Ambitious Co., Ltd. More and more people are enjoying Halloween decorations! How do you store decorations and goods?

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More and more people are enjoying Halloween decorations! How do you store decorations and goods?

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Trick or treat? Autumn is gradually deepening, and the season of Halloween has arrived again this year. Does your family enjoy Halloween every year? Recently, the number of Halloween decorations that can be casually displayed has increased, and many people enjoy wearing costumes. Therefore, this time, based on the questionnaire, we will delve into how to enjoy Halloween, the goods you have and the storage situation. By all means, please compare it with the possession situation of Halloween goods etc. at your home.
Many people do Halloween decorations and cosplay every year. At the beginning of the questionnaire, we asked whether they do Halloween decorations and cosplay (masquerade) every year.
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58.0% answered that they do Halloween decorations and cosplay every year. It seems that less than 60% of people enjoy Halloween as a seasonal tradition every year.
In addition, some of the respondents said that they enjoy Halloween every year, although they do not do it every year.
It seems that some people have moved away from Halloween due to the decrease in Halloween events due to the influence of the corona disaster, but it can be seen that Halloween is still very popular as a seasonal tradition.
When did you start decorating and cosplaying for Halloween?
Halloween is said to have a market size approaching that of
Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, and has become a standard seasonal event. When did respondents start decorating and cosplaying for Halloween?
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The most common response was that they started decorating and cosplaying for Halloween five years or more ago (57.3%). About 60% of people have continued for more than 5 years, and it can be seen that Halloween is widely spread as a classic seasonal event.
The next most common was three years ago (18.8%), but this was the fall of 2019, the last Halloween timing before the corona disaster. In the next year, 2020, that is, two years ago (8.8%), Halloween events such as costume parades will be voluntarily canceled or canceled, and the way to enjoy Halloween will change significantly, such as Halloween that can be enjoyed at home and online events. increase. For example, even at 100-yen uniform shops, the number of Halloween costume goods has decreased slightly, but it seems that small-sized Halloween decorations that can be easily displayed at the entrance or on the table have increased.
However, many people (6.7%) started decorating two years ago and last year (15.5% in total), and there are cases where people can enjoy Halloween more because they can easily start decorating their homes. It seems that there is.
How do you enjoy Halloween?
The survey then asked respondents how they enjoyed Halloween. Please take a look at the changes in how to enjoy Halloween in recent years, which was mentioned earlier.
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Enjoying Halloween at home is popular
According to the questionnaire, 56.0% of respondents answered that they enjoy decorating their homes for Halloween.
Next, 41.8% of respondents said that they would have a party with their family and friends.
In this way, nearly half of the respondents answered that they are enjoying a homely “Home Halloween”. This seems to be greatly influenced by the fact that more and more people value their time at home due to the corona crisis.
About 10-20% of cosplayers and event participants
Speaking of Halloween, there is a custom where children walk around town wearing costumes and go get candy presents saying, “If you don’t give me candy, I’ll play a trick on you!”
Combined with the slightly suspicious atmosphere of the pumpkin ghost “Jack O’Lantern” as a representative motif, Halloween has an element of adventure that is out of the ordinary.
Partly due to the impact of COVID-19, only 10 to 20% of the survey respondents answered that they used to have an image of the mainstream way of enjoying themselves: “Cosplay/disguise (23.5%)” and
“Participating in events (13.3%).” .
This may show signs of a gradual revival again this year and next year due to the easing of restrictions on recent events.
Various ways to enjoy Halloween
There were various ways to enjoy the opinions included in “others” this time. Here are some fun ways to spend the Halloween season. ■ User’s Voice
Enjoy looking at the city displays and various designs for Halloween. (40s, part-time job)
I like to see if there are Halloween-only foods at convenience stores. (30s, unemployed)
I’m looking forward to buying and eating desserts that are sold during the Halloween season. (50s, lecturer)
Make your meal look Halloween-ish. A lot of carrots, luncheon mats for Halloween illustrations, etc. (40s, office worker)
Hide sweets around the house. Get a map and have your child look for it. (40s, full-time housewife)
In this way, you can see that Halloween can be enjoyed casually or in a particular way, bringing excitement and richness to everyday life. Many people enjoy various kinds of decorations!
Here, let’s delve into the number one way to enjoy Halloween: decorating (56.0%). The questionnaire asked what kind of Halloween decorations they had.
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Halloween figurines and dolls are popular
The 1st place was “Figurines/dolls (54.0%)”, and more than half of the respondents chose it as a decoration.
