Analyze Log Co., Ltd. YouTube Ranking Number of monthly video views ~Avril Tsuyoshi Domoto ranked in / ITZY showing off a splendid dance~

Analyze Log Co., Ltd.
[YouTube Ranking] Number of monthly video views ~Avril Tsuyoshi Domoto ranked in / ITZY shows off her splendid dance~

This time, we will announce the top 10 monthly playback rankings of the main videos released on YouTube from September 1st to September 30th. In addition, the target is a video of 1 minute or more, excluding videos published on the company’s official channel. Music videos account for 5 of the TOP 10, making it a genre that is easy to get views on YouTube.
The first place is the new song of “Vaundy”, and the music video in which Masaki Suda appears is ranked.
In 3rd place is the fan-shaped thumbnail “Father’s Iron / Koteno”, and since it is a video that is just about to meet the YouTube
regulations, the interest of viewers is not high. mosquito.
Among YouTubers, “Takehara TV: 5th place (5.75 million views)”, “HikakinTV: 6th place (5.6 million views) / 9th place: (5.03 million views)” and “Comdot: 10th place (4.72 million views)” are ranked in. and it is very popular.
The YouTube analysis tool “Digital Creators” operated by Analyzelog Co., Ltd. will announce the top 10 YouTube weekly video playback rankings independently researched. The target is the video uploaded from September 1st to September 30th. The rankings up to the 20th place are announced at Digital Creators below.
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[Main video monthly playback number TOP 10]

[Image 1

YouTube Ranking [Main Story]
Vaundy (1st place)
Directed by “Vaundy” himself, the PV for the new song featuring “Masaki Suda” ranked first.
Vaundy has also announced that it will hold its largest arena tour from November 2023 to January 2024.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 2.31 million views to 6.53 million views.
THE FIRST TAKE (2nd, 7th place)
The second ranked video is “Complicated” by world-famous singer Avril Lavigne, who celebrates her 20th debut anniversary this year. This song is “a song that continues to capture the hearts of people all over the world by depicting complicated lives and connections between people with two sides”, and it is a masterpiece that cannot be removed from “Avril Lavigne”.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 2.83 million views to 6.51 million views.
KinKi Kids’ Domoto Tsuyoshi’s solo project ‘ENDRECHERI’ performed the singer-songwriter’s debut song ‘Machi’, which ranked 7th.
It was released to the public on September 16th and has gained 3.08 million views in about two days.
“ENDRECHERI” will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year.
Compared to the first week it was released, it expanded from 3.08 million views to 5.51 million views.
Bath girl Koteno / Koteno (3rd place)
A channel that introduces hot springs in various parts of Japan using videos of bathing scenes from Koteno.
This time, the premiere video introducing “Okawaso” in Ashinomaki Onsen in Fukushima Prefecture is ranked.
It is said that “Okawaso” is the motif of the popular anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba”. Food is also introduced, but the camera angle is conscious of upturned eyes. After that, the bath is introduced, but the appearance of introducing the hot spring with a single towel is a composition that stirs the viewer’s heart.
In addition, the thumbnail of this time is a provocative image, and it has become a hot topic in the comment section.
Compared to the first week it was released, it has expanded from 2.47 million views to 6.27 million views.
JO1 (4th place)
The music video for “Super Cali” included in the 6th single “MIDNIGHT SUN” scheduled to be released on October 12 has been released. “JO1” is currently conducting its first arena tour, and it has been announced that three additional performances will be held in Tokyo from October 22nd to 23rd.
Compared to the first week it was released, it has expanded from 1.1 million views to 6.02 million views.
Takehara Television (5th place)
The 5th ranked video begins with a digest of the scene where Takehara and a young man grab their lapels.
The young people who were harassing him in front of the gym came in with an arrogant attitude, saying, “I don’t know if he’s a world champion, but let’s do it.” doing
Among the disciples he dealt with was a K-1 champ, who seemed impatient with the young man who had a disrespectful attitude towards Takehara.
Compared to the first week it was released, it has expanded from 2.09 million views to 5.75 million views.
Hikakin TV (6th and 9th)
“Masaharu Fukuyama” is visiting Hikakin’s house.
It was released on September 16th and has been played 2.94 million times in two days.
He shoots short videos and remotely pranks Hikakin’s older brother, Seikin. With “Hikakin”, “Masaharu Fukuyama”, and “Seikin”, they also had a session of “Niji”, which is a very exciting development.
In addition, the session of “KISS Shite”, which was the theme song of “Galileo”, has also been realized.
After that, they played games together, ate peaches worth 100,000 yen, 500,000 yen, and 1,000,000 yen each, and set up a question and answer session.
Compared to the first week it was released, it has expanded from 2.94 million views to 5.6 million views.
A collaboration video with “Orochinyu”, a living YouTuber.
I’m trying to catch a giant catfish, but I haven’t been able to catch even one, so the challenge is postponed to the second day.
On the second day of the challenge, I changed the capture location and changed the strategy to catch channel catfish by fishing.
The strategy change has paid off, and “Hikakin” is catching an unexpected giant soft-shelled turtle. Orochinyu was also very excited to see a soft-shelled turtle of a size that is rarely seen. Right after that, I also caught the giant catfish I was looking for. Orochinyu also caught a catfish, but it’s a baby-sized catfish, and it can only be said that “Hikakin”, which caught a giant size catfish, is just as expected.
Compared to the first week it was released, it has expanded from 3.97 million views to 5.03 million views.
Comdot (10th place)
In 10th place, the 4th video of “Seira week” was ranked.
It was released on September 18th (Sun) and received 1.75 million views in one day.
In the video, “Seira” is set up with a surprise, “What will happen to Seira if ViVi has an important job, but her brother has an accident?” The “comdot surprise project” that has been held regularly in the past is of high quality and fuels the excitement of viewers.
After the start of the dokkiri, you can catch a glimpse of Seira, who happily talks with the members and behind the scenes.
A phone call to “Hyuga” changed the atmosphere completely.
When Seira hears about the situation, she complains, “It’s disgusting.” “Yamato” is being monitored in a separate room, but when he sees “Seira” who bursts into tears, he expresses his regret, saying, “I went too far”, “I’m really sorry, I can’t do this anymore.” Yamato’ ended up crying.
While Yuta refuses to work for ViVi, Seira decides to go to work, saying, “If it’s Yamato, go.”
In the spoiler, “Seira” cries when she finds out that “Yamato” is safe. To such a “Seira”, all the team members “dogeza” and apologize. Compared to the first week it was released, it has expanded from 1.75 million views to 4.72 million views.
[Short video TOP 10 ranking]
[Image 2

