Arita Porcelain Lab Co., Ltd. A new series “apl” using sustainable Arita ware new pottery clay “Tenpaku ” is born. Achieving a reasonable price while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by half.

Arita Porcelain Lab Co., Ltd.
A new series “apl” is born, using sustainable Arita porcelain new pottery clay “Tenpaku”. Achieving a reasonable price while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by half.

Arita Porcelain Lab Co., Ltd. (Arita Porcelain Lab Headquarters: Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga Prefecture), a long-established Arita porcelain pottery with over 200 years of tradition and innovation, is a sustainable Arita porcelain new pottery clay “Tenpaku” born from 200 years of technical study. Developed. We will start the Arita porcelain “apl” series, which reinterprets wabi and sabi and expresses Japanese aesthetics in a sustainable manner.
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Arita porcelain new pottery clay “Tenpaku” is a new material for Arita porcelain that is environmentally friendly. By saving labor in the production process, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by
approximately 50% (compared to our company) and production costs by approximately 30%. Realized.
A sustainable contemporary design with an aesthetic sense of wabi and sabi. “apl” is a new material series from Arita Porcelain Lab that brings warmth and sophistication to everyday life while being gentle on nature and yourself.
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〇Enrich your time with Arita porcelain
apl is Arita porcelain that brings minimal and rich time to your life. The stance of manufacturing with no excess or deficiency from the product process was born from the desire to deliver the essence in this era where things are overflowing. We value environmentally friendly materials and the long-lasting love of things, and weave our days while thinking about harmony between ourselves and those around us.
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〇Traditional technology and contemporary design
Established in 1804, it was born from the Yazaemon kiln, making use of the history and knowledge of a long-established store that spans over 200 years. Quiet quality created by sublimating traditional techniques that have been passed down to contemporary design. Feel the nature and deliver a rich time. The timeless and simple design was born by reinterpreting the Japanese aesthetic sense of “wabi-sabi”. Brings a quiet quality to your daily living space.
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〇Environmentally friendly new pottery clay “Tenpaku”
By kneading the glaze into the porcelain clay without unglazing and putting it into the main kiln as it is without glaze, we have expressed the “beauty of white porcelain” that the material itself of “Amakusa pottery stone”, which is the raw material of Arita porcelain. .
In addition, the streamlining of the two processes reduces greenhouse gas emissions and cuts costs. We hope that more people will be able to enjoy Arita porcelain by holding down the product price. The surface has a matte texture and is beautifully translucent. Because the glaze is kneaded into it, it is thin and has a sharp shape. In addition, by not applying glaze, a small amount of “iron”, which is a component contained in the clay, may come out. This is the original material, and we hope you can enjoy it as a taste of Tenpaku products. [Image 7d25257-26-a9f2729b7e749564149d-11.jpg&s3=25257-26-a5e3fc1f1f87a615672cd39fb6d21ef6-1184x364.jpg
The production process is labor-saving by eliminating the work of unglazing and glazing. Reduces carbon dioxide emissions by
approximately 50%. (Compared to our company) Reduced production costs by about 30%. (compared to our company)
SDGs 12 “Responsible consumption and production”
By using Tenpaku, we will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and promote labor saving in the production system. By allowing customers to taste and enjoy the iron powder, we will reduce the waste of defective products and realize a sustainable form of production and consumption. 〇 Product item
[Image 8d25257-26-a52dff267180d39f6e28-2.jpg&s3=25257-26-6142eb711652ac0421eb6c82bdad72e6-3900x3900.jpg
・rice bowl Φ116×h70mm 1,200 yen (excluding tax)
[Image 9d25257-26-22e6273c484701cc01a5-3.jpg&s3=25257-26-789272e88cf06d9b47294902326cbb19-3900x3900.jpg
・Mug cup Φ122×89×h93mm 1,800 yen (excluding tax)
[Image 10d25257-26-75e887c9d5431169bc0c-1.jpg&s3=25257-26-2c331052f155d5ee097245a6fd8cf750-3900x3900.jpg
・plate S Φ150×h18mm 1,200 yen (excluding tax)
・plate M Φ180 x h22mm 2,000 yen (excluding tax)
・plate L Φ220×h25mm 2,500 yen (excluding tax)
[Image 11d25257-26-8f98d0678313cd26b62c-5.jpg&s3=25257-26-89456f66540ba33527d769d4c3b77581-3900x3901.jpg
・cutlery rest 112×18×18mm 800 yen (excluding tax)
[Image 12d25257-26-d6d666286b6c352d7ea0-4.jpg&s3=25257-26-aa9d0174c2a076afe6664fcd1043a991-3900x3900.jpg
・vace S Φ50×h150mm 2,500 yen (excluding tax)
・vace L Φ90×h202mm 4,000 yen (excluding tax)
From November 2022 onwards, pre-sale at the JAXURY space on the 8th floor of the Isetan Men’s Building
Arita Porcelain Lab is a luxury modern Arita porcelain that matches the modern lifestyle.
Established in 1804, skilled craftsmen make use of 200 years of traditional techniques, and use glazes and techniques that have evolved through countless prototypes, and each piece is handcrafted. [Image 13d25257-26-a16cdaffc52f8e19061e-14.jpg&s3=25257-26-ccbb45e22a1e3a31becefc7fb4ed2adc-1772x1183.jpg
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Arita Porcelain Lab Co., Ltd.
Phone: 0955-43-2224 Fax: 0955-43-2580
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