Amana Co., Ltd. THINK FOR GIRLS-Girls and climate change, Amana visually supports the activities of “International Girls’ Day 2022”

Amana Inc.
THINK FOR GIRLS-Girls and climate change, Amana visually supports the activities of “International Girls’ Day 2022”
– Icon production by Kazuyo Maruoka and Constance Rika and the start of the “If I…” project –

Amana Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and Group CEO Hironobu Shindo, hereinafter “Amana”), which realizes creative communication innovation, is a stock that develops art photo specialty stores from Paris under the Amana Group. Together with the company Yellow Corner Japan (headquartered in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO Kinya Horikoshi, hereinafter referred to as “Yellow Corner”), we celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child on October 11, established by the United Nations. Visual support for cognitive expansion.
This year, 8 supporting companies, including Amana and Yellow Corner, will be active as “International Girls Day PLUS”. Visually appeal using common icons created by Amana creators Kazuyo Maruoka and Constance Rika. The theme for 2022 is “THINK FOR GIRLS – Girls and Climate Change”. Under the theme of climate change, of which everyone is a party, we will explore the relationship between climate change and gender, and create opportunities to think about the significance of girls speaking out and taking action.
▼ “International Girls’ Day 2022” introduction video
[Video 2:] (C) YOSHIFUMI MATSUO, MARUOKA KAZUYO, CONSTANCE RIKA (amana) International Girls Day (October 11th)
“International Girls’ Day” is a day to widely call on the
international community to promote “girls’ rights” and “girls’ empowerment*”. It was established by the United Nations in 2012 with the initiative of the international NGO Plan International, and 2022 will mark the 10th anniversary.
According to Plan International, an international NGO, many girls in developing countries are unable to attend school due to economic and cultural reasons, are forced to marry in their early teens, and live in poverty. On the occasion of “International Girls’ Day”, which is one of the various international days, the NGO holds events and actions in which girls themselves raise their voices around the world and support them.
* To develop the power necessary for women to choose all options in life on their own and to participate in decision-making at home and in society on an equal footing with men.
Action theme for 2022 “THINK FOR GIRLS-Girls and Climate Change” Droughts, natural disasters, food crises, and economic turmoil all over the world due to accelerating climate change are having a severe impact on millions of people.
A study by Plan International found that economic hardships, including the impact of climate change, have left girls in developing countries vulnerable to early marriage, human trafficking, and deprived of education opportunities. We know that they are deprived of the opportunity and freedom to choose their own life and live a rich life. The theme for 2022 is to look at climate change from a broader perspective and come up with solutions. It is filled with the wish that you want it.
《International Girls Day PLUS》 2022 common icon
[Image 1d40283-225-32c6ac450b6e52c5eb4e-0.jpg&s3=40283-225-4cf81de6e9676ed9b49fa3d69fa7ee56-1200x1200.jpg
▼ Visual concept
If I…
What is the relationship between climate change and the poverty of girls and women?
Our lives are protected by society and technology, and we may not pay attention to them.
Think, “What if I…”
If you were in the poorest place on earth and in the weakest position. An unstable environment does not protect the poor.
Poverty narrows your horizons, and you may not be able to judge whether your current environment is good or bad.
The hope to escape from there is independence and imagination through education. The environment creates the person, and the imagination of the person creates the environment.
Through this work, more and more people are thinking about other regions, I hope that the total amount of hope for humanity will increase. Kazuyo Maruoka Constance Rika
▼Creator introduction
Amana Inc.
Imaging Director / Visual Collaborator
[Image 2d40283-225-b6e487df8ac1e799d342-1.jpg&s3=40283-225-fa006860b66037522e138c415e7d3b2f-600x600.jpg
Active mainly in the direction of photography and CG in the advertising field. In recent years, the process of consensus building and dialogue in creative Focusing on it, we are proposing the use of visuals in the co-creation field. My goal is to interpret people’s thoughts and become a bridge between thinking and expression.
Constance Rika | CONSTANCE RIKA
Amana Inc.
Imaging Director / Visual Collaborator
[Image 3d40283-225-982853abd4a81a09d056-2.jpg&s3=40283-225-a9d3abac461cd1685263f41ce2b93d42-600x600.jpg
Create impactful and meaningful experiences with dynamic visual design skills and a global sensibility.
A creative alchemist working on various projects centered on digital branding and visual prototyping, aiming to create new value by giving new perspectives and changes to existing concepts.
Amana Activities for International Girls Day
Kazuyo Maruoka and Constance Rika started the “If I…” project with the creation of the “International Girls’ Day PLUS” icon. The project will contribute to increasing recognition of “International Girls’ Day” through various outputs such as visual development, communication development such as events, and product development.
▼ Visual development
Together with Kazuyo Maruoka and Constance Rika, Amana’s movie director Yoshifumi Matsuo produced an introduction video for “International Girls’ Day 2022”.
In addition, we have created a collage of various environments such as “AFFECTED BY THE CITIES” and “AFFECTED BY THE MOUNTAINS” so that you can think about “girls, women and climate change” from various angles and make them your own. I am developing a visual “‘If I…’ Affected Collection”.
[Image 4d40283-225-dc0f9e37383b98345100-3.jpg&s3=40283-225-4678369b501283db503753c055080c89-1200x1200.jpg
▼Communication development
Participated in the special exhibition “FIG OUT 2022 – Stacking World -” of Amana’s prototyping laboratory “FIGLAB”. We will exhibit works that combine the visuals and technology developed in “If I…”. In addition, a photography booth will be set up where visitors can create their own original icons. Know the background of the project and present an opportunity to think.
* We also offer an original print service that allows you to decorate the original icon as an interior photo.
[Image 5d40283-225-50981f753dafe58f4287-6.jpg&s3=40283-225-fbff2a73d8016dbbfdcecaa9af1ba278-1518x1026.jpg
▼ Product development
The visual of “If I…”, including the icon of “International Girls Day PLUS”, is finished on acrylic cubes and wooden canvas panels, and will be sold at the interior photo online shop “amana ROOM+” operated by Amana. increase. In addition, based on the original icon of the “FIG OUT 2022” exhibition visitors, custom-made prints and frames are also available for order. FLAT LABO, which handles printing direction services, will handle the production. In addition, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Plan International. * Sales are scheduled to start on October 11, 2022.
[Image 6d40283-225-5df158ed73bde6513b52-7.jpg&s3=40283-225-9b228e48426d3511f22a676276da0d4d-900x600.jpg
acrylic cube

Activities of Yellow Corner for “International Girl’s Day”
A special wall will be set up and flyers will be distributed at the directly managed stores in Hibiya and Yokohama in Yellow Corner. In addition, we will select target products and donate a portion of the sales proceeds to Plan International.
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