YouTube [short]
Out of the 10 videos, 3 videos of “spider-maaaaaaan” (1st place: 59.19 million views / 6th place: 22 million views / 8th place: 19.35 million views), 4 videos of “BayashiTV” (3rd place: 29.43 million views) Views/7th place: 20.83 million views/9th place: 19.16 million views/10th place: 19.1 million views), and these two channels account for 7 videos.
“Ssgawa”, which was a regular channel in the ranking, has one video (4th place: 25.55 million views), but “Saito”, “ISEEI” and “Junya” are not ranked. do not have.
[All videos TOP 10 ranking]
[Image 3

YouTube ranking
The TOP10 ranking has the same lineup as the short video,
Looking at the TOP20, “ISEEI (11th place: 18.17 million views)” and “Saito (12th place: 18.08 million views)” are also ranked.
In addition, “Idle Girl – Official Channel” ranked 15th (15.85 million views) and “Dragon Quest Walk Official” ranked 17th (13.68 million views), showing a high affinity between “YouTube and games”. So, isn’t there a lot of publications?
[Digital Creators] Weekly ranking of popular videos on YouTube. [Image 4

Digital Creators is a site where you can check the ranking data of YouTube’s popular channels and videos for free. We plan to release various data such as rankings by genre, as well as rankings by period such as weekly rankings, monthly rankings, and annual rankings. We also provide detailed data for a fee for advertising agencies and companies that want to use YouTube for promotion.
*A separate press release for DigitalCreators is planned.
[Operating company: Analyzelog Co., Ltd.]
Our company was established in May 2018 for the purpose of building a “creator-first” ecosystem for YouTubers and other creators, as well as digital strategy creation and operational support for Japanese content companies such as anime and manga. Currently, we are expanding our business from an influencer agent to a digital advertising agency. The founding team has various backgrounds in Google/YouTube, avex, Mizuho Bank, and popular YouTubers, and has strengths not only in YouTube know-how but also in tech, entertainment, and business. We aim to build a new ecosystem of online creators in a new form of agent, not the conventional office-type exclusive model. , Kotami no Channel, Ch Sen, Momo, Ai & Shii, Homo Sapi, and other popular YouTubers.
Company name: Analyze Log Co., Ltd.
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Representative Director and CEO Kensuke Miura
Founder COO Yutaka Hagiwara
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Outside Director: Ryusuke Ikeda (Management of the YouTube channel “Gacchanneru”)
Established: May 22, 2018
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