And Gate Co., Ltd. You can learn “project management that does not fail”! Launched AND GATE ACADEMY

AND GATE Co., Ltd.
You can learn “project management that does not fail”! Launched AND GATE ACADEMY We will start offering the training program “AND GATE ACADEMY” to solve various problems related to project management.

We have been providing support services that specialize in promoting projects. At IT system development sites, PMs are often understaffed, just like engineers.
By providing the training program “AND GATE ACADEMY” that systematizes the know-how cultivated through our project promotion services so far, we will take on the challenge of fundamentally solving the social issue of the shortage of IT human resources.
Program content
The training is a six-month program and consists of three main elements. Teaching to learn systematic knowledge
Coaching that accompanies the output of what you have learned Auxiliary functions for learning with educational videos
The goal of this program is not to incorporate “project management” as knowledge, but to establish it as an organizational culture and to make the project team self-propelled.
Since the workshop is based on the contents of the actual project, it is possible to immediately solve the problems you are currently experiencing.
-Program Overview-
[Image 1

Course content
-Curriculum Schedule-
[Image 2

In addition, the functions provided on our platform “ANDGATE” as “learning support functions” are as follows.
This function allows you to diagnose the current project status. Based on the survey results, we propose the most suitable training program for our customers.
This is a Q&A function that allows you to consult with a dedicated consultant through the platform if you have any questions about the training content.
It is a function that allows you to easily reserve a follow-up MTG. <&ACADEMY>
This is a function that allows online learning about PM work. [Image 3

If you are interested, please apply at “& SURVEY -Project Diagnosis-“. We will guide you through the diagnosis form.
After answering the diagnosis form, we will propose a training program tailored to the customer.
[Our vision]
“Creating Post PM in 2030”
We are developing products with the aim of transforming the role of PM (project manager), who promotes work, into AI and transforming it into a business society in which humans work like humans.
【Company Profile】
Andgate, Inc.
Ginza Square 8F, 2-14-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director and CEO Kensuke Tamura
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