to wear with little skin irritation! Eye mask that covers your ears

Alfax Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Mitsuhiro Yura), which runs a planning and maker of health, beauty goods, and idea goods, has created an eye mask that can be used to warm the ears, a new type of activity, for those who cannot sleep due to stress or the cold. We will release a new dense puff eye mask that melts up to your ears.This is the successor to the 7500 “melting dense puff eye mask”.
Stress affects not only your physical and mental health, but also your skin. One of the lesser known is the relationship between ears and stress. It is said that the parasympathetic nerve fibers of the autonomic nerves that change to the relaxation mode are in close contact with the ears, and it is said that when the ears are loosened or warmed, the scalp loosens and the blood flow in the head improves, increasing the relaxation effect. increase.
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[Product Features]
1. Smoothness Feels better than silk *Compared to our products The inside of the mask uses the same material as the makeup puff, so it is fluffy and does not irritate the skin. In addition, since it is also oil-processed, friction with the skin is reduced.
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2. Design that wraps around the eyes and ears
There is a cuff to fit the nose. The filling creates an air layer to warm the eyes and ears. The soft rubber around the head does not constrict, making it useful for long periods of time when sleeping or traveling.
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[Product name] Dense puff eye mask that melts to your ears
[Price] Unit price: ¥1,540 (tax included)
[Material] Front side: 100% polyester
Skin side: 100% polyester Insulation: 100% polyester
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■Contact information
Alphax Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Aoki
Phone number: 06-4792-1193
■Company Profile
Trade name: Alphax Co., Ltd.
Representative: Mitsuhiro Yura, Representative Director
Location: Cygnus Building 4F, 2-1-9 Uchihirano-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 540-0037
Established: October 1999
Business description: Planning, manufacturing, wholesale sales Capital: 43 million yen

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