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Alvark Tokyo Notification of traffic advertisements around Shibuya Station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line

Alvark Tokyo
Announcement of traffic advertisement notice around Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line Shibuya Station

Alvark Tokyo will develop traffic advertisements inside and outside Shibuya Station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line for the B.LEAGUE 2022-23 season home opening game (October 7) at the National Yoyogi Stadium First Gymnasium starting this week. I will let you know. At Shibuya Station, which has 3,410,000 passengers per day and is served by 9 routes, Alvark Tokyo will use an oversized advertisement of about 22m, a life-size circle of athletes, and a video broadcast on big signage. We carry out for the purpose of publicizing holding home game in one gymnasium.
[Outline of posting]
Period: Monday, October 3, 2022 to Sunday, October 9, 2022
Location: Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line Shibuya Station outside stairs, B2 concourse outside the ticket gate,
Outside the ticket gate B1 concourse towards Dogenzaka
Posting content: Big signage (video broadcast + board wrapping) 7 Dogenzaka Ad Circles, Dogenzaka Happy Board (approximately 22m) 20 posters pasted at central stations
[Image 1d35222-197-521a310b7b7338b1cdfa-2.jpg&s3=35222-197-68168537a597171b8095664b013eb456-2529x1686.jpg
[Image 2d35222-197-0f97acb69b64329419f9-3.jpg&s3=35222-197-643e122b179e8ff7c01b14ab9801e684-3381x1902.jpg
[Image 3d35222-197-629a6e3cd9dd2727d06a-1.jpg&s3=35222-197-dbe986770f01c7eed2753817e8a859cd-2884x1923.jpg
[Image 4d35222-197-f788cf7bd4c5502f1bbe-0.jpg&s3=35222-197-35773a5b02e63d8f1c6b1cd09b43815e-1792x2320.jpg

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