Announcement of November 2022 boccs exchange base in front of Iwai Station

Iwai station front exchange base boccs (box)
Announcement of November 2022 boccs exchange base in front of Iwai Station flea markets, movie screenings, etc.

We are pleased to inform you about November 2022 of the multi-purpose exchange facility “Iwai Station Front Exchange Base boccs” in front of Iwai Station in Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture.
・November 3 (Thursday/Holiday) 6th Kita Flea Market
・ November 23 (Wednesday / holiday) SDGs movie screening “Palestinian Pianist” 【Free Market】
November 3 (Thursday/holiday) 6th Kita Flea Market
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It is an event that both children and adults can enjoy, such as household goods, clothing, second-hand books, handmade products, vegetables, kitchen cars, hands-on workshops, etc. Please feel free to come by.
Date: November 3 (Thursday/holiday) 9:00-15:00 *Light rain will be held. Location: Iwai station front exchange base boccs (125-13, Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture) under the eaves
Participation fee: Free
[Movie screening]
November 23 (Wednesday / holiday) SDGs movie screening “Palestinian Pianist” [Image 2d76714-7-6c5a3c1c95772079debd-1.jpg&s3=76714-7-891213419242bbd213c1358f8923daa6-1460x2064.jpg
At Iwai station front exchange base boccs, we hold movie screenings “boccs cinema” every month for learning and exchange. After watching the movie, we have a dialogue meeting (free participation, about 20 minutes) to share impressions.
The SDGs movie screening in November will screen the new work “Palestinian Pianist”, which will be released in theaters from July 2, 2022, produced in 2021. Misha, a young man living in Ramallah, Palestine, has a Palestinian father, a Russian mother, and a Jewish Israeli piano teacher.
Conflict, race, religion, national borders, and COVID-19. Although he is at the mercy of many obstacles, he does not give up and strives to become a professional pianist. A music documentary for all those who love music and pursue their dreams. Please enjoy the autumn of art at the venue.
Work introduction (quoted from the official website
His father is Palestinian, his mother Russian, and his piano teacher Jewish-Israeli.
Aspiring to become a professional pianist in the future, Mohamed “Misha” Asheik is a talented teenage pianist who won an international piano competition at the age of 13, just three years after starting the piano. It’s also a limited practice time of 3 TO 4 hours a day. The reason he doesn’t have much time to practice is because he lives in a special place. Misha, whose father is Palestinian and whose mother is Russian, lives in the Palestinian Territory of Ramallah, which is at war with Israel. The piano teacher, a Jewish Israeli from Russia, had to drive three hours to get to Jerusalem to take piano lessons, which normally takes an hour by car. there is The film follows Misha for four years from the ages of 13 to 17.
Sometimes I can’t go to Jerusalem. If the situation between Israel and Palestine becomes unstable, the checkpoint will be closed. At that time, it will be an online lesson. While living in a place that was by no means blessed, Mischa traveled back and forth between Palestine, Israel, and Russia as her talent gradually blossomed, solidifying her dream of becoming an international professional pianist. However, as soon as he decides to study abroad in Europe in order to study hard, a new border wall blocks his way due to the global epidemic of the new coronavirus. Despite the pressure from her father to become a doctor in the future, the borders where she can’t move freely, and the sudden arrival of the corona crisis, Misha continues to take on challenges to fulfill her dream of becoming a pianist and living a happy life. . Date: November 23, 2022 (Wednesday/holiday) 10:00-11:30/13:30-15:00/19:00-20:30 Venue: Iwai station front exchange base boccs (125-13 Ichibu, Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture)
Participation fee: General 1000 yen / Free for high school students and younger Capacity: 12 people each Application deadline: November 22, 24:00 *If there are seats available, you can participate on the day. It will end as soon as it reaches the capacity.
Details and application: Event page to be released soon ●You can request the movie you want to watch!
At boccs, an exchange base in front of Iwai Station, we have signed an annual license agreement with “cinemo,” a movie screening service operated by United People Co., Ltd. .html ) and hold screenings “boccs cinema” every month.
If there is a movie you want to see in the list, please send a screening request to boccs. If we can gather more than 5 participants, we will organize a screening.
Requests are accepted through the boccs contact form
* The organizer of the movie screening event will be the Iwai Station Front Exchange Base boccs.
*The movie screening will be held at the Iwai Station Front Exchange Base boccs (cannot be held at other locations).
*The movie screening is an open event that anyone can apply for. (Management: Boso Information LLC)
Details about this release:


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