Aprilia Racing will release a special model limited to 100 units, the RSV4 XTRENTA, to commemorate 30 years since Aprilia won its first world title.

Piaggio Group Japan Co., Ltd.
Aprilia Racing will release a special model limited to 100 units, the RSV4 XTRENTA, to commemorate 30 years since Aprilia won its first world title.

2019 RSV4 X launches Tuono X, the most powerful and lightest hypernaked bike ever
Aprilia Racing celebrates the 30th anniversary of Aprilia’s first world championship title, Aprilia full of individuality
We announce the RSV4 XTrenta and relaunch the V4 project.
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Developed by Noale’s Racing Department, the RSV4 XTrenta is the most radical and high-performance Aprilia RSV4 born from Aprilia Racing’s engineering and MotoGP technology. Equipped with the world’s first rear wing and under wing, it achieves sophisticated aerodynamics. Unprecedented performance for maximum circuit enjoyment, weighing just 166kg and powered by a 230hp engine. The racing electronics, suspension, and exclusive exhaust made by Sc-Project are installed, making it a race-specific setup.
It is the most MotoGP-equipped machine ever in terms of materials, components, electronics, attention to detail and aerodynamics. In the field of aerodynamics, which has been attracting more and more attention in recent years, Aprilia Racing has launched a new RS-GP in the 2022 season, giving off a strong presence as a front runner. This is the first time in history that a bike with such advanced aerodynamics has been released to the general public. All parts of the carbon fairing are made of PAN Compositi with the same process as MotoGP. It features both a newly designed front wing that reduces drag while improving downforce performance, and an all-new tail rear wing. The RS-GP has been installed since 2019 and is the first in the world to adopt the lower wing “under wing” attached to the swing arm, which is called “spoon” in MotoGP. Achieved reduction of air resistance. Starting from the 2022 Aprilia RSV4 Factory 2022, which is already an excellent machine, Aprilia Racing has made comprehensive improvements to complete the RSV4 XTRENTA. An engine with a higher compression ratio and a maximum output of 230 horsepower is combined with an exhaust system completed with special titanium and carbon by SC-Project, a partner company that handles all exhaust system development for Aprilia Racing, and is also used in MotoGP, F1, etc. Equipped with a splint filter and air filter. We also plan to sell an optional full titanium silencer that is also used in MotoGP. The radiator and oil cooler are made by Taleo Tecnoracing, which originated from superbikes, assuming high performance and harsh circuit driving.
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A dedicated control unit made by Magneti Marelli is used to control the performance of the Italian-born Aprilia V4 engine. It consists of PBR branded titanium sprockets (also exclusive to XTrenta), JetPrime racing panels and Spider CNC fuel caps.
On the chassis side, the RSV4’s high-quality chassis has adopted Ohlins suspension jointly revised by Andreani and Aprilia MotoGP engineers to further improve performance. The billet steering plate is exclusive to Aprilia Racing. The front brake system, which is equipped with GP4-MS billet monoblock calipers and 330mm diameter T-drive discs, is made by Brembo. Forged magnesium Marchesini M7R GENESI wheels are equipped with Pirelli Diablo SBK slick tires (F: 120/70, R: 200/65 size, front SC-1 compound, rear SC-X compound). The wheel weight has been reduced by approximately 2kg compared to the standard product.
The coloring of the new Aprilia RSV4 XTrenta is the same as the graphic used by Lorenzo Savadori when he participated in the Austrian GP. It is a modern interpretation of the coloring used when winning the first world title in the WGP125cc class.
[Price and application method]
The Aprilia RSV4 XTrenta, limited to 100 units, is now accepting online reservations only at factoryworks.apilia.com. The price is €50,000 (excluding tax) and will be delivered directly from Aprilia Racing to Aprilia Racing Headquarters. Select buyers will have the opportunity to visit Noale’s racing department upon delivery of the car at Aprilia Racing. In addition, a special bike cover and mat are included with the vehicle with serial number.
The RSV4 XTrenta offers the same technology that made our racing bikes, whether you’re aiming for the top level of the production bike championship or want a RSV4 or Tuono V4 with the best performance for track riding. , Aprilia Racing is a model born as part of the world’s only program “Factory Works Program”.
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◇ Publicity images can be downloaded from the link below.
◇ RSV4 XTrenta detail page (English):
https://factoryworks.aprilia.com/en-GB/full-bike/aprilia-rsv4-xtrenta ◇ Aprilia Japan official SNS channel
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ApriliaJapan/
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/apriliajapan/
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCogXzz4ruih6fcjvf-DGCSA ◇ Aprilia Japan Official Online Shop
URL: https://piaggiogroup-store.jp/aprilia?id=prt
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