At Home Co., Ltd. At Home Survey Price trends for “second-hand condominiums” in the Tokyo metropolitan a rea (September 2022)

At Home Co., Ltd.
[At-Home Survey] Price Trends of “Second-hand Condominiums” in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area (September 2022)

At Home Lab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Ota-ku, Tokyo; President: Yasushi Tsurumori), a real estate information service company, has published price trends for used condominiums registered and published for consumers on its real estate information network. Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Toshihiro Shoji) has been entrusted with research and analysis, and At Home publishes it.
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The average price per used condominium in the Tokyo metropolitan area was 38.24 million yen, unchanged from the previous month.
All 8 areas exceeded the same month of the previous year for 15 consecutive months.
The 23 wards of Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture (Saitama City/etc.), Chiba Prefecture, and 5 other areas set new record highs since January 2017. Saitama Prefecture and other prefectures set new record highs for 15 consecutive months.
-Summary of Survey-
◆ Target area
Tokyo (23 wards/other areas), Kanagawa Prefecture (Yokohama City, Kawasaki City/other areas), Saitama Prefecture (Saitama City/other areas), Chiba Prefecture (western area*/other areas)
*Western Chiba Prefecture: Kashiwa City, Matsudo City, Nagareyama City, Abiko City, Ichikawa City, Urayasu City, Narashino City, Funabashi City
◆ Target data
Real estate information site Used condominiums registered and published for consumers on At Home (duplicate properties are made unique)
・In this survey, the “registered price (suggested selling price)” of the above target data is referred to as “price”.
・In the comments, 30 square meters or less is “single”, 30 to 50 square meters or less is “couple”, 50 to 70 square meters or less “Family-friendly” and rooms over 70 square meters are “large-family-friendly”. [Image 2d51123-305-6c727235ee1f3c919d00-2.png&s3=51123-305-26e15125cf620f9cfec08bae1b850d72-1367x701.png
Average price of 8 areas in the Tokyo metropolitan area (year-on-year comparison/change in index)
The average price per unit in the Tokyo metropolitan area exceeded the same month last year in all eight areas for 15 consecutive months. Compared to the previous month, 5 areas increased, while 3 areas decreased, including -1.1% in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The Tokyo metropolitan area average leveled off for the first time in five months, showing a slight slowdown in the momentum of price increases up to the previous month.
The average price index for Saitama Prefecture and other prefectures has risen for 15 consecutive months.
[Image 3d51123-305-77894f6a23ddc1575ff4-1.png&s3=51123-305-3195b127f47e924928634581f636e692-1270x649.png
[Image 4d51123-305-75312d88883561e41037-3.png&s3=51123-305-2295d7c3107183ae2aa01609325e2186-1311x898.png
For details, please download the PDF from the URL below.

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