Analyze Log Co., Ltd. YouTube Ranking Number of weekly video plays ~Snow Man Werewolf 1st place / 2 rankings in Ja~ (October 17)

Analyze Log Co., Ltd.
[YouTube Ranking] Number of weekly video views-Entertainer–Snow Man Werewolf 1st place / 2 rankings for Ja-(October 17)

This time, we will announce the top 20 weekly views ranking of videos released on the official YouTube channel of celebrities from October 10th to October 16th. Celebrity channels are not limited to
celebrities, but include channels operated by people who are active outside of YouTube, such as cultural figures, politicians, and athletes.
Johnny’s popular group “Snow Man” ranked first. The long-awaited popular project “Werewolf Game” has attracted attention.
In Johnny’s, in addition to “Snow Man”, “Janino Channel” (3rd and 9th), “Naniwa Danshi” (5th) and “Johnny’s WEST” (6th) ranked in, showing high popularity. can be heard.
The YouTube analysis tool “Digital Creators” operated by Analyzelog Co., Ltd. will announce the top 10 YouTube weekly video playback rankings independently researched. The target is the video uploaded from October 10th to October 16th. The rankings up to the 20th place are announced at Digital Creators below. * Articles published on this PRtimes are licensed only when the above ranking link is set without nofollow.
[Entertainer play count ranking TOP 20]

