Areti Co., Ltd. A scalp dryer is recommended for the dry season! A must-see for those who find it difficult to feel the beauty of their hair even after using the treatment.

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A scalp dryer is recommended for the dry season! A must-see for those who find it difficult to feel the beauty of their hair even after using the treatment.
Scalp care is indispensable for maintaining lustrous hair like returning from a beauty salon and preventing thinning hair. Master the correct use of the dryer and overcome the dryest autumn and winter!
Beauty appliance maker Areti. (headquartered in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Areti) will hold a limited-time sale of the hair dryer Kaze (d1512IDG) that is gentle on the skin on its official website from October 28th. Low-temperature drying is also possible, so you can achieve smooth finger combing like a professional.
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What is scalp care that prepares the scalp environment?
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A pale, translucent and moisturized scalp is essential to maintaining beautiful, healthy hair. However, using a shampoo that has too much detergency, letting the hair dry naturally without using a hair dryer, or using the hair dryer at a high temperature for a long time disturbs the scalp environment and causes dandruff and itchiness.
The basics of scalp care are to thoroughly remove dirt and excess sebum and keep the skin properly moisturized.
Blood circulation in the dehydrated scalp deteriorates, and the hair becomes malnourished.
Scalp care (scalp care) is essential to fundamentally solve hair problems such as thinning hair, dryness, lack of volume, and excessive hair loss.
How to use a hair dryer to prevent dry scalp
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Drying naturally after shampooing causes bacteria to propagate, disturbing the scalp environment and turnover, in other words, drying the scalp.
The easiest way to prevent dryness of the scalp is to dry it with a hair dryer. After thoroughly wiping away moisture with a towel, blow the air from the hair dryer from the roots, and then dry the ends and bangs as a finishing touch.
At this time, if you continue to apply hot air over 100 degrees Celsius for a long time, it will burden your scalp and hair, so avoid heat damage by drying with low temperature air as much as possible, or keeping your scalp and hair about 10 to 20 cm away from the dryer outlet. Also be careful.
Equipped with a far-infrared lamp that leaves moisture! scalp care dryer
[Video 2:] For those who don’t have time to go to a head spa and are worried about their hair quality changing with age, we recommend Areti’s far-infrared dryer Kaze (d1512IDG). Areti’s unique dryer that dries hair without losing the necessary moisture by utilizing the properties of far infrared rays that change into heat when molecules vibrate when absorbed by substances.
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The warm air can be adjusted in 3 stages, with a low wind of 6.8m/s for a low temperature dry and blow of 72°C, and a powerful blow of 12.2m/s for quick drying.
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Kaze (d1512IDG) is also characterized by the design of the air outlet. The air outlet with a diameter of 20 mm can send air with pinpoint accuracy, making it ideal for partial setting such as the roots and bangs of hair that is difficult to dry if there is a lot of hair. [Image 6

Moreover, if you put it on a table and use it hands-free, it is easy to keep a distance from the air outlet, which helps prevent
overdrying. Even when dried by hand, it weighs only 375g, making it easy for women to handle, and once used, it will become an
indispensable item for daily scalp care.
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Far infrared dryer Kaze (d1512IDG)
・Equipped with a professional far-infrared lamp
・Maximum wind speed 12.2m/s
・The air volume can be adjusted in 3 stages.
・Light weight 375g
・Entering the box which is most suitable for a present
[Limited time sale now being held]
Regular selling price ¥ 14,800 to special price ¥ 12,800
Period: Friday, October 28, 2022 to Monday, October 31, 2022 Click here for details.
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