AssistMotion Co., Ltd. Held a new model presentation for walking rehabilitation partner robot curara (R)

AssistMotion Co., Ltd.
Held a new model presentation of curara (R), a partner robot for walking rehabilitation
Renewal of hardware and software and start of full-scale sales
AssistMotion Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture; Representative Director: Minoru Hashimoto), which provides motion support technology and rehabilitation training devices for the elderly and patients and next-generation soft actuators, announced on Thursday, October 20, 2022, We will hold a new model presentation of the training robot curara(R) for walking rehabilitation.
To the press October 13, 2022
AssistMotion Co., Ltd.
Minoru Hashimoto, President and Representative Director
Held a new model presentation of curara (R), a partner robot for walking rehabilitation
-Renewal of hardware and software and full-scale sales start- AssistMotion Co., Ltd. ( is a venture company originating from Shinshu University.
This time, our company announced as a new product last year and has decided to start full-scale sales of the “walking training robot ‘curara'”, which was only available for rental until now. It has been upgraded as a product that deepens friendship.
We will hold a “new model presentation” for the press to inform as many people as possible.
Name: “curara(R) new model presentation”
Date: October 20, 2022 14:00-15:00
Venue: AssistMotion Co., Ltd. Headquarters
OVIC Shinshu University
You can join us online via zoom. If you wish, you can also visit the venue.

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Application form
If you would like to participate, please fill out the application form at the URL below.
Thank you for your reservation.
What is curara(R)?
A wearable robot that helps the elderly and those with disabilities to walk. It has a major feature called “synchronization control method” in which humans and robots learn how to walk by matching the rhythm with each other. Therefore, for users, we will assist walking with reasonable strength, speed, and stride length. In addition, by using a dedicated app, walking data before and after training can be measured, and an appropriate exercise program tailored to the individual can be proposed. The overwhelming lightness (2.9 kg for a full set), the ease of wearing, and the fact that it can be used by people with various body types and symptoms are also great advantages.
Background of new model sales start
Since the new product announcement in December last year, curara has received many inquiries and is now being used in various facilities. Many people said that they would like to purchase the product instead of renting it. In order to respond to the voices of everyone, we have decided to start selling a new model.
Due to the corona wreck that has lasted for more than two years, the elderly who tend to refrain from going out are less likely to walk, and there are concerns about the adverse effects on their legs and lower back. Studies have shown that prolonged self-restraint increases the risk of eventually requiring nursing care or becoming bedridden. In addition, the period of rehabilitation itself was difficult. As the coronavirus calms down, it is expected that the number of people who need walking rehabilitation will increase rapidly and that curara will be useful in more and more situations.
We hope that it will be featured so that information on curara can be delivered to as many people as possible who need it.
[Image 2d89759-7-62af2ba420bc51190ac7-1.png&s3=89759-7-d8a54afc409a7e00984006d68adaec7f-1975x903.png
Full set (for 4 joints) / Half set (for 2 joints) / Usage scene Features of the new model
1. Application renewal
– Long-term walking data can now be recorded and saved. Changes due to long-term continuous rehabilitation can now be confirmed at a glance. ・ Curara can now evaluate the user’s normal walking and provide training smoothly based on it.
・The mode selection and screen design are easier to use.
[Image 3d89759-7-f57034e69c2e4ca41232-2.jpg&s3=89759-7-07ac3cc994a36d854b2d2e461fcd3728-3900x2602.jpg
All curara is operated from a smartphone
2. Improved robot setting structure and belt
・By adding a memory display to the slide mechanism that adjusts the position of each motor, position adjustment becomes easier and proper mounting can be done without hesitation.
[Image 4d89759-7-a749a3362e01341d5489-3.png&s3=89759-7-1c3eff9b910cbbf66da4d30a8cb4abfe-1335x439.png
Adjusting the position of the waist belt/Adjusting the position of the knee joint motor
・The materials and shape have been improved, and the fixation of the attachment has been significantly improved, and the discomfort of the belt has been reduced.
[Image 5d89759-7-308cca2c6c28beb06ee6-4.png&s3=89759-7-a2a678c8f96d63dfa6772042d5644d4d-1335x440.png
Cushion material that supports the hipbone/Review of the width and shape of each belt
3.Holding of “user meetings” for exchanging information among users We plan to hold regular online meetings for the purpose of exchanging information on how to use curara for people with various diseases and for more effective rehabilitation using curara.
■ About AssistMotion (
AssistMotion is a venture company from Shinshu University established in 2017 to connect the research results obtained at Shinshu
University’s Faculty of Textile Science to social contribution. We aim to put these technologies into practical use, focusing on the research and development of human-friendly wearable robots (robotic wear curara) and next-generation soft actuators (soft robotic device PVCGEL).
■ Inquiries about this matter
AssistMotion Co., Ltd.
OVIC Shinshu University
TEL: 0268-75-8124 E-mail:
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