Aman Kyoto Japanese cuisine “Takaan” “Live snow crab course” to eat the taste of winter will be offere d from November 8, 2022 (Tuesday)

Aman Kyoto
Japanese cuisine “Takaan” offers a “live snow crab course” to enjoy the taste of winter from November 8, 2022 (Tuesday)

Aman Kyoto (Kita Ward, Kyoto City, General Manager Atsushi Shibata)’s Japanese restaurant “Takaan” offers a “live snow crab course” where you can enjoy the taste of winter with the lifting of the ban on crab fishing in the Sanin and Hokuriku regions on November 6th. It will start on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.
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Shinichiro Takagi, the owner of Zeniya, a long-established restaurant in Kanazawa, and the head chef of Takaan, has two Michelin stars. From among the live snow crabs with tags, we purchase the best of the day and prepare a total of 9 dishes. Until the end of December, you can also enjoy the female snow crab “Kobako Crab”, which has “Uchiko” and “Sotoko” that make gourmets groan.
Carefully selected live snow crab with tag of 1kg class
A unique brand tag is attached to the snow crab at each fishing port where it is landed. We purchase from five famous fishing ports (Taiza Port, Tsuiyama Port, Kasumi Port, Shibayama Port, Hamasaka Port) representing the shortest travel distance from Takaan, from offing Tango in Kyoto Prefecture to offing Sanin in Hyogo Prefecture. [Image 2d70053-29-230f2b8c36fe63a0a925-1.jpg&s3=70053-29-cf66bd51610d9f86212e52c46a2eec46-1800x2700.jpg
Tagged snow crab weighing 1kg landed at the fishing port closest to Takaan It is a snow crab of 1kg class with outstanding freshness that is landed in. It is said that it takes about 10 years to grow on the nutrient-rich seabed at a depth of about 200 to 300m, and it is characterized by a strong sweetness with a well-packed flesh. Maximize the taste of live snow crab
Carefully selected live snow crabs are prepared into a total of 9 kaiseki dishes. Steamed crab meat, which uses plenty of crab meat to make it plump, is served in a bowl with kombu and bonito ichiban dashi. “Grilled crab” is grilled in front of the customer using Binchotan charcoal, and the degree of heating is adjusted according to your preference. It is a fragrant dish that evaporates moisture and condenses the flavor when grilled. Please enjoy the “steamed crab” that has been steamed with an exquisite amount of salt, mixed with the rich crab miso. At the end, “crab rice” cooked with soup stock made from plenty of crab shells.

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Kobako crab sushi, which will impress gourmets, will be available until December.

Rich “Uchiko” and “Sotoko” with a characteristic texture are exquisite Kobako crabs
At Takaan, you can also enjoy Kobako-gani, a female snow crab that excites gourmets, until the end of December. In order to protect the resources, the fishing season is limited to only two months. A great product to enjoy. Squeeze the sudachi and enjoy it with its fresh aroma. Another popular item is the sushi rice mixed with uchiko, topped with plenty of Kobako crab meat. Savor the tastes of winter together with sommelier-selected pairings that bring out the flavors of the dishes even more at the single-plate counter where you can enjoy lively conversations about the best of Japanese cuisine, or at the table seats where you can admire the moss garden.

Live snow crab course
Period: From Tuesday, November 8, 2022 to the end of February Hours: 5:30pm to 9:00pm (last entry at 7:00pm)
Price: From 65,000 yen per person (consumption tax and service charge included) Varies depending on purchases
   Pairing 20,000 yen (consumption tax and service charge included) Telephone reservation: 075-496-1335 (Restaurant reservations 9:00 am to 6:00 pm) Web reservation: *Reservations are accepted from 2 people
*Please make a reservation by 3pm 3 days in advance
*The year-end and New Year holidays (December 29, 2022 to January 5, 2023) are excluded due to stock availability.
*Kobako crab will be served until December 28th, after which the menu will change.
*Executive Chef Shinichiro Takagi has a limited number of days at the counter [Image 4d70053-29-1ef3b8d0dc8c6a4c142b-3.jpg&s3=70053-29-9e7b3c242fa3f8664e4b9a580990905b-1801x2700.jpg
Takaan Executive Chef Shinichiro Takagi
Takaan Executive Chef Shinichiro Takagi
Born and raised in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, under the father of the first owner of “Zeniya”, he studied abroad in the United States for a year in high school, and after graduating from
university, trained at the long-established kaiseki restaurant “Kyoto Kitcho” in Kyoto. In 1996, he entered Zeniya, which is run by his family, and in 2008 he became the second-generation owner, leading the restaurant to become a two-star Michelin restaurant. In the same year, 2008, he was in charge of cooking at the banquet at the official residence of the Japanese Consul General in New York. Strive for popularization and development. In April 2020, he was appointed as the executive chef of Aman Kyoto’s Japanese restaurant Takaan.

About Japanese restaurant Takaan
[Image 5d70053-29-dc6a093299fd84d12cdb-4.jpg&s3=70053-29-99d67830d71662cab2cff61bd936d38a-3900x2600.jpg
Japanese cuisine “Takaan”
The Takagamine area where Aman Kyoto is located is also known as the place where Koetsu Honami, an artist and founder of the early Edo period, resided and prospered as an art village. In the same way that Koetsu created new value in this area together with artists from all fields, here at “Takaan,” we aim to create a new style of Japanese cuisine that will lead to the next generation while respecting encounters with ingredients, tableware, and works of art. We will transmit the aesthetics of Please enjoy the tasting menu of the executive chef’s choice, which uses carefully selected seasonal ingredients to create the most delicious dishes at that time. About Aman Kyoto
Aman Kyoto, which opened in November 2019, is a private resort nestled in a secluded forest garden at the foot of Takagamine Sanzan, which continues from Mt. Hidari Daimonji in the north of Kyoto. In the large site of approximately 24,000 square meters, there is an arrival building, a living room building, a restaurant building, a spa building with a natural hot spring, a guest room building consisting of 24 rooms, and two pavilion buildings that blend into the forest garden. Dotted. The modern architecture of Aman Kyoto, like a hideout, and the scenery of the garden, which remains dignified over time, offer a stay where you can experience the deeper charm of the ancient city.
Aman Kyoto
1 Okitayama Jubocho, Kita Ward, Kyoto
Tel: 075-496-1333 (hotel representative)

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