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[LIPS labo] Multi-functional UV care that connects skin care and base makeup. Investigating UV care circumstances of users [October 2022 issue 1]

Hello, this is the LIPS editorial department. “LIPS labo” picks up the beauty situation of LIPS users and beauty trends.
This time, we report on a round-table discussion by three users who are active as project LIPS with the theme of UV care.
The market is now dominated by multi-functional UV care items that not only protect against UV rays, but also contain luxurious beauty ingredients and even correct skin tone. How do users choose such UV care items? He taught me about the timing of replacement, checking new product information, and points to prioritize when purchasing. [Image 1

1. Evolution never stops! Multi-functional UV care item
Items with UV protection are not only limited to sunscreens, but are also spreading to make-up bases and foundations.
In order to confirm recent trends, we would like to introduce some of the items that are attracting a lot of attention at LIPS.
La Roche Posay UV Idea XL Protection Tone Up Rose [SPF50+/PA++++] A popular sunscreen emulsion that can be expected to have a tone-up effect as well as a high UV protection function of SPF50+/PA++++. With this one product, you can make your skin look beautiful with a natural luster, and you can remove it with soap.
Elk Seal Lefre Balancing White Milk [SPF50+/PA++++]
A multi-functional morning milky lotion that not only has skin care effects but also UV protection, and also has the effect of a makeup base that makes foundation last longer. It has become a hot topic for its whitening effect that improves transparency and suppresses pores and shine.
Allie Chrono Beauty Color Tuning UV [SPF50+/PA++++]
For many years, the image of Ally = sunscreen for the body was strong, but it was renewed last year. Evolved as a multi-functional sunscreen that combines four functions: UV care, moisturizing, color control, and makeup base.
In this way, products that not only have the effect of “UV care = UV protection” but also have many functions such as moisturizing, beauty effects with beauty ingredients, skin color correction, and tone-up effects have become commonplace.
Now, we will delve deeper into how users choose and use different UV care items through a roundtable discussion.
2. Which member participated in this discussion?
[Image 2d18721-77-0055deaa53c89a01a1f5-1.png&s3=18721-77-b1647c865df91187a474a2ab20377894-1195x718.png
Three members of Project LIPS participated in this round-table discussion. All three of them always use UV care when they go out regardless of the season. It is clear that UV care is an indispensable care regardless of the season.
Was there a change in base makeup before and after Corona?
Iebe-chan “I want to prevent my makeup from coming off, so I’ve shifted to using the minimum amount of base makeup that doesn’t overlap too much.”
Mogupuri: “I like to wear makeup, so basically my makeup itself hasn’t changed. yayoi: When I go out to meet people, I put on a lot of makeup. It’s important to be able to block UV rays with just a few items. And because wearing a mask has become commonplace
・I want to focus on how difficult it is for the base makeup to fall apart. ・I want to finish base makeup with few items
That seems to be the common thing.
3. Is it time to replace UV care items?
[Image 3d18721-77-626049300e85be25fcfa-2.png&s3=18721-77-04b94b560e2fc72e1ee2158d4cc26c65-1195x718.png
We asked three people who use UV care all year round about when to replace UV care items and when to start using new UV care items. Iebe-chan says, “I buy new facial products every year, so I switch to products with high SPF and whitening effects before summer. I often buy new products that catch my eye.” also changes the SPF for each season, aiming for UV protection and whitening effects, and will buy a new one before summer comes.
On the other hand, Mr. Mogupuri always buys a new one whenever he runs out of stock or when the army runs out. In addition, it seems that people buy things that have become a hot topic regardless of the season.
It may be said that “choosing SPF” for UV care items has become established according to the season and scene, just like changing makeup depending on the occasion and scene.
4. When do you want new product information? How do you collect information? [Image 4d18721-77-f705cb48346d712bbd09-3.png&s3=18721-77-a9017092cc3f91f0b318a93394c92c09-1195x718.png
Regarding UV care items, new product information is often released in early spring, but from the user’s perspective, when and what kind of information will lead to purchase?
Mr. yayoi, who used to work at a pharmacy, said, “Around March, new UV care items were lined up in the store. Maybe you didn’t feel like picking it up, myself included, but it was around May and June that UV care products actually started appearing in stores.”
In fact, Iebe-chan, who says that she will buy new UV care items in May or June, said, “I always check out the new products that have become a hot topic in early spring at the store.” There seems to be a lag between the timing to check and the timing to start using. On the other hand, Mr. Mogupuri, who is a makeup freak, says that the sooner the information, the better. “I can’t help but want to pick up a new work, so if the information is early, I can feel like I’m going to go with this this year!” I’m happy if the information comes out from the beginning of the year to Valentine’s day.
In addition, SNS such as LIPS is the basis for all three of us to collect information on new works. It seems that the things that became a topic are checked one by one.
5. What do you want from future UV care?
[Image 5d18721-77-cef0dbb7c2479f1227d5-4.png&s3=18721-77-52d39bfb38e220625f0926a9b209e166-1195x718.png
Now that multi-functionality is progressing, what do the three of you focus on when choosing UV care items?
One is, of course, the high sunscreen effect.
“Whether you’re outdoors, indoors, or where you’re going, the amount of sunscreen you need will change depending on the scene,” says yayoi. moreover,
Iebe-chan: “The compatibility is also important because I layer foundation. Mogupuri: “I want to make my skin look beautiful, so I use it as a skin care product as well as a moisturizer.”
yayoi-san “Don’t you get loose when you’re layering foundation and foundation?”
It seems that they are interested in skin care effects such as moisturizing power, and makeup effects such as compatibility with foundation and makeup base.
Also, as UV care items are becoming multi-functional, we asked what kind of impression you have about all-in-one UV care items (UV care items that have skin care effects, skin color correction effects, cover effects, tone-up effects, etc. in one product). rice field. Mogupuri “I’m curious about all-in-one. People tend to want UV care even at home, so it seems good for that kind of time.”
Mr. yayoi “If you value the fact that it saves time, it’s a very good item!” While there was a positive opinion, when asked how to use it myself Ms. Yebe: “I think I’ll use it after skin care, so if it’s just base makeup, it might be possible…?”
Mr. Mogupuri: “There are products that specialize in sunscreen, but it seems that they will be inferior in terms of functionality.
yayoi-san “When I’m worried about UV rays, like when I go to the beach, I feel anxious.”
And, while all three are positive, they seem uneasy about completing it with just an all-in-one. In addition to the benefits of saving time, the point seems to be how UV protection care effects and how it fits into your usual skin care and makeup routine.
6. The future of UV care in anticipation of all-face makeup trends. The popularity of subtractive make-up has passed its peak due to the corona crisis, and now full-face make-up is becoming a trend. UV care, which connects skin care and base makeup, has diversified effects depending on the scene.
Therefore, for items that incorporate multiple functions, there will be a degree of freedom in which users can select specific functions of the product according to their needs without clearly limiting usage scenes or categories. Isn’t it sought?
Furthermore, it can be seen that the important point is how it matches with the usual skin care and makeup routine and how it is finished. Interview cooperation / Misaki Takaoka
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