Avex Communications Broadcasting Co., Ltd. Today, October 17th is “Savings Day” Exclusive interview with Taikai Sakimoto, who appears as a collector in the live-action version of “Yamikin Ushijima-kun” series! What kind of person loses money? What

Avex Communications Broadcasting Corporation
Today, October 17th, is “Savings Day” Exclusive interview with Mr. Taikai Sakimoto, who plays the role of a collector in the live-action “Yamikin Ushijima-kun” series! What kind of person loses money? What is the best quote from the Ushijima-kun series that left an impression on you!?

The video distribution service “dTV (R)” will distribute all eight works of the “Yamikin Ushijima-kun” series at once, and will start broadcasting on MBS / TBS Dramaism from September 20, 2022
(Tuesday).・The new series “Yamikin Ushijima-kun Gaiden Yamikin Saihara-san” featuring Akane Saihara (Akane Saihara) as the main character will be distributed in advance from 26:00 on Tuesday, September 13th.
The live-action “Yamikin Ushijima-kun” series is a series of popular comics depicting the various relationships between illegal financiers and debtors, as well as the darkness of society. It is also attracting attention as a learning content that allows you to touch on the fear of being scared, the weight of trust, and the importance of facing yourself now.
Therefore, dTV conducted a questionnaire targeting about 4,000 dTV users in order to find out the actual situation regarding money and finance, which has become a hot topic these days, on October 17, which is “Savings Day”. As a result, it was found that 60% of people had a troubled experience due to “lack of knowledge about money”.
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In response to the results of the questionnaire about money, an exclusive interview with Mr. Taikai Sakimoto, who plays the role of Kaukau Finance Takada in the series “Yamikin Ushijima-kun” and is also appearing in the latest work “Yamikin Saihara-san” as the same role. I did. He also talked about his experiences with “money”, quotes that remain in his heart from the “Yamikin Ushijima-kun” series, and his future.
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■ Questionnaire survey results on “money”
・ 60% of the total people have experienced troubles and regrets due to lack of “knowledge about money”
・The reason was, “I wasted my money and piled up debts and went bankrupt.” “I was ignorant about finance.”
Of the 4,211 people surveyed, 60% answered that they had troubled experiences and regrets due to their lack of knowledge about money. When asked why, they said, “I went into debt in the past and went bankrupt.” It turned out that there are many people who have had troubles and regretted experiences due to the low
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■ About the experience of “I was troubled and regretted because I didn’t have knowledge about money”
~Main Answers~
・I can’t save money because I waste my money. I have borrowed money in the past and have filed bankruptcy (woman in her 40s)
・When I first started using credit cards, I didn’t really think about the ratio of my payment amount to my income. be. (Female in her 40s) ・I think it was a loss that I had little knowledge about investment and that I was ignorant. From a young age, it is better to have such knowledge and culture from the time of compulsory education. (Male in his 50s)
・ When I was young, I didn’t know the meaning of revolving repayment, and as a result, it took time and money for interest to repay (woman in her 50s).
Also, when asked about what they feel is necessary to promote financial education, which has become a compulsory subject in high school from 2022, respondents in their 40s and 50s who have not received financial education said, “I have the opportunity to learn about money in a fun way. (Female in her 50s), “I want an explanation that is easy to understand.” Opportunity to learn about the fear of being in a fun way” (female in her 50s).
■What do you think is necessary to promote financial education? ~Main Answers~
・ It would be nice if there was an opportunity to learn about money in a fun way (female in her 50s)
・I think it would be good if you could explain things in an
easy-to-understand manner using manga or videos. (Male in his 50s) ・I want you to properly teach the risks of borrowing money from around junior high school. Financial institutions only advertise that it is easy to borrow money, but I would like them to provide relief for those who are having trouble repaying. (Female in her 50s)
・It would be good if there was a teaching material to learn about risk management. (Female in her 40s)
・Create opportunities to learn about taxes, insurance, fear of solicitation, etc. in a fun way. (Female in her 50s)
[Survey overview]
■ Survey name: Questionnaire on money
■ Implementation period: September 16th (Friday) to 26th (Monday), 2022 ■ Survey method Internet survey
■Survey target: 4,221 dTV members in their teens to over 60s nationwide [Interview with Hiromi Sakimoto]
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-Profile of Hiromi Sakimoto-
Born in Tokyo in 1986. Worked as a child actor from the age of 6. After attending Kaijo Junior High School and High School, graduated from Keio University Faculty of Law, Department of Political Science. His major works include the serial TV novels “Wakaba”, “Yamikin Ushijima-kun”, “Kasouken no Onna”, and “Kids War”. “Quiz Hexagon! ] Also appeared. Currently, he not only works as an actor, but also disseminates financial information as an asset management advisor.
—-As an actor, I heard that during the period when you played the role of a collector in the “Yamikin Ushijima-kun” series, you were accumulating debts from consumer finance in your private life. Is that true?
In my 20s, I was able to earn a stable income and my standard of living was rising. The debt of the loan swelled up. While facing various debtors that appear in Ushijima-kun, I secretly went to the consumer finance ATM to return the debt, worried about what I would do if the debt in my private life was found out and made the news. rice field.
—-What are the characteristics of people who fail financially? I think that people who have a gap between their self-evaluation and the evaluation of others, or who cannot see things objectively, are unsuitable for managing money, including investments. Also, there are many people who do not have a firm grasp of “the amount of money they can spend” as a characteristic of those who fail. At least it is important to create something called “money that should never be touched”. I think people who can’t follow the rules they set for themselves are the ones who end up making money mistakes. But humans don’t understand themselves. Therefore, “Yamikin Ushijima-kun” shows the image of a person who fails with money by pattern, so you can project yourself while watching the story, and you will notice the money drawn in this work by talking to people. , I feel that it is a work that will be an opportunity to learn.
—-Is there anything you want to say to your past self or what you learned from your money-related failures?
There are too many failure episodes to choose from (bitter smile), but I don’t think you’ll know unless you look at it painfully. There is nothing better than not failing, but I feel that there is no chance to change other than seeing a painful eye. In the Ushijima-kun series, you can experience many patterns of failure vividly, so on the other hand, it is a good teaching material that can be used as a teacher. And I would like to tell my past self, “I want you to identify the people who are really important to you, and even if you are a little embarrassed, I want you to take good care of them on a daily basis.” When I was most in trouble with money, I wasn’t kind to my closest family. There was a time when I got carried away and looked down on my family. But in the end, I was able to recover because of the help of my family, and it was my family who became my spiritual support. Now I take care of my family and try to get together regularly. I have a nephew, so I’m completely an uncle. I want to buy my nephew toys and do whatever I can unconditionally.
[Image 5d22141-698-538504aec2f72fb097c2-4.jpg&s3=22141-698-c2d26b8fd84f79d651e0529f7de43912-3900x2600.jpg

