Autumn 2022 / The front line of sagging treatment! High frequency RF x hyphen Reservation acceptance for original treatment “Bolhyph” that can approach slackness started

Autumn 2022 / The front line of sagging treatment! [High frequency RF x hyphen] Reservation acceptance for original treatment “Bolhyph” that can approach slackness started

Cosmetic surgery / cosmetic dermatology “THE ONE.” We will start accepting regular reservations for our unique treatment [Bolhaifu] that combines medical equipment.
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Unique original treatment [Bolhaif]
It is a treatment that performs irradiation with a unique protocol that combines high-frequency RF “Volneuma” with a high tightening effect and “Ultraforma 3 (HIFU)” with a high lift-up effect. At our corporation, we name this combination treatment [Bolhaif] and provide treatment to many patients who suffer from sagging.
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High-frequency RF “Volpuma” and ultrasonic “Ultra Forma 3 (HIFU)” ◎ High-frequency RF “Bornuma”
The latest high-frequency slack treatment equipment that uses our own RF technology (6.78MHz).
By applying heat evenly to the dermis and fat layer without damaging the epidermis, it tightens the fat layer and improves loose skin. It also promotes the production of collagen, so you can expect the effect of firmness and elasticity of the skin.
◎ Ultrasonic “Ultra Forma 3 (HIFU)”
In Korea, HIFU treatment equipment is highly popular under the name Shrink. By applying ultrasonic heat to the SMAS fascia, which is the foundation of the dermis and skin, without damaging the epidermis, the sagging fascia is stimulated, and you can expect a tightening and lifting effect from the inside. .
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Advantages of combining high frequency and HIFU
“Pull up sagging from deep inside the skin and tighten the slackness of the skin”
Ultraformer 3 can approach the deep layers of the skin, and Volneuma can approach the surface of the skin, which is difficult with Ultraformer 3. By combining different approaches, it is possible to evenly apply heat to the skin and achieve a high lifting effect. [Image 4

Fees (all tax included)
◎ Borhaif
1 time: ¥99,800 3 times: ¥248,000 6 times: ¥448,000
Number of shots: Volnuma (face 300 shots) + Ultraformer 3 (400 shots) Irradiation area: forehead, cheeks, face line, under the chin, neck ◎Bornuma
1 time: ¥69,800 3 times: ¥198,000 6 times: ¥368,000
Number of shots: Volnuma (face 300 shots)
Irradiation area: forehead, cheeks, face line, under the chin, neck ◎Option
・Bornuma eye chip (100 shots) 1 time: ¥19,800
・ Ultracell Q + Dot Linear (400 shots) 1 time: ¥66,000
*Limited to those who subscribed to Volhaifo or Volneuma
◎Risks and side effects
redness, swelling, warmth, folliculitis
[Borhaifu] Our thoughts and commitment
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At our clinic, we have established our own protocol by researching many cases, such as the approach range and the number of shots, so that we can tighten and lift the slack more than any other clinic. Irradiation is not according to the manual, but according to the patient’s concerns and skin condition, so that the maximum effect can be achieved for each patient.
A 3D camera was used to measure the effect before and after
irradiation of Volhyf and Volneuma. It is possible to check the numerical value of the increase after implementation.
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* Image right: before treatment Left: immediately after treatment Profile of Dr. Eri Uehara, Director of Medical Corporation Sakuraekai [Image 7

Japan Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Certified Specialist Cosmetic Surgeon/Cosmetic Dermatologist
aesthetic medicine critic
Graduated from Gunma University School of Medicine in 2006 and belongs to the Department of Plastic Surgery, University of Tokyo. After working at a university hospital and a beauty clinic, in April 2020, she opened her own clinic “THE ONE.” In addition, as a doctor, he quickly disseminated information on aesthetic medicine and the importance of correct home care on SNS. As a plastic surgeon and cosmetic dermatologist, he has earned the trust of many patients. Currently, he is active in a wide range of media, writing, and product development for the spread of correct beauty.
YouTube: Cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic surgery “THE ONE.”
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Opened in April 2020 with the hope that it will be a clinic of destiny, a clinic that changes destiny, and a unique clinic for patients.
Specialist doctors in the fields of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology gather and provide medical care every day with the belief of “providing patients with first-class treatments based on evidence.” Official website:
◎Medical Corporation Oukeikai THE ONE.
Toranomon Kiyoshi Building 3F, 4-3-10 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-6403-1915 / Hours: 10:00 – 19:00
[Inquiries from the press regarding this matter]
Logica Co., Ltd.
Public Relations: Daiki Amano / 080-9396-2266
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