Alphax Co., Ltd. New product Say goodbye to frustration with a super absorbent towel for those who don’t like drying their hair “Hair Drying Towel FUWAP”

Alphax Co., Ltd.
[New product] Say goodbye to frustration with a super absorbent towel for those who don’t like drying their hair “Hair Drying Towel FUWAP” Approximately 2.4 times more absorbent than regular towels for quick and beautiful hair care

Alphax Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Mitsuhiro Yura), which runs a planning maker of health, beauty goods, and idea goods, aims to dry hair in a short time for those who are stressed because it takes a long time to dry their hair. We will release a towel “Hair Drying Towel FUWAP” that can be used
There are many people who are busy with housework and childcare work and feel burdened by the time it takes to dry their hair. Roughly wiping with a towel will cause damage to your hair due to friction. Therefore, we have developed a super absorbent towel for those who want to care for their hair without damaging it as much as possible. [Image 1

1. A shape with excellent fit and holding power that can be wrapped around the head
The soft and comfortable long-pile ultra-fine microfiber and rubber thread are used to give elasticity, so that the towel wraps around the head and is tightly gathered to absorb moisture.
[Image 2

[Image 3

2. Super absorbent and quick-drying microfiber fabric
It has about 2.4 times more water absorption than regular towels and is highly functional.
[Image 4

3. Achieve beautiful hair while saving time and power
Absorbs water just by wrapping it in a super absorbent towel. You can shorten the use time of the dryer and protect your hair from friction and heat damage of the dryer. The long size has a loop that makes it easy to dry and can be used as a towel to absorb water droplets from your body for a comfortable stay.
[Image 5

[Product name] Hair dry towel FUWAP
[Body price] 1,408 yen (tax included)
[Material] 75% polyester, 25% nylon
[Amazon sales destination] ■Contact information
Alphax Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Aoki
Phone number: 06-4792-1193
■Company profile
Trade name: Alphax Co., Ltd.
Representative: Mitsuhiro Yura, Representative Director
Location: Cygnus Building 4F, 2-1-9 Uchihirano-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 540-0037
Established: October 1999
Business description: Planning, manufacturing, wholesale sales Capital: 43 million yen

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