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atmos From atmos, “adidas Originals CENTENNIAL 85 HI / LOW” made to celebrate the first century of basketball has appeared.

Foot Locker atmos Japan LLC
From atmos, “adidas Originals CENTENNIAL 85 HI / LOW”, which was made to celebrate the first century since the birth of basketball, has appeared.
100 creators who “continue to challenge with unchanging beliefs” are appointed as models.

“adidas Originals CENTENNIAL 85 HI / LOW” will be released from “atmos”, a sneaker select shop that sends out to the world from Harajuku.
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The “CENTENNIAL 85”, which was made to celebrate the first century of basketball, came into the limelight when worn by famous university players at the time, and spread as a representative basketball shoe of the 80’s.
And this time, we have reinterpreted the past masterpiece into modern culture, and have been reborn as a next-generation model while keeping the heat of the basketball court at the time. In commemoration of the reprint of such a historical CENTENNIAL 85, 100 creators who “continue to challenge with unchanging beliefs” are appointed as models in connection with Centennial (one century = 100 years).
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“CENTENIAL 85 HI” is available only at atmos and Adidas directly managed stores in Japan. Atmos online will start accepting lotteries from 12:00 on Monday, October 10th, and will be released on Saturday, October 15th, 2022. In addition, the low-cut model “CENTENNIAL 85 LOW” will be released sequentially from November at some atmos stores, atmos app, atmos online shop, Adidas app, Adidas online shop, and some Adidas directly managed stores.
[Adidas Originals CENTENNIAL 85 HI lottery details]
Lottery acceptance start October 10, 2022 (Monday) 12:00~ / Lottery acceptance end: October 14, 2022 (Friday) ~8:59
Special site →
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ITEM : adidas Originals CENTENNIAL 85 HI
STYLE : FZ5992, FZ5993, FZ5994, FZ5995
SIZE: 24cm~29cm, 30cm
PRICE: ¥19,800 (tax included)
[ABOUT atmos / BRAND URL:]
The name of the shop, “atmos,” comes from the word “atmosphere,” and we want it to be a shop that is as natural as the atmosphere. “atmos” opened a head shop in Harajuku, Tokyo in 2000. With the theme of sneakers as fashion, the store has a sneaker wall. We are
disseminating Tokyo’s sneaker culture to the world, including collaborations with national brands and exclusive models, as well as test launches and marketing of the latest products.
[ABOUTadidas Originals SHOP URL:] 1adidas Originals is a street sportswear brand founded in 2001 inspired by adidas’ rich sporting heritage. While inheriting the history of adidas, we continue to evolve the brand’s legacy through products that reflect the belief and creativity of sports in contemporary youth culture. Embraced by the iconic Trefoil logo first used in 1972 and endorsed by creatives, Adidas Originals continues to pave the way as a pioneer of sportswear brands for street culture. Reader contact
European text: atmos ▲ customer / Japanese text: atmos ▲ customer TEL: 03-6629-5075
Details about this release:

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