ASKUL Corporation ASKUL Concludes “Agreement on Supplying Supplies in Times of Disaster” with Edogawa-ku, Tokyo

Askul Corporation
ASKUL Signs “Agreement on Supplying Supplies in Times of Disaster” with Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
-Utilizing three locations, including ASKUL Tokyo DC, as distribution bases where daily necessities are available, and promoting support for local communities-

 ASKUL Corporation (Headquarters: Koto-ku, Tokyo; President: Akira Yoshioka; hereinafter “ASKUL”) signed an “Agreement on Supplying Supplies in Times of Disaster” with Edogawa-ku, Tokyo today, October 27. This agreement is the sixth disaster-time agreement that ASKUL has signed, following Hidaka City in Saitama Prefecture, Suita City in Osaka Prefecture, Fukuoka City in Fukuoka Prefecture, Tokyo
Metropolitan Government, and Chiba City.
Edogawa Ward is surrounded by large rivers such as the Arakawa and Edogawa Rivers, as well as Tokyo Bay. About 70% of the land area in the ward is a zero-meter zone (*1), so preparations are made for flood damage in the event of natural disasters such as typhoons and heavy rains. It is said to be a necessary area. Under this agreement, if a disaster such as an earthquake or typhoon occurs or is likely to occur, ASKUL will operate the logistics center ASKUL in Edogawa Ward at the request of Edogawa Ward. Tokyo DC (*2), the nearby DCM Center (Koto-ku, Tokyo), and the DCM Center 2 (Itabashi-ku, Tokyo) will provide necessary supplies such as daily necessities from the inventory.
As one of the materiality (key issues) (*3) announced in December 2020, ASKUL has set “Fulfilling our responsibilities as a lifeline”. We will continue to fulfill our responsibilities as a lifeline by promoting the sophistication and toughness of ASKUL’s logistics functions.
(*1) A point where the land is lower than the water surface at high tide. (*2) “ASKUL Tokyo DC” (Rinkai-cho, Edogawa-ku) is said to have a low risk of floods, storm surges, tsunamis, etc., because it is located on a hill. (*3) Click here for ASKUL’s materiality (priority issues).
●January 19, 2018: “ASKUL Value Center Kansai” opening ceremony and disaster agreement signing ceremony with Suita City
● May 30, 2019: Concluded “Agreement on supply of supplies in the event of a disaster” with Fukuoka City
●March 31, 2021: Concluded “Agreement on Procurement and
Transportation of Goods in Times of Disaster” with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
●April 26, 2021: Concluded “Agreement on Cooperation in Procurement and Transportation of Supplies in Times of Disaster” with Chiba City
●October 26, 2022: “ASKUL Tokyo DC (Distribution Center)” opening ceremony held
*The information in this release is current as of the date of the announcement. Please note that it is subject to change without notice.

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