Analyze Log Co., Ltd. YouTube Ranking Weekly Video Views ~ Egashira “Chico-chan Lecturer” Relief / Gift & Gadoman 1 Million Loss ~ (October 24)

Analyze Log Co., Ltd.
[YouTube Ranking] Weekly Video Views-Entertainer–Egashira “Chico-chan Lecturer” Relief/Gift & Guardman 1 Million Loss-(October 24)
This time, we will announce the top 10 weekly views ranking of videos released on the official YouTube channel of celebrities from October 17th to October 23rd.
5 out of 10 videos are ranked by entertainer channels, and 3 videos in the TOP 20 of “Souhin Official Channel” of “Shimofuri Meisei” (4th: 1.33 million views, 7th: 109 million views, 11th: 93 10,000 views) are ranked in, but everything is about “horse racing”.
In addition, “Ega Channel”, which was ranked 2nd (1.45 million views), welcomed manners instructor Miyako Hirabayashi, who was in flames after appearing on NHK’s “Chico-chan scolded!”, as a guest. Have a drive date.
Among Johnny’s, “SnowMan” (9th place: 1.02 million views) is the only one in the TOP10, but if you look at the TOP20, “Naniwa Danshi” (14th place: 850,000 views) and “SixTONES” (15th place: 730,000 views). Ranked in.
The YouTube analysis tool “Digital Creators” operated by Analyzelog Co., Ltd. will announce the top 10 YouTube weekly video playback rankings independently researched. The target is the video uploaded from October 17th to October 24th. The rankings up to the 20th place are announced at Digital Creators below. * Articles published on this PRtimes are licensed only when the above ranking link is set without nofollow.
[Entertainer play count ranking TOP 20]
[Image 1

YouTube Ranking [Entertainer]
My name is Riisa Naka. (First place)
A video of Riisa Naka returning to her hometown of Nagasaki. On the way to the airport, her husband, “Nakao Akiyoshi”, is picking you up, and you can feel the goodness of the couple’s relationship. About Nagasaki, he has published a fun conversation with his parents, and his Nagasaki dialect is shown.
EGA-CHANNEL (2nd and 5th place)
A video of an Enoshima drive date with manners instructor Miyako Hirabayashi ranked second.
Immediately after the start of the drive date, in May 2022, a woman (AD) who was appearing under the strict guidance of Mr. Hirabayashi was crying in NHK “Chico-chan can scold me!” Egashira is asking a lot of questions about what happened.
Hirabayashi, who was reluctant to talk about it, explained that the NHK production staff repeatedly told him to make it harder, and that the result of doing what he was asked to do was the flames.
Although he is not depressed, he says that the staff of his own company became depressed, and that he was not good at crowds because he was stabbed in the back in the shopping district.
Egashira defends Hirabayashi by saying, “Don’t be silly! I’ll blow you all away!”
The video that ranked in 5th place is a video in which various ingredients are fried on skewers and verified which ingredients are the most delicious.
Previously, we have planned to make ingredients into hot sandwiches, and this is actually the second planned video.
The staff and Egashira bring their own ingredients, but Egashira’s “inari sushi” and “negitoro roll” are “not bad, but not delicious”, which is a mixed result.
Ann/anne TOKYO (3rd place)
A video of assembling furniture that arrives one after another after moving to France.
She assembles a variety of furniture such as bookshelves, beds, kitchen cabinets, and shoeboxes.
Among them, the TV stand has arrived and is being assembled, but the leg part has already cracked and broken, so I thought about exchanging it, but in France, I have to bear all the costs of returning it. , Since it is necessary to return the damaged parts and all other parts, there is no choice but to use scraps and repair them, and also touches on the inconvenience of living abroad.
Souvenirs Official Channel (4th, 7th place)
It is a collaboration video with “Channel Guardman” and a project video of a company called “LUNK”, and is ranked 4th.
The content of the video itself is a bet of 1,000,000 yen on a horse race, and as a result, the horse that was expected to finish 2nd, losing 1,000,000 yen.
Faced with the problem of who will pay for this 1 million yen, it is decided that the ‘gift’ will be paid by rock-paper-scissors. In addition, Soushin reveals that he owes 1 million yen to the president of Carry On, the agency that Channel Guardman belongs to.
A video in which Sohin, also known as “Lifetime income minus 200 million yen”, predicts the “Kikuka Award” ranked 7th.
In the first place, on the “Souhin Official Channel”, I made a horse racing prediction as “lifetime balance minus 100 million yen”, but the day before, “lifetime balance 100 million yen” You” has posted a video reporting on the indefinite hiatus.
As if nothing had happened, many comments were posted about the horse racing prediction video posted as “a lifetime income and expenditure of 200 million yen”.
Jani no Channel (6th place)
A video of eating natural shaved ice ranked 6th in the summer vacation project of “Janino”.
In the video released on July 20, “Kazuya Ninomiya” and “Yuichi Nakamaru” are eating shaved ice in Ginza, but Nakamaru recently said, “My impression of shaved ice has changed,” and said, “It’s delicious.” are being fired in rapid succession.
The three of us ordered 5 shaved ice, but ended up being full, so the scene where they are talking about who will eat it is interesting.
Nanacha -nanacha- (8th place)
Gravure idol “Nanacha”, who is also active in TikTok, released a video closely behind the shooting of “Young Jump” and ranked in for the first time.
From the beginning of the video, you can see the breasts that are about to spill out in a small swimsuit, making it a heart-pounding video.
Before filming, she chooses catering happily, and it is a scene where you can see the cute personality of “Nanacha”.
Snow Man (9th)
“ Abe”, “Raoul”, “Shota Watanabe”, and “Teru Iwamoto”, the game “Second King Decision Battle!” Carry out the plan.
You can see a video of Watanabe, who wanted to win, whispering, “I’m fine with being the second man.”
In the comment section, there were many comments about Abe, such as, “I love the project that shows how smart Abe is ������”, “Abe is good at normal quizzes, but suddenly she’s not good at problems that have to be matched with the members”. has been submitted.
Nikkyu Nana ch (10th place)
The video of the comedy duo “Nikkyu Nana” belonging to Maseki Geinosha was ranked for the first time.
Many viewers must have been thrilled by the provocative title and the suggestive thumbnail.
In the comment section, there are many comments from fans who touch on how close they are in the end, such as, “They are a really good couple and they’re cute lol” and “They’re relieved and kind after realizing they’re performing together”.
[Digital Creators] Weekly ranking of popular videos on YouTube. [Image 2

Digital Creators is a site where you can check the ranking data of YouTube’s popular channels and videos for free. We plan to release various data such as rankings by genre, as well as rankings by period such as weekly rankings, monthly rankings, and annual rankings. We also provide detailed data for a fee for advertising agencies and companies that want to use YouTube for promotion.
*A separate press release for DigitalCreators is planned.
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