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Bankers Holding Co., Ltd. Bankers Group, a loan-type crowdfunding company, announced a total of 1.5 billion yen in funding

Bankers Holding Co., Ltd.
Bankers Group, a loan-type crowdfunding company, announces a total of 1.5 billion yen in funding

October 3, 2022
Bankers Holding Co., Ltd.
[Image In the 22 months since the launch of the first fund, the cumulative total investment by investors exceeded 10 billion yen, mainly for business loan projects, and has grown rapidly to become one of the largest platforms in Japan in terms of monthly loan execution amount. We are here.
 In the future, through this funding, we will work to expand our business, develop systems to expand our services, and strengthen our marketing activities to increase awareness.
In addition, in the line-up of funds, RYUKI VENTURES PTE.LTD. and PT. GOLDEN EAST INVESTMENT have accepted investments, and with a view to collaborating with them, overseas financing projects will be conducted to significantly expand investment products from Japan to overseas. We aim to provide diverse and attractive investment opportunities to as many investors as possible.
Company overview
(1) Name: Bankers Holding Co., Ltd.
(2) Date of establishment: August 29, 2019
(3) Location: Tokyo Office: VORT Hanzomon 8F, 2-12-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Head office location: 2-8-5 Sonezaki, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka (4) Representative: Tsuyoshi Shibuya, President and Representative Director (5) Capital: 2,634.6 million yen (including capital reserves, as of the end of September 2022)
(6) Major subsidiaries: Bankers Co., Ltd., Bankers Business Finance Co., Ltd., etc.
(7) Business description: Management of business subsidiaries such as Bankers Co., Ltd., which operates the loan-type crowdfunding platform “Bankers (”
[Inquiries regarding this press release]
Bankers Holding Co., Ltd. Nakagawa and Abe
Phone number: 03-6380-9829 (reception hours: 13:00-17:00 on weekdays, excluding year-end and New Year holidays, weekends and holidays) E-mail:
This document is intended to provide information to the media and is not intended to solicit investment in financial products. Some may contain subjective views and opinions.
Details about this release:

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