An interview with Junta Terashima and Yohei Azakami has been released from the drama CD “Sweet, hot and breathless 1” released on October 22nd! ! In addition, corporate privilege images are also released!

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An interview with Junta Terashima and Yohei Azakami has been released from the drama CD “Sweet, hot and breathless 1” released on October 22nd! ! In addition, corporate privilege images are also released!
We will deliver new information from Frontier Works Co., Ltd. (Animate Group)! [Image 1

Prior to the release on Saturday, October 22, 2022, Junta Terashima and Junta Terashima, who play the role of Kento Sena, will appear in the drama CD “Sweet, hot and breathless 1” written by Mr. Hachisu. We will deliver an interview with Mr. Yohei Azakami, who plays the role of Rio Yogi, after the recording!
━━Thank you for your hard work! Please let us know your impressions after finishing the recording.
Junta Terashima (hereafter referred to as Terashima) as Kento Sena It was the first time that I had such a solid interaction with Azakami-kun, so it was really fresh and fun! The theme of the work is “smell”, and Kento-kun, who has a problem with hypersensitivity to smell, depicts a human relationship. The CD was also very carefully drawn, so it was a lot of fun because we were able to naturally shorten the distance between us while performing.
Mr. Yohei Azakami, the role of Rio Hibiki (hereafter, Azakami) When I saw Junta-san recording while putting on and taking off his mask, I realized how difficult it is to act realistically. During normal recording, there is a script, so it is difficult to perform while opening the original comic, but this time, Mr. Junta actually put on and take off the mask while recording, so it became clear after removing the mask. I was able to act while remembering Rio who is attracted to Kento-kun’s expression just by listening to his voice. Junta-san’s expression was wonderful, so it was fun and rewarding to be able to act while feeling the reality.
━━Please let us know if there are any lines or scenes that left an impression on you this time.
Terashima: The train scene at the beginning. Even in the presence of a lot of people, in the scene where I realized, “This person smells really good,” I wondered, “I wonder how good Rio-kun smells! ‘, so it left an impression on me. Also, when I was talking to Hibiki-kun on the phone about air fresheners, it was different from the sense of distance we had felt up until now, and it was funny because it was fun.
Azakami: For me, in the latter half of the scene, Rio didn’t call Kento-kun by name the whole time, but there’s a scene at the end where he calls out “Akeno” after they understand each other’s feelings. At that point, Junta-san called me “Sasaki” (laughs).
Terashima: I’m really sorry…! !
Azakami: I couldn’t help answering “Where are you guys?” (laughs). Terashima: If you look at the script, you can see [Hisaki] as [Sasaki]…! Azakami: Certainly, at first glance, it looks like [Sasaki] (laughs). It was an important scene, so when I called out “Ayato” to save it, it was a joke when he answered “Sasaki”, but personally, it was a scene that was important to me and I loved it. So it left an impression on me.
━━ In this work, Kento was fascinated by Rio’s scent,
Please tell us about the [things that fascinate you].
Terashima: Lately, I’ve been fascinated by saunas. I’ve been addicted to bedrock baths for the past 5-6 years, and I like to sweat slowly at low temperatures, but with the recent sauna boom, I thought I’d give it a try, and it turned out to be amazing. I got addicted to it. I was fascinated by the feeling of “getting in shape” that everyone talks about, and now I can go to saunas with temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius, which I couldn’t do in the past. The hotter the water, the more pleasant it is to take a cold bath. In the past, I could not take a bath for even three minutes, but now I try to take a cold bath for at least five minutes. I’m so addicted to it that I go there in between work.
Azakami: I originally liked figurines, but as I grew up and started spending money on my hobbies, I started making figurines that adults would buy (laughs). I don’t think it’s bad to be addicted, but… This may be an unbelievable story, but the other day, I saw an expensive figure of my favorite tokusatsu monster on the internet, without even realizing it, ha! When I realized that, I bought it (laughs). Terashima: Unconsciously (laughs)?
Azakami: Unconsciously (laughs)! And even register a new one… It’s a fascination, but it’s a situation that I don’t remember (laughs). ━━Finally, please give a message to the fans who are looking forward to the release of the drama CD!
Terashima: This time, I was happy to be able to participate in such a wonderful work. It was a rewarding work as an actor, including the recording method. When I acted, at first I was not good at it and there was a distance in my heart, but as the story progressed, I experienced various things and the distance narrowed, we exchanged contact information, and met in places other than school. I remembered that I had the same experience.
I thought it was a really interesting work that carefully depicts the human relationships that are unique to school days, and also overlaps with the theme of “smell”. We did our best to express the charm of the work with our voices, so I hope you will enjoy listening to it! Azakami: I also thought it was very interesting that the theme was “smell”. I’ve heard that smells evoke memories in humans, and I think that instinctive senses tend to leave a shocking impression. The first meeting doesn’t give a good impression and I’m not good at it, but it starts with a relationship where I’m instinctively attracted to “this person smells good”. It was a lot of fun to play. I would be happy if everyone who listened to the part that was conscious of the sense of distance could also feel it. The original is so beautiful that Junta-san and I did our best to create an “atmosphere where you can smell the scent” so that we can express that worldview, so please check out the original as well. I would be happy if you could get immersed in this world. thank you very much!
━━Thank you!
▼Drama CD “Sweet and Hot, I Can’t Breathe 1” Slightly Hot Edition That Never Cools Preview Video

