Aruyamu Co., Ltd. Yoichi Town, Hokkaido, Japan’s largest NFT project CryptoNinja Partners, and Aruyamu will start offering the first collaboration gift project “Yoichi Town Furusato CNP 2022” on October 21st.

Aryamu Co., Ltd.
Yoichi Town, Hokkaido, CryptoNinja Partners, one of the largest NFT projects in Japan, and Aruyamu will start offering the first collaborative return gift project “Yoichi Town Furusato CNP 2022” on October 21st.

Aruyamu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sapporo City, Hokkaido;
Representative Director: Hiroaki Hatanaka; hereinafter “Aruyamu”), which promotes “regional revitalization with NFT”, and CryptoNinja Partners (hereinafter, “”, the largest NFT project in Japan). CNP”) will start the collaboration return gift project “Furusato CNP”. As the first step, we will offer “Yoichi Town Hometown CNP 2022” as a return gift for hometown tax payment in Yoichi Town, Hokkaido from 18:00 on Friday, October 21st. 222 types of one-of-a-kind NFTs will be prepared with a donation amount of 30,000 yen per type, and will be provided on Aruyamu’s own portal site “Furusato Tax NFT Beta Version”. By donating in Japanese yen, which does not require crypto assets, you can casually experience NFT and CNP while enjoying the charm of Yoichi Town.
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1 work in Yoichi Town Furusato CNP2022
Three features of Yoichi Furusato CNP2022
1. NFT with the charm of Yoichi and the charm of CNP
There are a total of 222 types of NFTs, each with different
combinations of parts, backgrounds, characters, etc. In “Yoichi Town Furusato CNP2022”, backgrounds drawn with motifs of Yoichi’s specialty wines and famous places are combined. The popular character “Luna” from CNP will be adopted as the main character, and we plan to implement a mechanism to increase the level of NFT by visiting Yoichi Town. As a gift for NFT holders, you will be given the right to preferentially purchase wine from a popular winery in Yoichi Town, and the right to experience the discord channel for one month, which can only be accessed by CNP holders of NinjaDAO. Priority purchase rights for wine will be assigned not only to holders of “Yoichi Town Furusato CNP 2022” but also to holders of CNP.
[Image 2d91165-14-f509f90b0d79dacfc027-2.jpg&s3=91165-14-18d48a176042e5291d5277190de21ec0-928x439.jpg
NFT at the time of sending the gift (left) and NFT leveled up by visiting Yoichi Town (right)
2. NFT can be received by paying in Japanese yen
Furusato CNP does not require crypto assets such as Ethereum, which are usually used for buying and selling NFTs, and can be received only in Japanese yen. Subject to deduction (*Note 1). In addition, as a benefit of donating on the portal site “Furusato Tax NFT”, you can receive an NFT seminar for beginners. Therefore, even those who have never touched NFT can donate.
3. Tourism promotion through NFT
To commemorate the start of the donation, we plan to set up a manhole “CNP manhole” designed with CNP characters in Yoichi. CNP manholes are installed for the purpose of increasing the number of people interacting with and related to local governments through pilgrimages by CNP fans. In addition, the fact that characters are popularized through donations from CNP supporters is consistent with CryptoNinja’s philosophy of “a character that anyone can participate in and develop.”
*Note 1
If the donation amount exceeds the donation deduction limit, the excess amount will not be deducted. The upper limit of donation deductions varies depending on annual income, dependents, and the presence or absence of a mortgage, so please check the simple simulation provided by Furusato Choice
Comments from Yoichi Furusato CNP 2022 officials
■ Comment from Keisuke Saito, mayor of Yoichi
We are honored to launch this project together with NinjaDAO and CryptoNinja Partners, the world’s leading NFT. We believe that the Yoichi Town Furusato CNP is similar to the concept of a “Yoichi Town Membership Card,” which will lead to the creation of a new type of “related population.” We would appreciate it if you could have a strong connection with those who have Yoichi Town Furusato CNP. This project is a scheme that makes it easy for people who have never touched NFT to participate, so please take this opportunity to support CNP and Yoichi Town.
■ Comment from CryptoNinja partners Founder Road
This initiative, including hometown tax with Yoichi-cho, Hokkaido, is an epoch-making initiative that uses the NFT project to increase the population related to local governments. I am very happy to be of assistance to you. I would like to thank Aruyaumu for giving me this opportunity, and I would like to make this initiative a success and aim to become a role model for regional revitalization in Japan. ■ Comment from Hayato Ikeda, CryptoNinja Founder
