Aniwo holds a business creation seminar on Web3 with Japan’s top class NFT community “WAFUKU GEN”

Aniwo holds a business creation seminar on Web3 with Japan’s top class NFT community “WAFUKU GEN”
Business creation that considers the history of creating a community of thousands based on NFT art and industry trends

Aniwo Ltd. (Headquarters: Tel Aviv, Israel, CEO: Terada Kanehi, hereinafter referred to as Aniwo), which provides innovation platform and advisory services based in Israel and Japan, will hold a “Web3 Seminar” for business developers on November 18 (Friday). ) will be held. Under the theme of “How to create a community of thousands of people based on NFT art and business creation based on industry trends”, we will explain examples of NFTs in Japan and overseas, notable projects, and the actual situation of domestic NFTs. [Image 1

About “business creation considering the background of creating a community of thousands of people based on NFT art and industry trends” This time, Aniwo will invite members of the NFT community, which is among the top 10 domestic market capitalization, and hold a seminar specializing in the world of NFT. At the beginning, after explaining the basic information of Web3, Metaverse, and NFT, we will introduce in detail the domestic and overseas projects of NFT that are currently being talked about.
As the number of major domestic companies entering the market is increasing, the distance between NFTs and companies, and between NFTs and economic activities, is shrinking day by day. In this seminar, we will explain how “WAFUKU GEN”, which was launched in 2022, has reached its current form from its release to the present day, and through explanations by the management members who are directly involved in the distribution of NFTs. We will unravel the “facts”.
■ Seminar overview
Date and time: Friday, November 18, 17:00-18:00 (1 hour of networking will be held after the seminar)
Location: WeWork Kamiyacho Trust Tower 23rd floor
4-1-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Participation fee: 3,000 yen (receipt will be issued on the day) Capacity: 20 people
Application: Speaker: [WAFUKU GEN] CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Octen
“Wafuku Gene” is an NFT collection with 11,111 music created by art creator “WAFUKU” and music creator “yokodori”. We also issue collaboration NFTs in collaboration with artists who are active at the forefront of the Japanese NFT industry. “Wafuku Gene” supports individuals to freely enjoy expression through NFT.
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▼WAFUKU GEN official website
About Aniwo
[Image 3d12729-90-2c2513b01aefd101f774-2.png&s3=12729-90-224035a5d6f49f9e7392da3970454f9a-159x62.png
Company name: Aniwo Ltd. (Israel) / Aniwo Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Statement: October 2014 / July 2015
Representative: Kanahi Terada, Representative Director
Address: 144 Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv, Israel (Israel)
Shiroyama Trust Tower, 4-3-1 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Japan) Established in 2014 as the first VC-backed Japanese startup in Israel with the corporate mission of Innovation for your smile. Open innovation advisory & DX promotion services for Japanese companies, operation of online platform Axelnode that realizes next-generation recruitment, and cyber security services by elite hackers from Israel Unit 8200.
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