CD product information
Released on Saturday, October 22, 2022
[Image 2

Drama CD “Sweet and Hot, I Can’t Breathe 1”
In addition to the main comic,
Comic newly drawn cartoon “Sweet and hot special training”
A set of 2 CDs containing a mini-drama! In addition, it comes with a booklet drawn by Mr. Hachisu!
(Comes with 2 CDs + a booklet drawn by Mr. Hachisu)
List price: ¥5,280 (tax included) [FFCL-0065]
Kento Sena: Junta Terashima, Rio Hibiki: Yohei Azakami, Naoki Harukawa: Daisuke Hirakawa and others
-DISC 1-
An episode
Episode 2
3 episodes
4 episodes
5 episodes
-DISC 2-
6 episodes
SPECIAL TRACK “sweet and hot special training”
Ayato, a professional student, has a certain problem. It means that your body is too sensitive to smells.
One day, Kento is bewildered when he encounters an enchanting smell on the train that makes his body react.
Moreover, the owner of the smell is Rio, a classmate who is not good at it! At first, Rio was forced to do naughty things because he was amused by Kento’s constitution, but
Knowing the casual kindness and serious side…!?
■Corporate Benefits■
* The benefits will end as soon as they are gone. Please contact each store for details such as the availability of benefits.
Cast Talk CD (Cast: Junta Terashima, Yohei Azakami)
[comicomi studio]
B6 size double-sided card (with color illustration & monochrome manga drawn by Mr. Hachisu)
[Image 3

[Stella Worth]
Jacket illustration pattern 2L size bromide (autographed by Mr. Hachisu) [Image 4

B6 size double-sided card (with color illustration & monochrome manga drawn by Mr. Hachisu)
[Image 5

Jacket illustration pattern mega jacket
[Product code] FFCL-0065/JAN: 4580798266551
[Distributor/Distributor] Frontier Works

[Store limited privilege] “Sweet, hot and breathless 1” drama CD release commemorative fair
Event period: Saturday, October 22, 2022 to Monday, November 21, 2022 * The new album is also eligible for those who make a reservation before the target period.
[Image 6

■ Benefits: Limited paper
#Amaiki CD release countdown
The illustration of [D30] posted by Mr. Hachisu
A [special paper] with a newly drawn mini character and a comment from Mr. Hachisu will be given as a gift ♪
■ Target stores
Animate Ikebukuro main store, Sendai store, Nagoya store, Kyoto store, Umeda store, Sannomiya store, Fukuoka Parco store, mail order ■ Target product
Released on October 22, 2022
[Drama CD] Sweet and hot, I can’t even breathe 1
Now on sale
[Comic] Sweet, hot and breathless (1)
Release Commemorative Fair HP:

Comics information
Dahlia Comics “Sweet, hot and breathless 1”
[Image 7d16756-3822-06638d828e35c9691d80-6.jpg&s3=16756-3822-88c28362328eaa9cf6fbf8d52d2eebc5-500x711.jpg
Author: honeycomb
Release: Now on sale
Price: ¥740 (tax included)
Specifications: B6 size

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