Angers web shop The famous cold weather underwear “Mochihada (R)” series collaborates with the lifestyle brand “bon moment”! Limited colors and original designs are also available

Selecture Co., Ltd.
The famous winter underwear “Mochihada (R)” series collaborates with the lifestyle brand “bon moment”! Limited colors and original designs are also available
The “Mochihada (R)” series uses a special brushed manufacturing method to achieve outstanding heat retention and a soft texture that cannot be found anywhere else. Three types of room socks, neck warmers, and warmer pants in collaboration with bon moment will be released on October 20th.

Selecture Co., Ltd., which operates the EC site “Ange web shop”, has released a collaboration product of the original brand “bon moment” and the brand “Mochihada (R)” developed by Wasio Co., Ltd.
Room socks and rib knit neck warmers, which are popular products of the “Mochihada (R)” series, are available in original colors specially ordered from bon moment. In addition, we have jointly developed an original designed belly band pants, and all 3 types will be released on Thursday, October 20th.
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A collaboration between Wasio Co., Ltd.’s Mochihada (R) series in Hyogo Prefecture and bon moment.
I want to eliminate “cold” from the world. The “Mochihada (R)” series created with such thoughts is interwoven with the simple essence of bon moment. We have a variety of variations to keep you warm in winter.
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This time, three types of socks will be released: room socks, rib knit neck warmers, and stomach band pants.
Room socks to prevent cold feet at home. The rib knit neck warmer is great for cold weather when you go out.
And the original design “belly band pants” born from this
collaboration can be worn at home or when going out. An item that warms women’s cold areas, such as the stomach, buttocks, and thighs. [Image 3

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-Product Summary-
Mochihada x bon moment room socks
¥2,640 (tax included) / 3 colors Mochihada x bon moment room socks
¥3,740 (tax included) / 3 colors Mochihada x bon moment bellyband pants
¥3,520 (tax included) / 2 colors * All 3 “Mochihada (R)” products by bon moment collaboration are available only at the Angers web shop.
Please note that it is not available at the “Mochihada (R)” official shop. Adopted the patented manufacturing method “Washio brushed”
Among the many thermal innerwear with brushed lining, the reason why the “Mochihada (R)” series has been loved by fans for a long time is its unique brushed manufacturing method. Our unique knitting machine, which is an improved sock knitting machine, uses an original raising method that is different from the general method, and achieves outstanding heat retention and a soft texture.
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Patented manufacturing method “Washio brushed”
The work of raising the hair is a secret. In addition, the original machines that have been used for over 50 years are maintained and modified by the craftsmen themselves. We have achieved a one-of-a-kind comfort that can only be made by Wasio Co., Ltd.
Bespoke color room socks and neck warmer
Room socks and neck warmers are popular items of “Mochihada (R)” originally developed by Wasio Co., Ltd. This time, in collaboration with bon moment, it has become a more basic and easy-to-use color variation.
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Room socks that can be worn by men, women, and children
The socks have a casual accent design with a color scheme on the toe seams. This one point is a bon moment collaboration design that can only be found at the Angers web shop.
Although it is available in one size, it is a size that can be used in unisex. Finished in sizes and colors that can be used by the whole family.
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Accent toe stitch is bon moment original
And the neck warmer has a feminine design with narrow ribs. When you put it on, it’s loose like an off-turtle, and it fits like a part of your clothes.
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Neck warmer that looks like a ribbed turtle when paired with outerwear The three colors from the bon moment collaboration are ivory, mocha brown, and dark gray, basic colors that are easy to match. The inside is unified with ivory, which is hard to stand out even if the foundation is attached. We aimed for a color that you would want to use without hesitation when commuting to work or going out on a daily basis.
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You can wear it with confidence even on the day you put on makeup

Angers limited original design “belly band pants”

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Easy to layer because it’s not too thick
In the cold winter, unexpected parts of the body are also cold. If you notice, your thighs and buttocks are chilly. If you’re wearing a dress or other airy clothes, you may accidentally feel cold in your stomach. By wearing haramaki pants, you can gently warm your lower body, which tends to get cold, and prevent “accidentally cold” while you don’t know it.
[Image 12d103370-27-a52c82e1995c684730de-4.jpg&s3=103370-27-49942b948f5b8a111906d46c38a68df2-1200x894.jpg

In combination, every day that does not lose to the “cold”
Three products from the bon moment collaboration “Mochihada (R)” series that efficiently warms your feet, stomach, buttocks, and neck that tend to get cold.
Only your feet get cold in a heated room. I have a weak stomach, so I want to warm you up. It is also a nice item that such pinpoint warmth comes true.
[Image 13d103370-27-4eefef440ef7156bc214-10.jpg&s3=103370-27-d5d9ffcaa78a44a3a1c0977ae3149337-1200x778.jpg
Wasio Co., Ltd. advocates “I want to eliminate the cold from the world.” The concept of bon moment is to “simplify your life.”
This collaboration item was born from the overlap of two philosophies and thoughts.
This winter, when severe cold weather is expected, it will become a must-have item for everyone who picks it up.
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The package design is a simple sleeve. Great as a gift
bon moment
Original brand of Angers web shop. Happy moments are found in a comfortable life. That’s why it would be better if there was an item that makes the “everyday” a little more convenient than the
extraordinary. Make your life simple by fulfilling “Oh, I was looking for something like this”. We aim to make things that are filled with the thoughts of such happy moments. About Selecture Co., Ltd.
An e-commerce company (founded in 2005) that joined the group in 2016 with the aim of creating new business opportunities in the e-commerce business of Keio Department Store. The online shopping site “Ange web shop”, which sells lifestyle goods operated by the company, is strengthening the development of OEM products. In an environment where online shopping demand is rising due to the corona crisis and the number of competing sites is increasing, we will continue to develop products that are close to modern life and aim to acquire more customers.

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