AMAFURU & Co. Co., Ltd. Healing resort hotel “Bettei Tenfuru Oka” Enjoy the taste of autumn while feeling the great outdoors “Halloween Afternoon Tea”

AMAFURU & Co. Ltd.
Healing resort hotel “Bettei Amafuru Oka” Enjoy the taste of autumn while feeling the great outdoors “Halloween afternoon tea”

AMAFURU&Co. Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, President: Ichiro Nagata) is pleased to announce that the restaurant “Celeste” (Celeste) of “Bettei Amafuruoka” (hereinafter “our hotel”) “Halloween Afternoon Tea” that feels like autumn and Halloween will be held from Saturday, October 1, 2022 to Monday, October 31, 2022 only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (weekdays for hotel guests Also provided) We offer only 5 meals each day. [Image 1

“Halloween afternoon tea”
Enjoy Halloween-themed afternoon tea while feeling the comfort of the autumn breeze
Our hotel’s French restaurant “Celeste” harmonizes with a grand piano and a glittering chandelier in an open space filled with light. It’s the season where you can enjoy the pleasant temperature and the gentle autumn breeze while looking out at the Ibusuki city and Kinko Bay spreading out in front of you from the restaurant terrace seats. We have prepared a limited-time afternoon tea for you to fully enjoy the autumn “Celeste”. The hotel’s original chestnut-shaped wooden tea stand is lined with Halloween-inspired sweets and savory that generously use the taste of autumn. We have prepared 11 kinds of dishes using seasonal ingredients, including ingredients from local Kagoshima Prefecture.
[Image 2

purple sweet potato
It is a dish that you can enjoy both the flavor of the potato and the texture of the tart by baking it together with the cookie tart using purple sweet potatoes from Kagoshima Prefecture.
[Image 3

Mont Blanc
Japanese chestnuts from Kumamoto Prefecture and chestnuts from France are used to make Montblanc cream, and the center is filled with yuzu jelly in vanilla cream. I had a texture.
[Image 4

baked pumpkin cheesecake
Using pumpkin from Hokkaido, the rich taste of cream cheese and egg yolk makes you feel autumn.
The price is 4,730 yen (including tax and service charge) with a drink, and you can enjoy as much as you like from a wide selection of drinks such as local Kagoshima black tea, herbal tea, and coffee. receive.
[AMAFURU Select] 5,900 yen (tax and service charge included) Kagoshima Prefecture’s Makurazaki City, Kagoshima Prefecture’s Seto Tea Producer Association’s organically grown hand-picked black tea “Himefuuki”, which won the world’s best*, and the Satsuma British Museum in Chiran, a tea-producing area, connect Kagoshima and Britain and further connect people. It is also possible to upgrade to a selected selection, such as the “TEALAN” brand, which is made with the idea of ​​connecting with black tea, such as blended tea using Kagoshima black tea and domestic herbs. (*Won the gold medal for four consecutive years at the Great Taste Award, an international competition sponsored by the United Kingdom)
[Champagne free flow] 10,400 yen (tax and service charge included) You can enjoy all-you-can-drink high-quality champagne with a close to organic approach to grape cultivation.
Please enjoy the elegant moment of colorful autumn with the superb view from the window and the elegant tea and ingredients. In addition to afternoon tea, we also offer optional bathing in the large public bath with a view of the cityscape of Ibusuki and the use of spa facilities.
Overview of Bettei Amafuru Oka “Halloween Afternoon Tea”
Price: From 4,730 yen (tax and service charge included)
Period: Saturday, October 1, 2022 to Monday, October 31, 2022 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only)
*Hotel guests can use it even on weekdays (reservation required) *Reservations are accepted from 2 people.
Time: 12:00-15:00 (Last entry 13:30) *Afternoon tea seats are available for 2 hours (drinks last order 30 minutes before closing time)
Place: “Bettei Amafuru Oka” 1st floor restaurant “Celeste” (Celeste) [Reservations/Inquiries]
Reservation start date: From Saturday, September 17 *Reservation required at least 3 days in advance
“Bettei Amafuru Oka” reservation phone number 0993-26-3322
-Online reservation-
■ Menu details
– Sweets – 6 types
・Pumpkin Baked Cheesecake
・Purple sweet potato
·Mont Blanc
·Creme brulee
・White wine and grape jelly
-Savory-3 types
・Soup of the day
・Today’s salad
-Scone-2 types
・Sweet potato scone
・Madeleine Chocolate
Please choose your favorite tea, herbal tea or coffee.
[Image 5

Executive Pastry Chef Yoichi Kurosa
Born in Ehime prefecture. After graduating from Osaka Abeno Tsuji Confectionery College in 1999, he started his career as a pastry chef at Miyako Hotel Osaka (now Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka). In 2003, he joined the long-established confectionery shop Ichiroku Honpo, and during his 16 years there, he devoted himself to confectionery and won numerous awards. In 2017, he won the Roll One Grand Prix, which determines the best roll cake in Japan.
Joined the hotel in April 2022 and assumed the position of executive pastry chef.
Burning passion for confectionery, always aiming for further heights to make customers smile.
[Award History]
・Chu-Shikoku Block Pastry Contest 2004 Practical Category B Class (Chairman’s Award)
・Roll One Grand Prix 2015 (awarded)
・Ehime Sweets Contest 2015 (Encouragement Award)
・Roll One Grand Prix 2016 (Winner)
・Ehime Sweets Contest 2016 (Encouragement Award)
[Possessed qualifications]
・Skilled confectionery craftsman Western confectionery 1st grade Bettei Amafuru Oka is surrounded by nature and is a “healing resort where you can unwind your mind and body.”
Our hotel is located on a hill in Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture. The brand concept is “Healing resort where you can relax your mind and body”. Would you like to spend a luxurious and relaxing time surrounded by rich nature, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? The hotel boasts hot springs and spa facilities to soothe the daily fatigue of the body, refresh the tired mind with the scenery and sincere hospitality that will wash your mind, and create a space where you can feel like you have been reborn both physically and mentally. Offers.
Starting with the sky full of stars, which is the origin of the hotel’s name, there are a variety of spa facilities such as the Ibusuki specialty “sand bath” and a ceramic spa using radio stones. Tasty meal. We offer our guests a real rest. You can enjoy the natural hot spring that flows from the source of Ibusuki in all of the large public baths, private open-air baths, and guest room open-air baths. In addition, the only infinity pool in the mainland of the prefecture uses warm water, so it can be used regardless of the season. [Image 6d69364-14-ae898ed9049c76ad01b5-5.jpg&s3=69364-14-c02cfee467faaeb2165df7f9eaac087e-3900x2600.jpg
Bettei Amafuru Oka no Infinity Pool
【Equipment outline】
Name: Bettei Amafuruoka
Location: 5000 Higashikata, Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture Medipolis Ibusuki Phone number: 0993-26-3322
Total number of guest rooms: 15 *Currently, the number of rooms is limited Room rate: 32,000 yen to 135,000 yen (tax and service charge not included) for 2 adults in 1 room (including breakfast)
Instagram: @amafuru_oka Facebook: @AmafuruOka
Twitter: @oka_omotenashi
YouTube: AMAFURU&Co.
Company name: AMAFURU&Co. Co., Ltd.
Representative: Ichiro Nagata, President and CEO
Date of incorporation: October 3, 2005
Head office location: 2438 Miyanoura-cho, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture Details about this release:


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