Ateam Ateam 2024 graduates start screening for new graduates! The concept is “You are the one who makes your work fun.”

Ateam 2024 Graduating New Graduate Selection Begins! The concept is “You are the one who makes your work fun.”
Recruitment movies, employee interviews, and company introduction materials released

Ateam Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Takao Hayashi) has started the main selection process for hiring new graduates from October 20, 2022 (Thursday) for those who are scheduled to graduate in 2024. In addition, along with the start of the main selection, we have released a recruitment movie and company introduction materials with the concept of “I am the one who makes work fun.” Ateam’s management philosophy is to “become a company where everyone can be happy” and “become a company that will last 100 years from now.” We are looking for people who can empathize with our management philosophy, act with a sense of ownership, and produce results as a team.
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The concept is “You are the one who makes your work fun.”
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In the recruitment movie released this time, young employees talked about the “fun” that can be obtained through work based on the concept of “I am the one who makes work fun.” Based on their own experiences. . If there are 100 people, there are 100 ways to enjoy work. What they have in common is that they are the ones who create the fun. We value the attitude of “making work fun” rather than “work is fun”. In addition, “excitement to take on new challenges”, “enjoyment of delivering surprises and excitement to the world”, “existence of friends who agree with challenges”, “exhilaration gained from taking on challenges that exceed expectations”, and “growth of the company and business”. It expresses the joy of creating a business as a team, such as Lead your business to success and create the company and business of the future. I have these thoughts in mind.
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Public disclosure of company briefing materials for recruitment (recruitment pitch materials)
In conjunction with the release of the recruitment movie “You are the one who makes your work fun,” we have released company information materials for recruitment to the public. In addition to company overviews and business descriptions, this document includes corporate culture, Ateam’s diverse “work styles” and “enjoyment of work”. We make our recruiting information widely open so that you can deepen your understanding of Ateam.
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Simultaneous release of interviews with new graduate presidents, hiring managers, and new graduate employees!
New graduate president interview
The source of fun is “working in a team” and “thinking by yourself”. Recognize each other and show your creativity!
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Qiita President Kensuke Shibata 2009 new graduate joining
There are two “enjoyments” shared by Ateam employees: “working in teams” and “thinking for yourself.” In order to “enjoy” your own work, it is important to think of your work as something that is your own, instead of just seeing it as a task. Thinking “I can do better if I do this” leads to “enjoyment”. And if you work with creativity in a team that recognizes each other, you will become attached to the service, and the more seriously you work, the more you will be proud of the service. If there are 100 people, there are 100 ways of “enjoyment”, but it is you who creates the enjoyment of your work.
New graduate president interview
What makes work fun is “goals”, “strategies” and “friends”! Creativity is at the root
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Ateam Life Design President Ryuichi Watanabe Joined as a new graduate in 2010 When I think my work is fun, it’s when I make up my own “strategy” and give shape to it. On the other hand, I didn’t enjoy working with a strong sense of “being done” and lacking a sense of ownership. The elements that make work fun are “goals”, “strategies” and “friends”. First, clarify your goals. Next, think with your own head and proceed based on the hypotheses and strategies you set up. Finally, there are important friends you can trust. Ateam values ​​the stance of thinking for oneself and demonstrating creativity. Let’s create a company together.
Interview with the person in charge of recruiting new graduates Let’s create a highly creative business as a team! I want to work with people who enjoy taking on challenges
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Misaki Saito, New Graduate Recruitment Group Manager, Ateam President’s Office People who are active in Ateam have common points such as “I value working in a team,” “I can think from multiple angles with
creativity,” and “I have pride in service and a desire to contribute.” The source of this is the desire to deliver better services to the world while working as a team. In today’s rapidly changing world, companies, organizations, businesses and services need to undergo various changes. Can we see this change as an opportunity and take on challenges positively? Do you find it interesting? Can you be excited? We are the ones who make our work fun.
New graduate employee dialogue interview
Work is fun! It is precisely because we have common values ​​that we can understand each other and enhance each other.
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2019 New Graduate Employee Watanabe Atsushi Qiita
I feel happy when I connect ideas such as “What does the company want to achieve?” and “What kind of world do I want to create?” I am conscious of giving meaning to “what is the purpose?”
2020 new graduate employee Marina Ma belonging to Ateam Life Design Instead of simply doing what is given as a task, I think about “additional value” that I can devise in my own way, and practice “make it fun” by doing it. I especially enjoy working with a team to achieve results.

2024 Grad New Graduate Recruitment Entry Overview
Ateam recruits new graduates for the following 6 job categories. List of recruiting occupations (6 occupations in total)
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*For company descriptions and job descriptions, please see the Ateam official YouTube channel.
About entry
Target: Graduate students, university students, junior college students, technical college students, and vocational school students who are expected to graduate in March 2024
Application: Click here for entry
Ateam is a comprehensive IT company that develops various businesses in a variety of business and technical fields under the management philosophy of “To be a company where everyone can be happy” and “To be a company that will last 100 years from now.” , providing value to the world. We are looking for future colleagues who can walk together towards the realization of the “Ateam Purpose” of “Making the world more convenient and fun with Creativity x Tech”.
■Company profile
Company name: Ateam Inc.
Location: Dai Nagoya Building 32F, 3-28-12 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Representative: Takao Hayashi, President and Representative Director Established: February 29, 2000
Capital: 838 million yen (as of July 31, 2022)
Business description: “Lifestyle support business” that provides various web services closely related to life events and daily life, “Entertainment business” that plans, develops and operates games and tool applications of various genres, multiple products A comprehensive IT company that develops business with three axes of “EC business” that plans, develops and operates EC sites that handle
*Company names and product names mentioned in the text are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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