Alvark Tokyo Announcement of the launch of the mascot robot “Luke Robo”

Alvark Tokyo
Announcement of the launch of the mascot robot “Luke Robo”

Alvark Tokyo has developed the mascot android robot “Luke Robo”, the first professional sports club mascot character, to support the mascot character “Luke”.
The staff of the Toyota Motor Mirai Creation Center, which is developing the AI ​​basketball robot “CUE” series, has developed “Luke Robo” to make “Luke” win the B League Mascot of the Year, and will provide strong support. It was become a thing.
“Luke Robo” profile
[Image 1d35222-199-47185002a0c99dbd4d78-1.jpg&s3=35222-199-82ffe02ec478aaeb1bb7925c500d2e9a-2025x2700.jpg
Name: Luke Robo
Height: 70cm
Weight: 10.6kg
Saturday, October 15 vs Gunma Crane Thunders @ Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium
*On the day of the event, an event will be held as “ALVARK KIDS DAY 2022”, and it will be unveiled according to the event. Details will be announced later.
Future activities:
We plan to hold events at home game venues and visit elementary schools. Features/Points (Comments from the development team at Toyota Motor Corporation’s Future Creation Center)
“Luke Robo” is Luke’s small robot, but first of all, I would like you to enjoy the fact that you can make eye contact and communicate with each other. Also, I hope that you will pay attention to the extremely smooth and natural movements that do not look like robots.
“Luke Robo” can dance by itself, but it is also possible to operate from the outside in remote control mode. We hope that you will enjoy communicating with “Luke Robo”, and that “Luke Robo” will give children the joy of operating robots and interest in robot technology, even if just a little.
[Image 2d35222-199-ec90a7bc7841dc9c18a2-0.jpg&s3=35222-199-f51c3126f70ec12d64051363a773be07-2001x2668.jpg

Details about this release:

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