Astamuse Co., Ltd. Webinar for financial institutions “How to find innovator companies that create the futur e-Capturing technological potential with data-” will be held from 16:00 on Thursday, October 20!

Astamuse Co., Ltd.
Webinar for financial institutions “How to find innovator companies that create the future-Capturing technological potential with data-” will be held on Thursday, October 20th from 16:00!

Astamuse Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President Ayumu Nagai) will start from 16:00 on Thursday, October 20, 2022, “How to find innovator companies that create the future-Capturing
technological potential with data-”. We are hosting a free webinar. [Image

As the environment continues to change dramatically, companies are taking on the challenge of discontinuous innovation. How to evaluate the future, which is not an extension of the present, has become necessary for those involved in asset management, as well as methods different from the past.
At Astamuse, we have built an intangible asset visualization database of approximately 700 million items in 193 countries around the world, and our in-house experts with diverse backgrounds define technology areas based on data and their own knowledge. By using these tools, it is now possible to measure what kind of technology will have an impact on solving future social issues and creating the future.
In this webinar, we will introduce the methods and possibilities of how to find “innovator companies that create the future” in a data-driven manner.
[Date and time] October 20, 2022 (Thursday) 16: 00-17: 00
How to find an innovator company that creates the future – Capturing technological potential with data –
[Holding method] Zoom
[Participation fee] Free
[Target] Customers of financial institutions (management companies, insurance companies, trust banks, banks, securities companies, pension funds, etc.)
*Please note that we may ask competitors and non-target participants to refrain from participating.
[Capacity] 100 people
[How to apply] Please apply from the link below.
Astamuse Co., Ltd.
Head of Innovation Investment Business Headquarters
Junya Ishikawa
< Biography >
After graduating from Keio University, joined a major asset management company as a new graduate. Engages in the formulation and promotion of sales strategies in business for institutional investors, the development of financial products such as ESG investment strategies, marketing and public relations. After joining Astamuse, he has been engaged in providing alternative data, supporting fund formation, and evaluating by visualizing ESG and non-financial information. Currently oversees business for financial institutions/investors.
Astamuse Co., Ltd.
General Manager, Innovation Investment Business Division, Innovation Investment Business Division
Naoki Obi
< Biography >
After graduating from the University of Tokyo, joined a major financial SIer as a new graduate. Engaged in planning and development of business systems for banks and securities, project management, etc. At Astamuse, after engaging in consulting for business companies, he is currently promoting business for financial institutions/investors. Fund formation and evaluation support using non-financial data in the asset management area, impact evaluation support, etc.
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