AWA Announcing Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa autumn songs chosen by AWA users! Heisei 1st place is Spitz “Kaede”, Showa 1st place is Yamaguchi Momoe “Akizakura”, Reiwa 1st place is…

Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa autumn songs selected by AWA users! Heisei 1st place is Spitz “Kaede”, Showa 1st place is Momoe “Akizakura”, Reiwa 1st place is…

The subscription-type (flat-rate) music streaming service “AWA” operated by AWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Akemi Togashi) is “#My Autumn Song Best 8”. A playlist campaign to create themed playlists will be held from October 14th to October 23rd, 2022. We have tallied the songs used in the playlist created during the application period and announced the top 10 autumn songs for each Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa release. In addition, the playlist “AWA User’s Choice! My Autumn Song Best 50”, which contains the top 50 songs in the overall ranking, has also been released.
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▼ AWA users choose! My Autumn Song Best 50 ■ AWA users choose! My Top 10 Autumn Songs ~Reiwa Edition~
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The number one song in the Reiwa edition was “Kirari” written by Kaze Fujii as the CM song for Honda’s “VEZEL”. This work was ranked 4th in Reiwa in the summer song held last time, and it has become a popular song from summer to autumn. 2nd place went to Novelbright’s
“Tsukimisou”, which became a hot topic last year as a heartfelt love ballad. Official HIGE DANdism’s “Pretender”, which recorded a mega-hit, ranked in at 3rd place. In addition, there are two songs, YOASOBI “Yoru ni Kakeru” and “Gunjo”, and “Kaneki Sai (feat. Ado)”, which welcomes Ado, a whale who is attracting high attention in the music scene as a new generation creator. A number of hit songs that color the are ranked in.
■ AWA users choose! My Top 10 Autumn Songs ~Heisei Edition~
[Image 3d22425-2212-65a3fffe1a5ca7197d75-2.png&s3=22425-2212-c9597255de4d9f2fd534b8006c72599d-800x800.png
Spitz’s “Kaede”, which won first place overall, was ranked first in the Heisei edition autumn song. As a song that represents autumn, it is a famous song that has been covered by many artists such as Yumi Matsutoya, Moka Kamishiraishi, and uru. 2nd place went to Mai Kuraki’s “Togetsukyo ~Kimi Omofu~”, which was written for the movie “Detective Conan to Crimson Love Letter”. In 3rd place is Ayaka’s gem ballad “Mikazuki”, which is based on the theme of long-distance love. In addition, Aimer’s ballad song “Akane Sasu”, which reminds us of the sunset scene, and Kinoko Teikoku’s “Kanoki Sai no Yoru”, which has lyrics that make you feel the signs of autumn on a nostalgic melody. A number of famous songs that have shined in the history of the Heisei era are ranked in.
■ AWA users choose! My Top 10 Autumn Songs ~Showa Edition~
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Momoe ’s “Autumn Cherry Blossoms”, which ranked 13th in the overall ranking, took first place in the Showa edition. It continues to be loved by many people as a masterpiece that represents the Showa era. Second place is Mariya Takeuchi’s “SEPTEMBER”, which depicts how the feelings of a lover change as the season changes from summer to autumn. Seiko Matsuda’s two hit songs, “Kaze Tachinu” and “Kaze wa Akiiro”, ranked 3rd and 5th. In addition, THE ALFEE’s Toshihiko Takamizawa wrote the lyrics and music for Kyoko Koizumi’s “Kogarashi ni Embrace”, and Southern All Stars’ famous ballad “Ya Ya” Famous songs are ranked in.
■ AWA users choose! My autumn song best 50 (partly published) 01. Kaede / Spitz
02. Kirari / Kaze Fujii
03. Togetsukyo ~Thinking of You~ / Mai Kuraki
04. Tsukimisou / Novelbright
05. Mikazuki / Ayaka
06. Pretender / Official HIGE DANdism
07. Running through the night / YOASOBI
08. Akane Sasu / Aimer
09. Kanade / Sukima Switch
10. Gray and Blue (+ Masaki Suda) / Kenshi Yonezu / Masaki Suda 11. Osmanthus / Orange Spiny Crab
12. Golden Mushroom Night / Mushroom Empire
13. Autumn cherry / Momoe
14. Dried Flowers / Yuri
15. Lemon / Kenshi Yonezu
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