Asterisk Co., Ltd. Power supply and data communication to smart devices! Now selling PoE adapters!

Asterisk Co., Ltd.
Power supply and data communication to smart devices! Now selling PoE adapters!
Asterisk Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, President: Noriyuki Suzuki) is a PoE pass-through compatible adapter AsReader “ASA-028P” that enables power supply to smart devices with USB Type-C ports and wired data communication. ” will be on sale from November.
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AsReader “ASA-028P” is an adapter that uses the power received by PoE, converts it to USB Type-C, and supplies power to smart devices under its control.
PoE (Power Over Ethernet) is a technology that enables data
communication and power supply with a single Ethernet cable. The advantage is that it can be easily installed on ceilings and outdoors where it is difficult to secure a power source, or in stores where wireless LAN communication is not stable.
The feature of this product is that when connected to a smart device such as an iPad or Android device equipped with a USB Type-C port, stable data communication can be achieved while supplying power. Complies with IEEE802.3af standard and can supply power up to 12W (5V/2.4A). It supports high-speed gigabit communication, and is ideal for situations where stable high-speed communication is required, such as large-capacity data communication such as photos and videos. In addition, it is designed with 1 input and 1 output, and the body size is slim so that it can be installed in a limited space.
By using this product, you can enjoy watching videos and playing games for a long time without worrying about the remaining battery power. You can use it in a connected environment.
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■ Product overview
Product Name: AsReader PoE Adapter
Model number: ASA-028P
Standard price: ¥9,800 (excluding tax)
Ethernet: 10BASE-T Ethernet, 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet
Input: DC37-57V PoE (IEEE 802.3af)
Output: USB Type-C DC5V 2.4A (USB2.0)
Size: Body 28 x 23 x 95 mm, cable length 200mm
Weight: 45g
(*The information in this release is the information at the time of the announcement.)
■ Asterisk Co., Ltd. Corporate Profile
Company name: Asterisk Co., Ltd.
Representative: Noriyuki Suzuki
Capital: 789,412 thousand yen (as of August 31, 2022)
Public stock market: Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market (Securities code: 6522) Established: September 2006
Head office: Shin-Osaka Dainichi Building 201, 5-6-16 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 532-0011
URL: (company site) (product site)
Business description: AsReader business (planning, development and sales of product AsReader)
System integration business (business-related SI business)
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