B-Style Smart Career Webinar to improve job satisfaction What is the secret to being ranked as a “great pl ace to work” for 5 consecutive years? Thorough explanation by the person in charge of personnel affairs!

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[Webinar for improving job satisfaction] What is the secret to being ranked as a “workplace worthwhile company” for 5 consecutive years? Thorough explanation by the person in charge of personnel affairs! 10/25 (Tue) 12: 00-13: 00 / Co-hosted by Cubic Co., Ltd. and B-Style Smart Carrier Co., Ltd.

B-Style Smart Career Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Kunihiko Mihara), which provides temporary staffing and introduction services that enable diverse work styles such as shortening working hours in the B-Style Group, is a subsidiary of Cubic Co., Ltd. (Headquarters). : Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hidehito Seichi), the theme is “What is the secret to being ranked in the ranking for five consecutive years? A webinar will be held on Tuesday, October 25, 2022 from 12:00 to 13:00.
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[Application page: https://smartcareer.b-stylejob.jp/biz/seminar/] Background of the event
Telework has spread due to the corona crisis, and while it has brought benefits such as reduced travel costs and enhanced private life, I think there are also managers and HR personnel who are facing the problem of a decline in internal engagement due to lack of
Therefore, this time, we invited Mr. Keisuke Kimura, who is in charge of personnel affairs as an executive officer and CHO (Chief Human Officer) at Cubic Co., Ltd., which has been ranked in the “Best Workplaces” ranking for five consecutive years. , We will hold a webinar on the theme of “work satisfaction”.
In the webinar, we will clarify the know-how of utilizing human resources to commit to results while feeling job satisfaction regardless of employment type, and through a panel discussion with our director Kazuyo Taguchi, we will share episodes of overcoming hardships and “job satisfaction”. We will unravel how to continue to be a certain company.
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・Interested in initiatives and mechanisms that increase job satisfaction ・I want to develop human resources that increase ability and motivation with “AND”
・There is a problem with the retention rate of human resources Speaker profile
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Cubic Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer and CHO (Chief Human Officer)
Keisuke Kimura
Born in Akita Prefecture in 1984, graduated from Hirosaki University. Joined Drecom Co., Ltd. as a new graduate and worked as a sales and new business manager.In 2010, he joined Efunana Co., Ltd. as a founding member.
Joined Cubic in 2014. After engaging in the overall management of the media business, which is the pillar of Cubic, as General Manager of the Media Business Headquarters, he is currently in charge of human resources as CHO (Chief Hito Officer).
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B-Style Smart Carrier Co., Ltd.
Kazuyo Taguchi
Born in 1994, graduated from Kanagawa University.
After joining Bstyle Co., Ltd. (at that time) as a new graduate and receiving the Rookie of the Year Award for overwhelming results in the first year, he was engaged in the launch of the spot consulting business “BIZ-directors”.
In April 2021, he became the “youngest” director of B-Style Smart Career Co., Ltd. after working as a new business development manager and a group management strategy office. Currently, he is mainly in charge of the planning department, planning business strategies, and promoting business as the person in charge of various projects. Overview of the event
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/3176/table/759_1_0766a9a473267edebbe04a2ee38d0631.jpg ]
[Inquiries about the event]
B-Style Inc. Smart Carrier Event Secretariat
TEL: 03-5363-4490
About Cubic Co., Ltd.
[Image 4d3176-759-7fd774cf2d8d52106360-4.jpg&s3=3176-759-cd30fdb3aa5e11616083da9977884e58-485x301.jpg
Cubic is a company that advances business through human-oriented marketing and design, with the mission of “Challenging insight and making sure people move forward.” We are engaged in digital media business centered on comparison sites, comparison site “your SELECT.” (https://cuebic.co.jp/your_select/) that finds new value, comparison of water servers that make life delicious and convenient. Site “Mizucom” (https://waterserver-mizu.com/), job change support site “HOP! Navi” (https://www.hop-job. com/), etc. Emphasizing fieldwork, accurately grasping insights (deep psychology) rather than superficial needs, leading people to a smoother problem-solving experience. About Bstyle Smart Carrier – http://www.bstylegroup.co.jp/ – [Image 5d3176-759-036045cb0ec84917eab9-6.png&s3=3176-759-33b9b1326fc2c9b8dcc3f8a4f062c20d-1047x318.png
Founded in 2002 as a temporary staffing and referral service company specializing in “shortening of working hours” with the aim of creating a society where women can continue to use their skills even after marriage and childbirth. Currently, “Smart Career”
(https://smartcareer.b-stylejob.jp/) for short time x high career, “Shufu JOB Staffing” (https://www.b-stylejob.jp/) for housewives x office work. jp/), and the high-grade side business “BIZ-directors” (https://biz-directors.jp/), and are working to realize diverse work styles.
About the Bstyle Group – https://www.bstylegroup.co.jp/
[Image 6d3176-759-c9df52c577da745a53f4-5.png&s3=3176-759-c1ef6d367097d8204a700c692a06935d-650x199.png
With the common basic philosophy of best basic style – creating value that matches the times -, we are working to solve social problems and people’s inconveniences of the times through innovative businesses. Human resources service business such as “Shufu JOB” that has created more than 160,000 housewives’ employment since its foundation, “Smart Career” that realizes diverse work styles and high careers, and “Neighborhood Work” that works in spare time. With this as the main axis, we will practice the group’s common value “Shihozen” while expanding our business areas such as RPA introduction support and production of the super food “Moringa”.

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