Asoview Co., Ltd. Event discounts start at Tokyo Sky Tree and Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

Asoview Co., Ltd.
Event discounts start at Tokyo Skytree and Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Asoview, tourism/leisure/cultural facilities Support event
participation at 132 facilities nationwide

Asoview Co., Ltd. (location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tomohisa Yamano, hereinafter referred to as our company), which provides the SaaS “Urakata series” that promotes DX for tourism, leisure and cultural facilities, is Tokyo Sky Tree (R) ( Sumida Ward, Tokyo) and Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture) supported participation in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s “event discount” project, and reported that they have started selling electronic tickets for “event discount” at each facility. I will.
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From October 11, 2022 (Tuesday), the “Event Discount” started by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is a business that was started with the aim of stimulating demand in the event industry. By presenting your vaccination certificate, you can purchase admission tickets for sports events, live performances, theme parks, aquariums, etc. at 20% cheaper than usual.
At our company, which develops the electronic ticket service “Urakata Ticket” for sightseeing, leisure, and cultural facilities, from October 11 (Tuesday), the same day as the event discount, with the aim of maximizing the use of the event discount, online before visiting the facility We have supported each facility’s participation in the event by making it possible to purchase tickets and upload vaccination certificates, as well as providing options for businesses that are contracted to confirm various certificates.
As of October 27, 2022 (Thursday), 132 facilities, including theme parks, observatory facilities, and aquariums, have applied for event discount participation, and 30 facilities have started selling electronic tickets that apply to the event discount. This week, on October 25th (Tuesday), Tokyo Skytree, on October 27th (Thursday), Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, and observatory facilities and theme parks, we have started selling electronic tickets that apply to event discounts.
At our theme parks, we have confirmed that the number of family customers has more than doubled since participating in the event. At one facility, it attracted about five times more customers than before participating in the event discount, and 60% of the customers who use the event discount account for the total, so the event discount is leading to the promotion of outing demand. is confirming.
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Attracting customers from families
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Attracting customers to theme parks
We expect to have over 200 facilities by the end of the year that support event participation. Please look forward to the electronic ticket service “Urakata Ticket” that will support the stimulation of travel and outing demand.
Reference: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “Event Discount”

Event Discount Sales Overview
【Tokyo Sky Tree】
Sales start date October 25, 2022 (Tuesday)
Sales destination URL [Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise]
Sales start date October 27, 2022 (Thursday)
Sales destination URL

Asoview’s “event discount” participation support
Our company, which develops the electronic ticket service “Urakata Ticket” for tourism, leisure, and cultural facilities, makes it possible to purchase admission tickets online, such as on the official website of the facility and external sales in Japan and overseas. We support the reduction of congestion during stays and the improvement of operational efficiency using various purchase data.
At the start of this event discount business, we will implement a function to upload negative proofs such as vaccination certificates and PCR tests on the ticket sales system used by each facility and guests who are planning to visit. We have been providing options to outsource the confirmation work of various certificates. This will create an environment where business operators can participate in event discounts without special preparations such as securing personnel, and consumers will also be able to upload certificates in advance and Even if you forget to bring your certificate with you, it prevents trouble and realizes smooth entrance when visiting the facility. As of October 27, 2022, 132 facilities have applied for event discount participation, and tickets are sold at 30 facilities. [Main event discount consignees] (Only facilities currently on sale, in order of the Japanese syllabary by area/as of October 27) ■ Kanto region
Karuizawa Toy Kingdom
Kawasui Kawasaki Aquarium
Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest
Tokyo Sky Tree
Moominvalley Park
Mobility Resort Motegi
Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
Yokohama Anpanman Children’s Museum
■ Chubu region
Japan Monkey Park
Hamanako Palpal
Minamichita Beach Land & Minamichita Toy Kingdom
Open Air Folk Museum Little World
■ Kansai region
Ise Meotoiwa Fureai Aquarium Sea Paradise
Shima Spain Village Parque Espana
Suzuka Circuit
Nagashima Spa Land
Nabana no Sato
Nesta Resort Kobe
Harukas 300
Safari Resort Himeji Central Park
■ Multiple deployment
pure heart kids land
[Inquiries regarding event participation]
■Asoview! What is
It is a convenient and profitable weekend play reservation site that has partnered with about 9,600 stores nationwide and introduces about 600 genres and about 27,000 plans for domestic play and experience programs.
In addition to outdoor leisure activities such as “paragliding” and “rafting” that make use of the geographical advantages, attractive experiences that make use of local culture such as “pottery
experience” and “soba making experience”, “amusement park” and “aquarium” are available. We introduce leisure facilities, hot springs for day trips, etc.
Reference URL:
■ About the Urakata series
A general term for a series of SaaS that promotes DX for the leisure industry, which has been introduced by more than 2,500 facilities nationwide.
“Urakata Ticket”, an electronic ticket service for tourism, leisure and cultural facilities; “Urakata Analysis”, which analyzes purchaser data and can be used for advertising and marketing measures; and “Urakata Reservation”, a reservation management system for activities and experience classes. Expanding.
Urakata Ticket: Urakata analysis:
Urakata reservations:
■ About Asoview Co., Ltd.
With the mission of “playing to live”, we aim to realize a well-being society where “play” is equivalent to clothing, food and shelter. We provide “Asoview!”, a booking site for convenient and affordable holiday entertainment, “Asoview!
Date of establishment: March 14, 2011
Capital: 1 billion yen
Representative name: Tomohisa Yamano, Representative Director Head office location: Gate City Osaki East Tower 8F, 1-11-2 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Business description: Reservation marketplace business for play and leisure activities, DX promotion business for the leisure industry, etc.

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