Backlog, released 5 functions such as duplicating issues in another project

Nulab Co., Ltd.
Backlog, released 5 functions such as duplicating issues in another project
Nulab Co., Ltd. (head office: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture; CEO: Masanori Hashimoto (hereafter referred to as Nulab) has released five user-requested features for the project management tool Backlog, which is used by more than one million people, including the ability to duplicate issues in another project.
We believe these feature releases will make it easier for teams to manage projects and tasks.
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Details of the five new features released this time
– Ability to duplicate issues to another project –
Until now, Backlog issues can only be duplicated within the same project. If you want to add similar issues in another project, you can add them manually or use a spreadsheet to batch register issues. I had no choice but to do it.
This time, by selecting “Duplicate to another project” from the “…” button on the upper right of the issue, it is now possible to duplicate the issue to another project. This function is expected to improve work efficiency for users who have been manually adding issues to other projects.
[Image 2:] -Can get “last login date and time” with Backlog API-
With Backlog, you can perform various operations from the API, such as adding issues and Wikis, obtaining information, and managing projects and users. Until now, the “last login date and time” was not included in the user information that could be obtained, and it was necessary to obtain the information individually from the management screen. Now, the last login date and time of the user is now included in the user information obtained by acquiring the user list and user information. The value of “lastLoginTime” is the user’s last login date and time.
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-It is now possible to determine which branch to merge on an issue- Improved the display of the merge destination of each pull request in the pull request list on the issue details screen.
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-A function that allows you to copy the issue key and subject at once- Until now, it was only possible to copy the issue key and subject of the displayed issue one by one. This time, we have released a function that allows you to copy the issue key and subject of all the listed issues at once.
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-Notification redisplay function-
Backlog displays various types of information we want to convey to users, such as maintenance notices and information about feature releases, at the top of the dashboard. Until now, if you erased the displayed notification with the X button, you could not check the notification again. From this release, you can check the notification again by clicking the gorilla character “Gorrit-kun” displayed on the right side of the dashboard.
*Detailed information on the above additions can also be found on the
Backlog blog: *Please use this form to submit requests for feature development. *We do not necessarily promise to respond to your request. Please note. “You’re making progress! ”, the team moves on.” About the project management tool “Backlog”
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・Backlog service page:
Backlog, a project management tool featuring rich functions related to information sharing such as task management and Wiki, as well as an intuitive interface, has been promoting collaboration among many teams since its beta version was released in 2005. It has been introduced and utilized for this purpose. Currently, it is provided in two forms: ASP version / Enterprise version.
・ Click here for introduction examples:
Services Nulab provides

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Nulab develops and provides the project management tool ‘Backlog’, the online diagramming tool ‘Cacoo’, the business chat tool ‘Typetalk’, and the ‘Nulab Pass’ to enhance organizational information security and governance.
・Project management tool “Backlog”:
・ Online drawing tool “Cacoo”:
・Business chat tool “Typetalk”:
・ “Nulab Pass” to enhance information security and governance of the organization:
About Nulab Co., Ltd.
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*The information contained in this press release is current as of the date of the announcement.
Details about this release:


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