Artport Co., Ltd. “Mikan Mandala Exhibition” is being held in Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture until Octob er 16th (Sun)!

Artport Co., Ltd.
“Mikan Mandala Exhibition” is being held in Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture until October 16th (Sun)!

This is the first project of the “Mikan Collective” project, which reinterprets mandarin oranges from various fields such as art, mythology, philosophy, anthropology, botany, and design, in order to explore the value of citrus fruits that are unique to the Kinan region, not just the taste and rarity. exhibition.
The “Mikan Mandala Exhibition” opened on Thursday, October 6th. 11 works by 10 artists are exhibited at 4 venues where you can experience the history and agricultural culture of Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture.
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Akizuno Yui Warehouse
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10/6 Opening talk
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Schedule: 11 days from Thursday, October 6 to Sunday, October 16, 2022 Time: Depends on each exhibition venue
Venue: Various locations in Tanabe City, Kinan region, Wakayama Prefecture *Multiple locations
Admission fee: Free admission *Some workshops and experiences are charged Organizer: Kinan Art Week Executive Committee
Co-organizer: Nanki Shirahama Airport Co., Ltd.
Concept: Mikan Collective
Curated by: Production Zomia
Grant: Fukutake Foundation
Sponsors: Ours Co., Ltd., Uhuru Co., Ltd., Kiyo Bank Shirahama Branch, Quality Soft Co., Ltd., K-type chocolate company, Guest Living Mu Nanki Shirahama, Sato Seku Law Office, Shirahama Gas Co., Ltd., SOUZOU, Takagaki Construction Co., Ltd., Tanabe Daihatsu Sales Co., Ltd., Hamada Co., Ltd., Yamanaga Shoten Co., Ltd., Tsuyoshi Ogata, Atsushi Kimura, Takehiro Kimura, Toshiko Tada, Hiromi Hayashi Support: Wakayama Prefecture, Tanabe City, Tanabe City Board of Education, Tanabe Tourism Association, Kii Minpo Co., Ltd., FM TANABE, TV Wakayama
Cooperation: ivory books, Akizuno Garten, Artport Inc., Yeo Workshop, Kieko Ishiyama, Tohru Ishiyama, Ito Farm, Tachibanamoto Shrine, Gallery Ver, Kumano Log, Zukou Farm, K-type chocolate company, coamu creative , Kotani Farm, Tomio Koyama Gallery, Colographical, Sa Sa Art Project, Shinju, Suzuki Farm, NPO ZESDA, Toshuen, Shirasagi, Nha San Collective, Kishuhara Farm, Institute for Advanced Study of Cultural Science, Futa Kawa Cho Gakko, General Incorporated Association MAP, Matsusaka Farm, Matsushita Farm, Marumatsu Farm, Minakata Kumagusu Honoring Society, Meiko Bus Co., Ltd., Yuka Tsuruno Art Office, Restaurant Caravansarai, Wakayama Collaboration

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