The secret to its popularity is that you can instantly create a Halloween atmosphere just by placing a pumpkin motif figurine or doll, and you can easily purchase it at the 100 yen uniform shop that was mentioned earlier.
Of course, it is also an important point that it is easy to place, easy to clean up, and easy to keep until the next year.
Enjoy decorating in a variety of styles
After the second place, various styles of decorations were lined up, and each was about 10 to 20%.
“Garland flags (20.8%)” decorated with Halloween motifs connected with strings or wires, and “Stickers (18.5%)” that can be easily decorated are popular, “Electric decorations (15.8%)” ” There were also people who were particular about decorations such as candles (13.8) and balloons (13.3%).
An indispensable decoration for creating an atmosphere such as “Home Halloween”. With pumpkin and ghost motifs and orange, purple, and black colors, it’s easy to decorate and make it look like Halloween. What will you do with your decorations and costumes after Halloween? From what I’ve seen so far, I’ve realized that Halloween has a lot of “goods” such as decorations and cosplay costumes. So I asked them what they do with their decorations and costumes when Halloween is over. [Image 6

The overwhelming majority was “stored and reused,” at 85.6%. It seems that most of the people who use it only for the Halloween season and reuse it in the next year and the year after that do not deteriorate yet.
In addition, about 10% said they would throw it away (9.8%) because it was only for one season. (1.4%)” was less than 5% each.
Halloween or Christmas… Do you have many items that you only use once a year? Most of the Halloween decorations and costumes were stored and reused during the off-season, but of course, most of the Halloween goods will be placed in the storage space outside of the season. And after Halloween is over, many people will be decorating for Christmas. Therefore, I asked if they felt that many items were only used once a year, such as Halloween and Christmas.
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Approximately 70% (68.3%) answered that they felt that many items were only used once a year, such as Halloween.
Annual events such as Halloween and Christmas are things that we should cherish as they add color to the season and give us the fun and richness of the season. However, during the off-season, those goods become quite a volume.
Moreover, if you use it repeatedly for many years, you may increase the number of new goods to add a little change, or increase the number of costumes to make a new costume for Halloween.
I have a problem with storing things that I don’t usually use, such as seasonal items and events.
In addition to seasonal events such as Halloween, there are many other items that are only used during certain seasons, such as seasonal clothing, home appliances, and summer pool goods.
In our survey, we asked if they felt that seasonal items like this were taking up storage space.
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Just over half (53.8%) said they felt that seasonal items were putting pressure on their storage space.
Seasonal items will not be used until the next season, and will be left in the storage space for the entire time, which may get in the way of putting in and taking out items and putting them away. . Also, because there are many times when it is not used, it is necessary to put it in the back of the storage, the upper part, or the part that is not used much, and there may be cases where the front luggage will be taken out the next time you take it out. .
In such a case, the use of the trunk room may be a means to solve the problem. Things you don’t normally use! What do you think about using the trunk room? When things that you don’t use regularly, such as seasonal items, take up space in your storage space, you can use the trunk room to store off-season items or infrequently used items in the trunk room. is considered effective.
Therefore, we asked respondents if they thought it would be a good idea to store seasonal items that they don’t use regularly in the trunk room during the off-season.
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In the survey, 53.3% of respondents answered that they thought it would be better to use the trunk room to store bedding during the off-season.
More than half of the respondents said yes, and although it can be said that it is an effective method, less than half of them seem to judge that they do not want to use the trunk room.
Therefore, we used the websites of each company to learn about the trunk room service, and asked them about their original impressions and impressions after learning about the service.
Let’s analyze the opinions in detail and consider the advantages and disadvantages of using a trunk room.
Impression of trunk room! Before and after knowing the current service Let’s think about the impression before learning about the service of the trunk room in detail and the change in the impression after knowing it.
Impressions before learning more about trunk room services
Most of the benefits were
clean up the house
It’s convenient and comfortable if you can store things that you don’t use regularly.
You no longer have to throw things away
That was my opinion.
On the other hand, many of the disadvantages were related to environmental factors such as financial burden and trunk room. In particular, there were many concerns about the storage environment, and many of them included preconceptions.
Expensive to use
Outdoor containers are less secure and exposed to rain
Dark and uninteresting impression・I’m worried about security Since it is far from home, transportation of luggage is a bottleneck if there is no car
There seems to be no relationship with individuals because there are many corporate uses
These images and worries are often found to be a big misunderstanding when you actually check the service of the trunk room, and your worries can be solved in most cases.
