An art exhibition “Toyo Gyotaku Takuseikai Art Gyotaku Exhibition” will be held to open up the moment of liv ing things! Aquarium in a department store Smart Aquarium Shizuoka

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An art exhibition “Toyo Gyotaku Takuseikai Art Gyotaku Exhibition” will be held to open up the moment of living things! Aquarium in a department store [Smart Aquarium Shizuoka]

Smart Aquarium Shizuoka (Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City: Matsuzakaya Shizuoka Main Building 7F) will hold a special exhibition “Toyo Gyotaku Takuseikai Art Gyotaku Exhibition”.
At the Smart Aquarium Shizuoka, where you can feel the beauty of living things and the brilliance of life, you can see the “art gyotaku” works created by Takuseikai Chairman Masatsu Matsunaga and other members. The works are displayed on the walls of the
“Relaxation” area where you can feel the unique aesthetic sense of Japanese culture and “Wabi-Sabi”.
[Image 1

Exhibiting “Art Gyotaku” works by Masatsu Matsunaga
Please enjoy the “once-in-a-lifetime” encounter with this
one-of-a-kind moment that captures the individual expressions of living creatures.

[Image 2

Display in the museum
About Art Gyotaku
[Image 3

Art Gyotaku (Author: Masatsu Matsunaga, Title: Kue)
Takuseikai’s “Art Gyotaku” is the result of more than 50 years of trial and error by Mr. Masatsu Matsunaga, the chairman of Takuseikai. After that, it is a work that sticks to the direct method without adding any corrections other than the eyeballs. From “record gyotaku” where anglers left only the size, “color gyotaku” with colors on the fish began, and further evolved into “art gyotaku” as a work of art with a focus on composition and perspective.
Takuseikai’s “art gyotaku” paints quickly on the fish, and uses traditional art and reliable techniques to remove wrinkles. is a work of “once-in-a-lifetime chance” that does not exist with two pieces. [Image 4

Art Gyotaku (Author: Masatsu Matsunaga, Title: Akame)
[Exhibition Overview]
1. Exhibition name: (Tentative) Toyo Gyotaku Takuseikai Art Gyotaku Exhibition 2. Period: Saturday, October 29, 2022 to Wednesday, November 30, 2022 3. Number of exhibits: 28
4. Admission fee: Free *Admission fee required (1,400 yen for adults, 800 yen for elementary school students, 500 yen for infants) 5. Organizer: Aquament Co., Ltd.
6. Cooperation: Toyo Gyotaku Seikai
Toyo Gyotaku Takuseikai Chairman Masatsu Matsunaga Profile
[Image 5

While working as a Japanese-style painter, he started direct gyotaku in 1961. Selected for the 1980 Mototen, Osaka Governor’s Award, Mayor’s Award, etc. In 1994, “Colored Gyotaku Production Method” was published by Beijing Sports Publishing House, China. After that, he held lectures and exhibitions in various parts of China, and since 1999 he has held special exhibitions and lectures around the world, including the “Gyotaku Art Exhibition: The World of Shozu Matsunaga” at the Keihan Department Store. In 2014, at the 66th National Calendar Exhibition, “Gyotaku Calendar” won the Gold Prize and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Commerce and Information Policy Bureau Director’s Award. In addition, in 2019, he exhibited his work at the “Quiberon Gyotaku Week” in Quiberon, France, and is spreading the Japanese gyotaku culture to the world.
*This special exhibition “(Tentative) Toyo Gyokutaku Seikai Art Gyotaku Exhibition” will also be held as a traveling exhibition at the Shikoku Aquarium (Utazu Town, Kagawa Prefecture) and AQUARIUM x ART atoa (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture).
〒420-8560 10-2 Miyuki-cho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City Matsuzakaya Shizuoka Main Building 7F
3 minutes on foot from the north exit of JR Shizuoka Station through the underpass
-business hours-
10:00-20:00 *Regular holiday: Matsuzakaya Shizuoka store closed (January 1) -Admission fee-
Adult (junior high school students and above): 1,400 yen
Child (elementary school student): 800 yen
Infant (3 years old and over): 500 yen
Under 3 years old: Free
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Operating company: Aquament Co., Ltd.

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