Arsaga Partners Co., Ltd. Announcement of Appointment of Senior Executive Officer and Executive Officer at Alsaga Partners

Alsaga Partners Co., Ltd.
Alsaga Partners Announces Appointment of Senior Executive Officer and Executive Officer
~Expansion of internal structure for IPO and full-scale operation of consulting business~

Arsaga Partners Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director / CEO / CTO: Yasuaki Omata; hereinafter Arsaga Partners), which promotes corporate DX, has expanded its internal structure for IPO and We would like to inform you that we have appointed a new senior executive officer and executive officer to accelerate the growth of the consulting business we have launched. Since its founding, Alsaga Partners has a wealth of knowledge and development experience in system design, development, and operation in a wide range of industries. We have provided solutions and
In March of this year, we launched a consulting business, transforming it into a business form that can consistently provide everything from consulting to contracted development and operation of IT
systems/services. The appointment of a new director is not only for the full-scale launch of this consulting business, but also for the purpose of expanding the internal structure in preparation for the IPO.
Senior Executive Officer Junpei Watanabe Comment
[Image 1d28308-54-c7d7776ddc2520400f2f-0.jpg&s3=28308-54-419a2f51c166696dc3e037d4283769fc-421x547.jpg
In addition to the strengths of our company, the board of directors who have succeeded in corporate management, the IT development team that covers a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, and the expansion of our consulting services, we are able to solve the problems of more clients. contribute. We will work with the desire to solve social issues by strengthening Japan’s IT technology and consulting services and disseminating them to the world.
Biography: Engaged in overseas plant launch projects (mainly in North America, Europe, and Asia) while conducting follow-up after the launch of new products and mass production as a quality manager for domestic and overseas clients at a major Japanese manufacturer.
After transferring to a major foreign-affiliated consulting firm, he promoted end-to-end consulting support, mainly from the planning and conception of DX projects to the execution phase, for a wide range of industries and industries, including manufacturing, government agencies, retailers, and trading companies. Contributed to sales as a Subject Matter Expert and implemented quality control across projects in the delivery phase as well. Actively engaged in in-house training lectures and recruitment activities. In September 2022, he joined Alsaga Partners’ consulting headquarters as Division Manager. Comment from Akio Asami, Executive Officer and CFO
[Image 2d28308-54-adf0269ace172cf7e095-1.jpg&s3=28308-54-0e5191c56b77ed87cc8569d3a9657279-421x547.jpg
Under the management philosophy of “creating people”, we are rapidly growing as a business partner that provides everything from strategy consulting to development and operation using DX. We are also facing challenges such as building a system. Utilizing my experience from launching the management department at a startup to listing, I will continue to work hard to solve these problems and drive the growth of our company from the corporate headquarters.
Biography: After working as a salesperson at a financial institution, changed careers and engaged in management department work, department launch, listing preparation, etc. at real estate developers, startups and venture companies. In his previous job, True Data Co., Ltd., he participated in 2016 and took charge of the company’s listing preparations as the executive officer and management manager, and will be listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers in December 2021. From October 1, 2022, he will be appointed as Executive Officer and CFO of Alsaga Partners.
Comment from Executive Officer Shunsuke Takahashi
[Image 3d28308-54-696229b21436c61be512-2.jpg&s3=28308-54-9c690ee0d94108bdbaef47c67c13ab78-421x547.jpg
Compared to when I joined the company, we have decided to join our company one after another, mainly members of major consulting firms, and now we have become a “strong consulting organization” with many colleagues who promote business together and accelerate DX in Japan. I believe I was born again.
In the future, we will focus on further business promotion to become a core company of DX in Japan by further integrating our strengths of “technical capabilities” and “consulting”.
Biography: After working as an IT consultant in the digital domain, in addition to developing large-scale mission-critical systems and PM at NTT DATA, he has multiple experiences in consulting and project management in the promotion of data-driven companies and DX at Accenture.
Joined Arsaga Partners in May 2022 and promoted the launch of the consulting business.
■ About Arsaga Partners Co., Ltd.
Alsaga Partners is a one-stop DX solution partner whose mission is to succeed in the DX business all over Japan with the vision of “making people, so we can make things”. We have all the functions necessary for the development of IT systems such as IT strategy consulting, UX/UI consulting, planning, engineering, design, maintenance and operation on one floor. With an organizational structure in which engineers account for 90%, our motto is to deal directly with user companies and not to outsource development work, so we can provide services at a reasonable cost. Under the slogan “Highest quality at the fastest speed”, we will create a new future by staying close to our customers’ DX business stories with great enthusiasm.
Headquarters: Shibuya Mark City West 15th floor, 1-12-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Kumamoto Studio: 2-24-1 Egoe, Minami Ward, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture Representative: Yasuaki Omata, President and CEO/CTO
Date of establishment: January 2016
Capital: 670 million yen (including capital reserve, as of July 2022) Number of employees: 251 (as of September 2022)
Business description: One-stop DX solution partner business
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