An adult love story that begins with a book. Chapters Bookstore and Shiba Park Hotel jointly hold a real romance event “Pecha Kucha Reading Appro” during reading week. The hotel boasts a dinner with a tongue.

Shiba Park Hotel Co., Ltd.
An adult love story that begins with a book. Chapters Bookstore and Shiba Park Hotel jointly hold a real romance event “Pecha Kucha Reading Appro” during reading week. The hotel boasts a dinner with a tongue.
Seriously support adult love in autumn of reading and autumn of appetite! Participation conditions are Chapters users and single men and women over the age of 35.

Shiba Park Hotel Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President Rentaro Yanase) is MISSION ROMANTIC Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Morimoto In collaboration with Moeno, location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), we will hold a real event “Pecha Kucha Reading Apéro” this autumn to support the romance between men and women for Chapters customers over the age of 35.
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Chapters and Shiba Park Hotel, which deliver encounters with people through books in line with the autumn of reading and the upcoming reading week from October 27 to November 9, 2022, will hold a dinner event to support adult love. We will co-organize “Pecha Kucha Reading Apéro”.
This summer, in response to the success of the first real event held by both companies to commemorate the first anniversary of Chapters, this second real event will be the first time to hold an event for the purpose of romance between men and women, which has been highly requested. We also set a standard for the age of the participants to match the dinner space.
Shiba Park Hotel, which was rebranded last year under the banner of “books and gastronomy,” has a good reputation not only for its accommodation experience but also for its delicious restaurants. We hope that both companies will support the beginning of love while keeping the concept of Chapters, which provides encounters with people through books, while eating a delicious course dinner prepared by a chef.
The number of people who can apply is limited, but we are looking forward to your visit.
To apply for participation ▷ *This event is limited to Chapters customers. Please be sure to read the following before proceeding with your application.
[Image 2d41134-35-ae0ce2486ba15a1b4a75-1.jpg&s3=41134-35-27238fba756fa3cc88dabab558233f1c-3147x2096.jpg
[Image 3d41134-35-734ecd97d303a42dd779-2.jpg&s3=41134-35-19f87ba6c9010a9b4b4bfcd86a9773e0-2000x1684.jpg
“Pecha Kucha Reading Apéro” event details
Date and time: November 2, 2022 (Wednesday) 19:30-21:00 * Reception is 19:00-19:20
Location: Shiba Park Hotel (1-5-10 Shiba Park, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011) Access: 1. About 8 minutes on foot from JR/Monorail Hamamatsucho Station North Exit 2. 4 minutes on foot from Toei Asakusa Line/Oedo Line Daimon Station Exit A6.
Participation conditions: Existing members of Chapters as of November 1, 2022, single men and women over the age of 35 * New customers who have completed member registration by October 30, 2022 are also eligible.
Number of participants: 8 females, 8 males, total 16 people
Event overview: While enjoying the Shiba Park Hotel’s proud meal dinner course, a total of 4 dishes, men will move seats for each table. 4 people, 2 men and 2 women, will be seated at a maximum of 4 tables for 20 minutes.
Contact information exchange: After dinner, you can write your contact information on a special card and give it to up to 3 people via the management staff before leaving. At the venue, we are planning to operate in such a way that it will not be revealed to other
participants who gave it to them.
Participation fee: ¥9,900 (tax included) including event participation fee, dinner, two drinks, and service charge
Application for participation: Please apply from here ▷ (We will send the payment URL to the email address you filled in at a later date, and it will be prepaid.)
*Please refrain from wearing sandals or shorts (for men) as the event will be held at a hotel.
* Matching at the event is limited to the operation until the contact information is handed over. Please note that we are not responsible for any damage caused between customers after that.
*Please note that refunds cannot be made after payment has been made due to customer convenience.
*The event will be canceled if the minimum number of participants is not reached. Also, the event may be canceled without notice due to weather and social conditions. In that case, we will respond with a full refund.
Popular roast beef too! Dinner at Shiba Park Hotel
[Image 4d41134-35-17f9867dd39ac86ef74a-3.jpg&s3=41134-35-5e9d242086c42beec8414ac04e4080e2-1133x649.jpg
[Image 5d41134-35-e83ca030ca759c70e4fe-4.jpg&s3=41134-35-266e232a337f804267ea0dc04a1bfe27-627x347.jpg
Shiba Park Hotel’s restaurant “The Dining” is a new style restaurant where you can choose from three types of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes according to your mood on the day. A restaurant that has been loved by many people for a long time, there are many guests who stay for the restaurant purpose, and the recently started afternoon tea is also very popular with women.
