Animate Co., Ltd. As the 10th anniversary project of the “Ikemen Series”, the first derivation label of th e Ikemen series, “Koihanamaku Meiroku”, will be distributed at Animate Games!

Animate Holdings Co., Ltd.
As the 10th anniversary project of the “Ikemen Series”, the first release of the Ikemen series derivative label “Koikamaku Meiroku” will be distributed at Animate Games!

■ Ikemen series 10th anniversary project special site —
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Animate Co., Ltd. has announced that it will produce “Rinkamaku Meiroku” with Cybird Co., Ltd. as the first title of “+ONE by Ikemen Series”, one of the “Ikemen Series 10th Anniversary Projects”. did. The “+ONE by Ikemen Series” is a derivative label of the Ikemen series, in which CYBIRD Co., Ltd. and various partner companies deliver romance games for women that make the most of each other’s strengths. The first installment will be “Koihanamaku Meiroku” and will be distributed on Animate Games, App Store, and Google Play. Set in the Meiji era after the Boshin War, this work is aimed at women, depicting a turbulent love story with historical samurai such as Hajime Saito, Takayoshi Kido, and Toshizo Hijikata. . In addition, illustrations by illustrator Cyrano, who is in charge of character design, and gorgeous voice actors have been released, and it has been decided to participate in the booth exhibition and stage at “Animate Girls Festival 2022 (AGF2022)”. increase.
Various information will be released in the future, so please see the official website for details.
■ Work information
Title: Koikamaku Meiroku
Platform: Animate Games, App Store, Google Play
Appearing characters and voice actors:
“Hajime Saito” CV: Sogo Nakamura, “Toshizo Hijikata” CV: Shin Furukawa, “Takayoshi Kido” CV: Ryota Suzuki,
“Naosuke Ii” CV: Masaya Matsukaze, “Takamori Saigo” CV: Kimura, “Katsu Kaishu” CV: Yohei Azakami,
“Takeaki Enomoto” CV: Kazuyuki Okitsu, “Toshiaki Kirino” CV: Shogo Sakata ■AGF2022 exhibition information
-Exhibition Booth-
Date: November 5th (Sat) and 6th (Sun), 2022
Booth number: [GREEN AREA] Inside the G-2 handsome series booth * Booth details will be announced on the official Twitter / official website at a later date.
Stage name: Production announcement event for “Koikamaku Meiroku” Cast: Sougo Nakamura (role of Hajime Saito), Ryota Suzuki (role of Takayoshi Kido), Kimura (role of Takamori Saigo)
Event time: November 5th (Sat) 17:30-18:10
Participation method: To be announced at a later date
■ What is the “Ikemen Series”?
[Image 2d16756-3779-a71df3294b89b7d424e2-0.png&s3=16756-3779-038d0229bd10a7a690b900203d0776b5-575x376.png
The “Ikemen Series” is a romance game brand that “delivers every woman an exciting day like the beginning of love.” Currently, it is distributed on multiple game platforms, including the smartphone app market (App Store / Google Play), and has become a popular series. All titles have been well received by more than 35 million customers, with motifs that everyone longs for, such as the Cinderella story. “Ikemen Series” Official Website: “Ikemen Series” Official Twitter: *The content may be changed, postponed, or canceled due to various circumstances.
■ Rights notation
(C) animate
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Ikemen Series 10th Anniversary Project Special Site:
“Koikamaku Meiroku” Official Website: “Koikamaku Meiroku” Official Twitter:

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