—-You said that your dream for the future is to become the cornerstone of the establishment of finance that connects the entertainment world and investors.
I would like to create a form of financing for movies and stage productions. Unlike the United States and China, Japan doesn’t have a movie fund that individuals can invest in, so I thought it would be nice to have a form of crowdfunding to create interesting films. I like Japanese entertainment,
I believe that I can make a contribution that is unique to me. Also, the current situation is that I am studying while starting YouTube to grow my influence.
—-Please tell us the highlights of the currently airing “Yamikin Saihara-san”. The highlight is the heartwarming scene where some of the characters have not changed, while others have evolved and worked properly. I think that the Ushijima-kun series is more enjoyable than other works in that characters from the past reappear at unexpected times, and I want you to enjoy the depth of emotion.
—- Do you have a strategy for the series that you would recommend to those who came to know about Ushijima-kun through Yamikin Saihara-san? There are a total of 8 works in the series, which is a lot, but if you look at all of them, they are connected, so please take a look at them all! That’s what I think, but if you’re interested in seeing Saihara-san, who’s currently airing, I think it’ll be easier for you to enjoy it if you watch just season 2 of the movie.
—-Were there any quotes from the Ushijima-kun series that touched your heart? “People change if they take responsibility for what they have done.” We tend to think that changing ourselves means throwing away the past or not being who we used to be, but rather, it’s like cleaning up the road we’ve walked so far, and regretting what we left behind. I think it’s about going back to the part where you were immature and starting over from there. I think that way of thinking is very effective if you want to change yourself. Many of the quotes that Ushijima has come up with resonate with me.
—-You can enjoy video works such as popular movies, dramas, and live videos such as the Ushijima-kun series on dTV. How do you usually enjoy video content, Mr. Sakimoto?
Originally, I really like watching anime, but it’s a pity that I haven’t been able to watch it much lately because I’ve been so busy. Also, since I got married this year, my wife is watching Korean dramas and live videos of male idols at home, and I look at them sideways. Even though he said he doesn’t like handsome wives… lol
—-Finally, what message would you like to convey through your past experiences?
“Aren’t you accumulating mental debt?”
If there are things that have not been settled in the past, other things will not go well. I was not good at facing things that were inconvenient, but now I think that in the end, facing the negative legacies was the shortest way to focus on the “now.”
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You can download the image materials in the release and the official materials of “Yamikin Ushijima-kun Gaiden Yamikin Saihara-san” from the following.
Password: dtv
Title: Drama “Dark Gold Ushijima-kun Gaiden Dark Gold Saihara-san” Original: Shohei Manabe “Yamikin Ushijima-kun”
Shohei Manabe Yamazaki Dodo “Yamikin Ushijima-kun Gaiden Ramen Nameki-san” (published by Shogakukan “Big Spirits Comics”)
Copyright: (C) 2022 Shohei Manabe, Douji Yamazaki, Shogakukan / Drama “Yamikin Saihara-san” Production Committee, MBS
Screenplay: Shinsuke Yamaoka
Director: Masatoshi Yosuke Toki
Number of episodes: 15 episodes
Broadcast date: Broadcasting on MBS/TBS Dramaism
(MBS: Every Tuesday from 24:59 / TBS: Every Tuesday from 25:28) Delivery: Pre-delivery on dTV and others
Performers: Maryjun Takahashi, Ryuya Miyayo, Makita Sports, Taikai Sakimoto, and others (in no particular order)
Yamikin Ushijima-kun series dTV special site page:
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If you want to watch live, dTV
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