This time, “Pecha Kucha Reading Apero” is a 4 course course
(appetizer) specially composed for book-loving Chapters customers, centering on the most popular main dish (Western food) of the restaurant, roast beef ribs.・Soup, main dish, dessert) will be served in a private room.
This event is a great deal even just for course meals, so please come with an empty stomach.
Background of the event -The real event held for the first time this summer was a great success, and the average age increased a little- [Image 6d41134-35-27865f023bef9c4a0098-5.jpg&s3=41134-35-be17ec3902cbe50767b1a130d91dd305-800x600.jpg
[Image 7d41134-35-82d30d341c981ececc34-6.jpg&s3=41134-35-cbc1e39e9fbd20ceb07d4a3609ca89b2-2048x1365.jpg
This summer, the real event “Mokumoku Reading Festival 2022”, which was held for the first time by both companies to commemorate the first anniversary of Chapters, was a great success, with more than 200 customers using Chapters coming to the venue. It was a wonderful two days in which we could realize that we have grown into a service that is loved by our customers.
On the other hand, when I actually talked to customers, I said, “I participated in the event, so I want to talk to other customers, but I still don’t have the courage.” I would like to talk for a long time,” “I’m using Chapters for the purpose of romance, so I’d like you to meet more often,” and so on. , We have decided to implement it in response to two points, which were particularly requested: 1. Real place 2. Romance needs.
[Image 8d41134-35-2839947a15d6566c4212-7.jpg&s3=41134-35-0f47efa17236b08bf0556567623becbc-1920x1080.jpg
In addition, the number of registrants for Chapters has been increasing rapidly this fall, and the average age has risen slightly from 28 years old when the service started, and customers in their 30s are becoming the main demographic.
Customers in their 30s and 40s have more opportunities to say, “I’ve been waiting for this kind of service!” We also had the highest percentage of event visitors.
For Chapters, who pursue chance encounters triggered by books, age is just one of the small factors in encounters, but in this real event, there are some customers who can push their backs by separating the ages of the participants. So, I tried adding a condition as a challenge.
Chapters always considers co-creation with customers to be important in service operation. In the future, we would like to deepen exchanges between customers and services through various events, and we would like to develop services from the customer’s perspective.
For your reference: The autumn of reading has arrived! Enjoy night time with 1500 book collection at Shiba Park Hotel!
[Image 9d41134-35-ce1fdbd4342a1c1c97e5-16.jpg&s3=41134-35-dfc4eea51eb063bfd2e67dab018ef2b3-2000x1333.jpg
Inside the Shiba Park Hotel, there are approximately 1,500 selected books in both Japanese and foreign, covering architecture, art, Japanese culture, fashion, manga, novels, and picture books. can do. We have prepared a “reading accompaniment set” for our guests only at night time. Enjoy a relaxing time with alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages while the hotel is quiet with a variety of books in hand. ◆Reading companion set
Offer place: 1F front counter drink corner
Offer time: 21:00-25:00
Price: 1 set 1,500 yen (tax included)
Target: Hotel guests only
Sales: Sold at the 1F front counter. Please ask the staff if you are interested. Contents: You can choose 3 items of your choice from wine, beer, and snacks. ■ About MISSION ROMANTIC Co., Ltd.
[Image 10d41134-35-37e3b486fe2062ac0628-15.jpg&s3=41134-35-cf6712bbe6fa08c3df6754838a00b344-2057x1580.jpg
Founded in 2019 with the aim of creating a real moment when hands overlap on a bookshelf, influenced by the movie “Listen to the Heart”. In a modern society where efficiency and rationalization are accelerating, we believe in chance, destiny, and feelings, and with a mission to stick to “how to meet” things and people, after one year of analog operation June 7, 2021 Chapters Grand opening of bookstore. The long-term goal is to raise the reading population in Japan through the service.
▷ You can check the reactions and real voices of customers at the #chapters bookstore on twitter.
About Shiba Park Hotel
[Image 11d41134-35-9ef8f712b42d2f388997-13.jpg&s3=41134-35-ca679691c973bfebfe746274d7c2d7a2-2000x2000.jpg
Shiba Park Hotel was founded in 1948 and started operation as a foreign trade mission hotel. We have been proud and responsible for the traditions and culture of the region in a lush, historical lawn area. In the fall of 2021, the central grand staircase and the foyer on the 2nd floor will be renewed, and in December, some guest rooms will be renewed, and it will be reborn as a library hotel. There are about 1,500 books directed by Ginza Tsutaya Bookstore. There is a restaurant where you can enjoy 3 types of Japanese, Western, and Chinese cuisine on the 1st floor, and 4 banquet rooms on the 2nd floor.
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