Let’s take a closer look at the impressions after actually knowing the service of the trunk room.
Impressions after learning more about trunk room services
Most of them said that their impression changed greatly after actually learning about the service of the trunk room.
In addition to the merits that were mentioned before knowing the service, many new merits were mentioned,
Cheaper than you think and easy to use
Attractive indoor trunk room
A bright and clean room with good security
Wide range of sizes to suit your needs
Luggage transport service is attractive
That was my opinion.
On the other hand, there are still some drawbacks to consider. I feel burdened by the usage fee
Getting in and out of luggage is a hassle when you are away from home Without seeing the actual storage environment, I’m worried about humidity measures, etc.
There are many stores in urban areas, not in the area where you live Let’s explain the concerns and questions that remain after learning about the trunk room service, rather than the actual service that will be the solution.
As for the usage fee, you can reduce expenses by using the minimum necessary size at a low fee or using a discount campaign.
In addition, for those who are concerned about transportation between the trunk room and home, we recommend the luggage transportation service. It is possible to request the transportation of luggage between the home and the trunk room, and the work of loading and unloading in the trunk room, while staying at home. What’s more, you can request it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and work can be done in as little as three days, so you can use it as soon as you want. Regarding the storage environment, in the case of storage pits, you can see the actual trunk room using local photos and 360° virtual previews of each store on the official website. The hygienic storage environment, crime prevention measures, traffic lines, etc. can be visually confirmed for peace of mind.
Of course, if you have any concerns or questions about storage conditions, security measures, etc., please feel free to contact us. In addition, there are many store opening plans every year, and the number of stores is expected to increase steadily in the future. If you are in an area where there are no stores yet, please look forward to future service expansion.
■ User’s Voice
[Impressions before knowing the trunk room service]
I think it’s convenient to put things you don’t use everyday. I feel that it is a disadvantage that it is difficult to use if you do not have a car. (30s, full-time housewife)
It’s convenient because the house is tidy, but the price is a little high (40s, housewife)
It gives the impression that it is stored in a container outside, and the level of security is low. (40s, unemployed)
There is a limit to what can be put inside due to the solemn atmosphere, temperature and humidity. Can only be reached by car (30s, housewife)
I don’t have a car, so it’s difficult to get to the trunk room. It’s an image that it’s troublesome to go get it when you need it. (30s, part-time job)
Impression that there is a lot of business use, and there is little personal use (40s / pharmacist)
■ User’s Voice
[Impression after knowing the trunk room service]
I thought there were only outdoor trunk rooms, so I was reluctant to use them, but I learned that there are also indoor trunk rooms. If it is an indoor type, I feel that it may be good to use it. (40s, part-time job)
I felt that the price was cheaper than I thought and it was easy to use. (40s, office worker)
The impression is that it is bright and the temperature and humidity are properly controlled. Impression that security measures are properly done. (30s, office worker)
I was very pleased with the shipping service. Because it was a difficult impression to carry luggage to the trunk room. (30s, office worker)
It is an impression that the metropolitan area is convenient. There is only one company in Okayama. (40s, housewife)
It is brighter than I imagined and has a wide range of sizes. (40s, restaurant part)
Summary of survey results
This time, based on the results of the questionnaire, we talked about how to enjoy Halloween, owning and storing Halloween goods, and using trunk rooms.
Seasonal traditions such as Halloween and Christmas add excitement and color to everyday life, and are precious moments that can be spent in memorable ways. Even if your luggage is bulky during the off-season, it may feel a little bland to reduce your goods and clothes in favor of realistic storage space restrictions.
The trunk room is useful in such cases. You can save room and storage space by storing off-season luggage and infrequently used luggage in the trunk room. Especially when it comes to goods for seasonal events, it is no exaggeration to say that this extra storage space is directly linked to the richness of the season.
It may be indirect, but I just hope that having a trunk room will enrich my life and make more wonderful memories of the season. [Survey overview]
Survey target: Trunk room user survey
Number of responses: 400 samples
Response period: 4 days from September 19th to September 22nd, 2022 Research method: User research on the Internet

■Company Profile
Company name: Ambitious Co., Ltd. ( Location: 8F Repro Minamisenba, 1-3-5 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0081 Representative: Nobuya Tokunaga, President and CEO
Capital: 40 million yen
Established: Founded: October 28, 2005 Established: July 25, 2006 Business description: Operation of trunk room investment “Storage Pit” FC headquarters
Operation service “Storage Pit” ( Real estate consulting business
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