I’m impressed that CryptoNinja is being used in this way!
I feel that it is wonderful to have NFT-like utilities (practicality) firmly prepared, such as the function to raise the level, the priority purchase right for wine, and the provision of NFT introductory seminars.
As a fan myself, I would like to obtain “Furusato CNP” through donations! ■ Comments from Hiroaki Hatanaka, Representative of Aruyamu Co., Ltd. Since the release on September 1st, we have received a lot of expectations from CNP fans, and we have been working on planning and building the site while encouraging it. Thanks to everyone’s support, we were able to come up with a project that contributes to both the revitalization of Yoichi, the increase in related population, and the popularization of CNP characters. I would be very happy if CNP fans came to visit Yoichi-cho and fell in love with Yoichi-cho as a result of this initiative!
Overview of Yoichi Hometown CNP 2022
◆ Issuing chain: Ethereum chain
◆ Overview of Furusato CNP: A total of 222 types of one-point NFTs that combine popular CNP characters with backgrounds based on local specialties and famous places. NFT holder benefits are prepared for each municipality, and original projects such as CNP manholes are also carried out.
◆ Donation reception site: Hometown tax NFT β version (Aryamu Co., Ltd.) Open the “Furusato tax NFT β version” scheduled to open on the day, select the NFT illustration you want to receive as a return gift, and enter the information necessary to prove your donation and the wallet address of the NFT destination. You can pre-register from the following site (
◆ Start accepting donations: October 21, 2022 (Friday) 18:00 (planned) ◆ Donation amount: 30,000 yen / 1 type
◆Note: Resale is restricted for one year after NFT issuance. ◆ Publisher: Aruyamu Co., Ltd. (Sapporo, Hokkaido)
Party information
About Yoichi Town (
Located in the western part of Hokkaido, at the eastern base of the Shakotan Peninsula, the town is famous for its Nikka Whiskey Distillery. Located about an hour from Sapporo and about 30 minutes from Otaru, this town prospered with herring fishing. It is known as a habitat for shrimp, sea urchin, flounder fishing, and the northern limit of sweetfish, and is also known as the largest producer of apples, pears, and grapes in Hokkaido. A city with a relatively mild climate even within Hokkaido, the fields on the gentle hills are lush with fresh fruits and vegetables, and the Sea of ​​Japan that spreads out in front of you is one of Hokkaido’s leading fishing grounds, blessed with abundant marine products. With more than 1000 vineyards, it is one of Japan’s leading producers of wine grapes.In recent years, many wineries have opened, and it is attracting attention as a wine production area.
■ About CryptoNinja Partners ( CryptoNinja Partners (CNP) is a 22,222-issue NFT collection featuring CryptoNinja sub-characters. After the release on May 15th this year, the total distribution amount exceeded 3,000 ETH (about 660 million yen), and the number of NFT holders exceeded 4,700. On July 31st, 2,222 bodies were reborn as new characters “Bar Shinobi”, and on August 2nd, the reveal was carried out.
■ About CryptoNinja (
CryptoNinja is not only a character that can be bought, but also a character that everyone can participate in and grow. The NFT collection is just the entrance. In February 2022, Fanworks Co., Ltd. will produce an anime PV, and HashGames will produce a P2E (Play to Earn) game. As a character that symbolizes the Web3 era, he is expanding his playing field.
■ About Aruyamu Co., Ltd. (
A startup from Sapporo that provides hometown tax NFT / tourism NFT solutions for local governments nationwide in order to promote “local revitalization with NFT”. By using NFTs with local attractions as return gifts for hometown tax donations, we will create new financial resources and lead to city promotion and the creation of related populations. The company name “Aruyaumu” means today in Arabic. Today, we will provide advanced technology called NFT to local governments and regions who want to take on challenges right now, and support community development that will continue to be supported.

Aruyamu Co., Ltd. Company Overview
・ Company name: Aruyamu Co., Ltd.
・Representative: Hiroaki Hatanaka
・Location: Room 302, Katran Aso, Kita-ku, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi, Kita-ku, Sapporo ・Established: November 18, 2020
・ Capital: 23 million yen (including reserves)
・ Business content: Regional revitalization consulting and development using NFT ・URL:
Details about this release:


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