Analyze Log Co., Ltd. YouTuber Ranking Number of monthly video views ~ Hikakin, Comdot, Tokai On Air top 3 ~ (September)

Analyze Log Co., Ltd.
[YouTuber Ranking] Number of monthly video views ~ Hikakin, Comdot, Tokai On Air top 3 ~ (September)

This time, we will announce the top 10 monthly views ranking of the videos released on the YouTuber channel from September 1st to September 30th.
The fan-shaped thumbnail “Father’s Trowel / Koteno”, which seems to be the last minute of YouTube regulation, ranked first, and many comments have been received about the aggressive thumbnail.
The three channels “HikakinTV”, “Comdot”, and “Tokai On Air” have multiple videos in the top 10, symbolizing their popularity. In particular, Comdot ranked 4th (4.72 million views), 6th (3.35 million views), and 10th (3.12 million views). And 7 videos are ranked.
The YouTube analysis tool “Digital Creators” operated by Analyzelog Co., Ltd. will announce the top 10 YouTube weekly video playback rankings independently researched. The target is the video uploaded from September 1st to September 30th. The rankings up to the 20th place are announced at Digital Creators below.
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[YouTuber Views Ranking TOP 10
[Image 1

YouTuber ranking
Bath girl Koteno / Koteno (1st place)
A channel that introduces hot springs in various parts of Japan using videos of bathing scenes from Koteno.
This time, the premiere video introducing “Okawaso” in Ashinomaki Onsen in Fukushima Prefecture is ranked.
It is said that “Okawaso” is the motif of the popular anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba”. Food is also introduced, but the camera angle is conscious of upturned eyes. After that, the bath is introduced, but the appearance of introducing the hot spring with a single towel is a composition that stirs the viewer’s heart.
In addition, the thumbnail of this time is a provocative image, and it has become a hot topic in the comment section.
Compared to the first week it was released, it has expanded from 2.47 million views to 6.27 million views.
Hikakin TV (2nd and 3rd place)
The video of “Masaharu Fukuyama” visiting Hikakin’s house ranked second. It was released on September 16th and has been played 2.94 million times in two days.
He shoots short videos and remotely pranks Hikakin’s older brother, Seikin. With “Hikakin”, “Masaharu Fukuyama”, and “Seikin”, they also had a session of “Niji”, which is a very exciting development.
In addition, the session of “KISS Shite”, which was the theme song of “Galileo”, has also been realized.
After that, they played games together, ate peaches worth 100,000 yen, 500,000 yen, and 1,000,000 yen each, and set up a question and answer session.
Compared to the first week it was released, it has expanded from 2.94 million views to 5.6 million views.
A collaboration video with “Orochinyu”, a living YouTuber, ranked 3rd. I’m trying to catch a giant catfish, but I haven’t been able to catch even one, so the challenge is postponed to the second day.
On the second day of the challenge, I changed the capture location and changed the strategy to catch channel catfish by fishing.
The strategy change has paid off, and “Hikakin” is catching an unexpected giant soft-shelled turtle. Orochinyu was also very excited to see a soft-shelled turtle of a size that is rarely seen.
Right after that, I also caught the giant catfish I was looking for. Orochinyu also caught a catfish, but it’s a baby-sized catfish, and it can only be said that “Hikakin”, which caught a giant size catfish, is just as expected.
Compared to the first week it was released, it has expanded from 3.97 million views to 5.03 million views.
Comdot (4th, 6th, 10th)
The 4th video of “Seira weekk” ranked in 4th place.
It was released on September 18th (Sun) and received 1.75 million views in one day.
In the video, “Seira” is set up with a surprise, “What will happen to Seira if ViVi has an important job, but her brother has an accident?” The “comdot surprise project” that has been held regularly in the past is of high quality and fuels the excitement of viewers.
After the start of the dokkiri, you can catch a glimpse of Seira, who happily talks with the members and behind the scenes.
A phone call to “Hyuga” changed the atmosphere completely.
