Announcement of Shibuya Ward Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Drill “Shibuya Disaster Prevention Caravan” in Jingumae District

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Announcement of Shibuya Ward Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Drill “Shibuya Disaster Prevention Caravan” in Jingumae District
Model Mira Hasegawa and free announcer Sato Kondo will also appear!
Shibuya Ward has implemented the “Shibuya Disaster Prevention Caravan” with the aim of raising awareness of disaster prevention in the region and improving disaster prevention capabilities. Under the plan, we will hold experience-based disaster prevention drills that anyone can participate in easily and enjoyably, based in five areas in the city. We would like to ask all members of the media to familiarize themselves with the local community and thank you for your coverage. *For details, please see the website of this project.
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Overview of the event
Shibuya Ward Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Drill Shibuya Disaster Prevention Caravan in Jingumae Area
Date: November 12, 2022 (Sat) 9:00-12:30
・9:00-12:00 Disaster drill
・9:00-12:30 Disaster Prevention Caravan
●Place: Harajuku Gaien Junior High School (1-24-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) -Organizer: Shibuya Disaster Prevention Executive Committee
Sponsor: Kokumin Kyosai coop -Zenrosai-
-Featured project-
-Challenge everyone-Challenge the disaster prevention quiz!
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Holding time: 11:00-11:30
Model Mira Hasegawa, professional basketball team “Alvark Tokyo” Mascot character Luke appears!
Let’s take the disaster prevention quiz together!
Mira Hasegawa (model)

-Special Talk-Disaster Prevention x Shibuya Radio
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Holding time: 11:30-12:00
What role does local community radio play in a disaster?
We talk about “disaster prevention X radio” theme!
Itsuki Nishi (Director of Shibuya Radio)
Sato Kondo (freelance announcer)

-Food distribution-Limited to the first 200 people! Free distribution of Marugame Udon noodles! !
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Marugame Seimen’s udon kitchen car, which has a disaster agreement with the ward, is now available!
We will distribute freshly boiled udon noodles to the first 200 people.

-Plan details-
9:00-12:00 Emergency drill
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Let’s learn disaster prevention skills that are useful in the event of a disaster

1. D-class pump handling
Experience initial firefighting activities using the “D-class pumps (firefighting pumps)” deployed at evacuation centers in the city! 2. Initial fire extinguishing training
Experience the initial fire extinguishing training using a fire extinguisher! 3. Smoke Experience House
“Smoke Experience House” where you can simulate the “fear” of smoke and “evacuation methods” in the event of a fire. Lower your posture and move forward!
4. First aid training (AED)
First aid that can be done before an ambulance arrives when an injured person occurs! Learn the correct knowledge and skills of first aid and how to use an AED!

★ A large collection of working vehicles!
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1. Seismic vehicle
Let’s experience the shaking of seismic intensity 7 that reproduces the Great Kanto Earthquake! !
2. Firefighting vehicle exhibition and mini fireproof clothing experience Firefighting vehicles will be exhibited and mini fireproof clothing experience will be held. Would you like to wear the uniform of your dreams?
3. Fire fighting motorcycle (red bike)
Let’s take a look at the red bikes, which are effectively used for initial activities such as information gathering, fire extinguishing, rescue and first aid, even in the event of a large-scale disaster! * Voluntary disaster prevention organizations will also challenge HUG (evacuation center management game)!
9:00-12:30 Disaster prevention caravan
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Disaster prevention experience booth
Various disaster prevention booths are lined up, such as evacuation drills using AR and exhibitions of disaster prevention goods that are useful in the event of a disaster.
let’s think! home preparation
Let’s all learn about disaster prevention through stories by disaster prevention experts!
Take the Disaster Prevention Quiz!
Disaster prevention quiz corner where parents and children can learn. Answer all quizzes and get prizes. *This program will be held at the booth of Kokumin Kyosai coop.
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Let’s participate in the information disaster drill!
Under the theme of “Information collection and information
dissemination in the event of a disaster”, an information disaster prevention drill will be carried out using LINE! Students from Harajuku Gaien Junior High School will participate! (free to visit) Let’s take pictures with characters!
The Tokyo Fire Department’s mascot “Kyuta” and Shibuya’s fairy “Airissun” will also participate in the event.
Let’s take a picture together!
Disaster prevention goods gift
Disaster prevention goods will be presented to visitors!
*Those who have an exchange ticket for goods on the flyer
-Disaster prevention booth exhibitors-
NTT East, Ohayo Dairy Products Co., Ltd./Ohayo Biotechnologies Co., Ltd., Augmented Reality Disaster Prevention Promotion,
Kokumin Kyosai coop – Zenrosai -, Secom Co., Ltd., Tokyo Gas Network Co., Ltd., Toyota Alvark Tokyo Co., Ltd., Social welfare corporation Tokyo Colony Tokyo Katsushika Welfare Factory, Toridoll Holdings Co., Ltd., Mainichi Co., Ltd., Link Co., Ltd.
Shibuya disaster prevention caravan management office
TEL: 03-6427-1085

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