Axallegency Co., Ltd. Axallegency Co., Ltd. will start “DX Support Business” on October 1st to speedily pr omote corporate DX.

Accessory Gency Co., Ltd.
Axle Regency Co., Ltd. will start “DX Support Business” from October 1st to speedily promote corporate DX
Staff familiar with real estate, construction, and retail will strongly support companies who are in trouble, “I have launched a DX promotion department, but what should I do first?”

Axallegency Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Keita Yamada, hereinafter referred to as Axallegency) will launch a “DX support business” to speedily promote corporate DX (Digital
Transformation) in October 2022. We started anew from today. For companies with little in-house know-how to promote DX, staff familiar with real estate, construction, and retail will provide a wide range of outsourcing support, from organization construction to web service construction.

■ To all companies who are having trouble with DX conversion In recent years, new entrants who develop unprecedented business models using new digital technology have appeared in various industries, and it is important to speedily promote “DX conversion” in order to maintain and strengthen competitiveness. Wanted by many companies.
Meanwhile, Accessory Gency will start a “DX support business” for all companies that are having trouble with DX conversion.
The “DX Support Business” has the following three features.
1. Support for strengthening the system for drastic DX improvement and implementation
As it becomes difficult to secure human resources related to DX, we provide support for strengthening the system for sustainable DX implementation at each company through our (consignment), temporary staffing, and staffing businesses. increase. We will support your company with a perfect system with abundant achievements and skills. 2. Support client’s IT problem solving
For all problems related to corporate engineering, we provide support in various scenes such as in-house system development, design of engineer organization, launch of IT team, and support for engineer recruitment. In addition, specialists who are well versed in the engineering field will be in charge exclusively as advisors and provide support.
3. Support client’s problem solving with flexible response
We support clients’ conversion to DX from two support methods: “general outsourced development” and “hybrid development”.
General outsourced development: According to the client’s request, we will implement DX support or system development in-house.
Hybrid system development: According to the client’s request, our engineers will support DX by telework.
For more information on Accessory Regency’s “DX Support Business”, please visit the official website below.
■ More than 10 years of veteran strong support for DX
Axellegency’s “DX Support Business” consists of human resources who have been launching the information system department (DX department) for more than 10 years. For that reason, we have members with a wealth of knowledge, from the launch of the information system department (DX department) to its operation and organization construction.
◎ Especially knowledgeable in real estate, construction, and retail In addition, we have members with particular knowledge of real estate, construction, and retail. If you are a company that is having trouble promoting DX in the real estate, construction, or retail industries, please consult with Axellegency, and we will do our best to support you in solving your problems.
■We are also looking for collaborative partners!
Accessory Agency is also looking for partner companies that can collaborate with us.
For example, we are looking for a wide range of business partners, such as IT consulting companies, who can support our clients’ conversion to DX together with us.
■ About Accessory Agency Co., Ltd.
Company name: Accessory Gency Co., Ltd.
English notation: Accele Regency Co., Ltd.
Established: January 2019
Representative Director: Keita Yamada
Capital: 3,300,000 yen
[Business description]
・ System integration business
Web planning, system development, operation and maintenance
・ Human resource outsourcing
Human resources problem solving service for companies

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