Audiokinetic Inc. Audiokinetic releases the world’s first multi-track sound library Strata with BOOM Library

Audiokinetic Inc.
Audiokinetic releases world’s first multi-track sound library, Strata, with BOOM Library

Audiokinetic Inc. (Headquarters: Montreal, Canada), a world-class provider of cross-platform audio solutions and involved in the interactive media and gaming industries, announced today, October 12, 2022 local time, that it was built on a novel concept. Announced the release of the sound library “Strata”. Audiokinetic’s first content product line, Strata, is a sound library designed from the ground up to be delivered in an editable multi-track format. Our partnership with BOOM Library oHG, Europe’s largest audio provider of high-end sound effects, provides a breakthrough solution for the interactive media industry.
A typical commercial SFX library provides a linear collection of composite sound effects. Audio designers can modify these sounds by applying trimming, mixing, and voice processing effects, but the individual elements that make up the sound are lost. In interactive audio applications, where sound is broken down into individual components, a linear library is not practical. Eliminates this and enables audio designers to unleash their creativity and produce highly accurate deliverables faster and cheaper than ever before.
Through Strata, audio designers have access to the audio sources and know-how behind world-class audio content. Simon Ashby, Head of Product at Audiokinetic, said: “Strata is the first SFX library designed from the ground up to produce and deliver in a multi-track format. All tracks, editing clips, audio processing effects, etc. are accessible and freely manipulated by audio designers. “Strata was designed specifically for designers of interactive audio, but artists working in linear audio production will also benefit greatly. Ashby continues. “We have been considering providing audio content to users for some time, but the common idea for our products and new businesses is that the project must be able to propose unique added value to existing markets. Since Audiokinetic is a software company, we knew from the first idea for Strata that we should partner with a well-established content provider, and BOOM Library is the best in its field. was the partner we were looking for.”
Pierre Langet, co-founder and managing director of BOOM Library, said: “Over the years, I’ve met people at Audiokinetic at industry trade shows. I knew we had a lot in common, but when it came time to start working with Strata, it was such a meaningful partnership. BOOM owns the content and Audiokinetic owns the technology.”
Lange further added: “Strata eliminates unfun, uncreative, and mundane tasks, so audio designers can spend more time and effort on audio design and more creative work.”
Strata’s multi-track content consists of REAPER projects delivered by audio designers. REAPER is a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that has gained popularity among interactive audio designers over the past decade or so, and was chosen as the DAW for the release of Strata due to its ubiquity, flexibility, and affordability. I was.
Strata offers individual and corporate subscriptions. The library will include 14 collections at release, with new collections being added monthly.
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About Strata
Strata is the first sound effects library designed from the ground up to be produced and presented in a multitrack format. Learn more about.
About Audiokinetic
Audiokinetic is a leading provider of cross-platform audio solutions for interactive media and gaming for location-based entertainment, automotive, consumer electronics and training simulation, setting a new standard for interactive audio production. . Over the years, Audiokinetic has established an ecosystem with the audio industry and platform manufacturers, making Audiokinetic a trusted strategic partner for the world’s leading interactive media developers and OEMs. Audiokinetic’s middleware solutions include award-winning Wwise(R), SoundSeed(R), and Wwise Automotive(TM). Audiokinetic is a Sony Group company. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, we have local subsidiaries in Tokyo and Shanghai, as well as product experts based in Europe and the United States.
About the BOOM Library
Founded in 2010 by award-winning audio designers from Dynamedion, Europe’s largest game audio studio based in Mainz, Germany. We continue to provide high-quality, ultimate sound effects to media and audio professionals.
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