When Seira hears about the situation, she complains, “It’s disgusting.” “Yamato” is being monitored in a separate room, but when he sees “Seira” who bursts into tears, he expresses his regret, saying, “I went too far”, “I’m really sorry, I can’t do this anymore.” Yamato’ ended up crying.
While Yuta refuses to work for ViVi, Seira decides to go to work, saying, “If it’s Yamato, go.”
In the spoiler, “Seira” cries when she finds out that “Yamato” is safe. To such a “Seira”, all the team members “dogeza” and apologize. Compared to the first week it was released, it has expanded from 1.75 million views to 4.72 million views.
The second video of “Commingo week” was “NICO emergency exorcism” and ranked 6th.
On the “comdot” side channel, the first one is “Yuta”, the second one is “Toa”, and this time it is the third one, and Yui Iizuka
participates as usual. .
When you sleep in your bedroom, you hear the sound of bare feet walking on the floor, the door of your bedroom is slammed, the door of the shoe closet that no one touches slams open, and other strange phenomena occur. After consulting with him, it was decided to implement this project as an emergency.
The teacher says it’s the most dangerous living ghost ever, and that it’s an acquaintance who’s been stalking NICO and moved closer to their house, making it dangerous.
Even after moving to the actual house, I can’t hide my surprise at the teacher who told me that the living spirit was trying to eliminate the teacher’s existence and even told me the information that I had not conveyed.
Finally, a ritual of exorcism is performed.
Compared to the first week it was released, it has expanded from 890,000 views to 3.35 million views.
The video ranked 10th is the final video of “Seira week”, and “Seira” participated in the “editorial camp”, an original project of “comdot” for the first time.
Starting at midnight, we will edit the video all night.
You can enjoy the close entanglement of “Comdot” and the interaction of “Suzuki brothers”.
In the early morning, while eating rice, they also talk about “dirty stories”, and you can feel the high tension unique to “early morning”. Also, at the end, the older brother “Yamato” is checking the video edited by “Seira”, giving advice on work as a brother and sister, and it is impressive that he takes it seriously.
Compared to the first week it was released, it has expanded from 2.8 million views to 3.12 million views.
Orochin Yu (5th place)
Collaboration video with “Hikakin TV”.
On “Hikakin TV”, he is trying to catch a giant catfish, but on the Orochinyu side, he is trying to catch moray eels.
Also pay attention to Orochin-Yu, who is nervous because she can’t produce results in front of the YouTube god “Hikakin” when she plans to catch catfish.
I caught it safely and grilled it with salt at Hikakin’s house and ate it. Compared to the first week it was released, it has expanded from 2.86 million views to 3.43 million views.
Tokai On Air (7th, 9th place)
A plan to eat up the cup ramen of 47 prefectures.
Each person starts with a quota of 7 types, but while “Ryo”, “Magnifying Glass” and “Toshimitsu” declare that they are full early, “Tetsuya” continues to eat beyond the quota. In the end, it is a video that you can enjoy a certain sense of accomplishment by eating all 47 types.
In addition, there are cup noodles that you don’t usually see, and videos that you will want to look for when traveling.
Compared to the first week it was released, it has expanded from 2.51 million views to 3.26 million views.
The video that ranked 9th was a project that said, “Let’s think about how Tetsuya can stay in the sauna room longer!”
A video that uses the sauna room made in “Ryo”‘s house to try out the strategies of other members for 4 consecutive weeks.
Compared to the first week it was released, it has expanded from 1.96 million views to 3.22 million views.
Mikuru Asakura (8th place)
A video recorded on the day after finishing the fight with the world-famous boxer Mayweather in “Super RIZIN”. “Thank you for your support.” “My head hurts.” It was the first time he was KO’d, but when he saw other companies’ games, he thought, “Why can’t I stand until now?” Also, at the end of the match, he said, “I don’t remember”, but in the end, he said, “I had a good experience” and “I want to have a mixed martial arts match soon,” showing his desire for future developments.
Compared to the first week it was released, it has expanded from 2.19 million views to 3.26 million views.
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