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YouTube Ranking [Entertainer]
Snow Man (1st place)
“Snow Man” popular project “Werewolf Game” video. In this project, “Daisuke Sakuma” is killed first every time, but this time he is killed first. It’s interesting to see how he looks lonely in the corner of the room because he can’t participate in the game as soon as it starts. The youngest member of the previous werewolf, Raul, was also killed early on because he was “intelligent”. The first game ends with the “Citizens” winning. In the second game, it is a rare pattern that “Daisuke Sakuma” survives. As it is a popular project, fans also commented, “I’ve been waiting for you!!! The werewolf (heart) that made me like SnowMan ️ I’m really happy to see all nine werewolves!!”, “200 Werewolves are really emo!!!”
EGA-CHANNEL (2nd place)
A video of Egashira, who has a reputation for God’s response to fans, setting up a verification prank, “If fans ask you to show me your cock, will you show it?”
When the man behind the gimmick asks, “I want you to show me,” he smiles and retorts, “Do you know where this place is?” showing. In addition, the second female instigator lied, “If you use Egashira’s cock as a standby, you will be blessed with children,” and asked him to take a picture. also, “It can’t be helped,” and allowed shooting.
Since the location was “Home Nakano”, there are many “Ataoka (nickname of fans)” other than the gimmicks, and Egashira’s humanity that he takes pictures with everyone can be seen.
Jani Channel (3rd and 10th place)
The video of “Yuichi Nakamaru” visiting the stage “DREAM BOYS” chaired by “Fuma Kikuchi” ranked 3rd. It is a video in which all the members of “JANINO” have gathered, fulfilling a fixed promise.
Many Johnny’s have appeared on the main stage at the Imperial Theater. He has also appeared in “Nakamaru Yuichi” in the past, so he says that he has a deep feeling. In addition, he also greeted “Tanaka Tatsuki” of “SixTONES”, who is the chairman of “Kikuchi Fuma”, and you can see the good relationship between seniors and juniors.
The 9th place was a video of “Janino”‘s summer vacation project, in which the members of “Janino” chat while eating soba after enjoying canyoning. “(Canyoning) was great,” said Kazunari Ninomiya over and over again. Like a travel video, I decided to rest my feet at a soba restaurant. Members chatting while enjoying dengaku and skewers. In this video, “MJ (Jun Matsumoto)” often appears in the telop, so I think it will be a happy video for “Arashi” fans.
Ann/anne TOKYO (4th place)
Video of ordering Uber Eats in Paris. “An” said that she was surprised to be able to use the same app she used in Japan in France. I’m talking with my French friend Hi-chan about the situation in France, such as the recent popularity of kebabs among young people in France, and the surprising variety of Japanese food. In the comment section “I’m really happy to be able to see a culture that’s not Japanese from an everyday perspective!” “I really admire Anzu.” There are many comments to support Anne, who spends her time in France.
New York Official Channel (5th place)
“Shimasa”, who played the role of “rapper with tattoos” in the sketch that was performed on TBS on October 8th, “Owarai no hi”, appeared in a white tank top, but both arms has flashy tattoos, and a video explaining the details about the matter that became Yahoo! News. At the beginning of the video, he says, “I’ll show you,” and shows off his good arm again, but there is no tattoo there.
In the news that was published, it was written that “the company and the partner did not object”, and the news written about things that were not “facts” was flooded with criticizing comments. In response, it is taken up including laughter.
Naniwa Boys (6th)
A project video in which “Ryusei Onishi” talks episodes of people who appear in his correlation chart. Names will be listed one after another along with relationships such as close juniors and endorsers. She gave “Sato Shori” from “SexyZone” as a senior she respected and said, “Idol = someone who changed the image of women and showed me that even men can shine so much”.
At the beginning of the video, it has nothing to do with the correlation diagram, but when the members respond to the unreasonable request to play the “Azatoaiueo Championship”, the members seem to be mellow. In particular, “Daigo Nishihata” and “Kento Nagao” are shouting love, “Victory!”
Johnny’s WEST (7th place)
A video that enjoys “Nanja Monja Game”. “Nanja Monja Game” is a game where you turn over a card, give a name to the character drawn there, and the person who remembers the name when it comes out again wins. In this video, the name given to the character is tied to Johnny’s. Because of the character’s unique hairstyle and pose, everyone is troubled by the naming. Johnny’s characters such as “Chi (Chinen Yuri’s nickname)” and “Yokocho (Yokoyama Yutaka’s nickname)” appear one after another in this exciting game. The lively talk that seems to be from Kansai is lively from beginning to end.
My name is Riisa Naka. (8th place)
A video in which “Risa Naka” visits her sister and second daughter “Maria-chan”‘s house and eats a popular Costco food. The third daughter, Rei-chan, also participates in the Bakushoku party, and the three sisters can be seen conversing in the dialect of their hometown of Nagasaki.
In the second half of the video, the three sisters talk about postpartum childcare. “Naka ​​Riisa” herself revealed that she had a past when she became mentally unstable when she saw the sunset, and in the comment section, “I have never been praised like this for raising a child, so I feel like I was praised. Thank you.” “It’s been more than a year since I gave birth, but I’m still mentally unstable and suddenly tired. There are many comments from people who have childcare experience, such as “Let’s raise children in moderation together.” Tsuji channel (9th place)
Purchased product introduction video of “SHEIN”. His daughter, Kisora, also appeared and was introduced by the two of them. “Tsuji Nozomi” is surprised by flashy sunglasses with bijou attached to the frame. After that, the two went on to introduce items one after another, saying that they bought 40,000 yen at “SHEIN”, which is famous for its super-discount apparel mail order. Not only clothes, but also items such as miscellaneous goods and cooking utensils are introduced, so it is a video that is useful not only for teens and 20s but also for housewives. Even in the comment section, the friendly appearance of praising each other as “cute”
Talking with Kisora-chan, who is about the same age, enjoying shopping, and opening the package together, I think it’s a really good parent-daughter relationship. Even though she has 4 children, she loves each of them equally, and Tsuji-chan herself is always pretty, so I think it’s really amazing.
I’m so envious of moms who buy things that my daughter likes, even though they’re saying “Eh~”!
There have been many comments of admiration.
Atsuhiko Nakata’s YouTube University – NAKATA UNIVERSITY (10th place) A video of “Oriental Radio”‘s “Atsuhiko Nakata” visiting the home of his partner “Shingo Fujimori”. Fujimori’s house has a stylish atmosphere as soon as you open the front door. GUCCI sandals, wallets, paintings and other stylish items are lined up.
When you enter the spacious living room, “Atsuhiko Nakata” teases that “Shingo Fujimori” is single, saying, “Even though I’m going to die alone” and “No one will come.” In addition, the house is equipped with an “island kitchen” and “sauna”, making it a luxurious room tour. The appearance of the two who are happy to meet again after a long time is heartwarming.
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