Bare Escentuals Co., Ltd. BareMinerals Event Implementation Report An online event will be held during Pink Ribbon Month to support “women facing cancer”!

Bare Escentuals Inc.
[BareMinerals Event Implementation Report] An online event to support “women facing cancer” will be held during Pink Ribbon Month! During Pink Ribbon Month in October, an online makeup seminar was held in collaboration with, an information site run by women who have experienced cancer.

Bare Escentuals Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo;
Representative: Saori Kanno), which imports and sells the leading brand of clean beauty “bare Minerals”, will start the life of “a woman facing cancer” on October 5, 2022 (Wednesday). An online makeup seminar was held as an event to improve the quality of life (QOL = quality of life) and support women’s desire to be beautiful.

Mineral cosmetics that do not use ingredients that burden the skin, have transparent manufacturing processes and formulations, and are made with consideration for the global environment. “bareMinerals”, which is said to be a pioneer of such mineral cosmetics, focused on mineral (mineral) powder, which was originally used in the medical field to hide injuries in the United States, and started selling it by weight in 1976. rice field. And now, it is popular among women undergoing cancer treatment from the viewpoint of being “friendly to the skin”.
This event is the second stage of the event to support “women facing cancer” for International Women’s Day held in March this year. This time, we invited Hiroko Ikeuchi, a personal makeup trainer who experienced cancer, as a lecturer.
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Target audience: people with cancer, cancer survivors, their families and friends. Participants raised various concerns about makeup during cancer treatment.
Especially many
・Blemishes & dullness
I was worried about the “skin” that is the foundation of makeup. Based on that, a makeup seminar by Mr. Ikeuchi started.
He explained the foundation that should be used for dry skin and gave a lesson on how to apply it using actual product samples with the participants. By putting makeup on with the participants, a sense of unity was created and smiles were seen.
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-Examples of comments from participants after the seminar-
・I learned a lot from being able to specialize in the skin condition during cancer treatment.
・Being able to spend time with people who have experienced cancer gave me the courage to realize that I was not alone.
・ I received the power to live from Mr. Ikeuchi
・I came to like bareMinerals even more.
・Last time, I felt positive through this event. I want to continue to find happiness while being encouraged by makeup.
Going forward, bareMinerals will continue to play a role in not only making the skin beautiful through bareMinerals cosmetics, but also bringing a sense of happiness to everyday life through bareMinerals cosmetics, through the brand philosophy of “THE POWER OF GOOD”. I will carry it.
Please look forward to it.
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Facilitator: Yukiko Hachiro bareMinerals Training Director
Overview of an online event to support “women facing cancer” during Pink Ribbon Month
Date: October 5, 2022 (Wednesday) 2 sessions, 1 hour each
Participants: about 60 people with cancer, cancer survivors, their families and friends
Holding method: Online, Zoom

Speaker: Hiroko Ikeuchi Personal makeup trainer
[Image 4d76934-71-cab00c743dcb8bd4f415-3.jpg&s3=76934-71-cc293ab0fb0e1dc1729377989ebf1571-2048x1365.jpg

Event cooperation: Ms. Yukiko Ota, CEO of
[Image 5d76934-71-8c6dd89323eae47015ec-0.jpg&s3=76934-71-3b5b72bc832351abea19583be92fc960-594x393.jpg is
Make the “period facing cancer” more positive, which can happen to anyone! We regularly provide information to women facing cancer.
It can be used by anyone, including those who have just been diagnosed with cancer and those who are on leave for treatment. increase. It is run entirely by women who have had cancer.
[Image 6d76934-71-2e522bd2ddba0714cc09-5.png&s3=76934-71-bffdcd73d898bf81ba22426fb8be13ea-127x130.png
What is bareMinerals
A pioneer brand of mineral cosmetics born in San Francisco,
California, USA in 1995.
Since its founding, with the motto of “using good things in abundance and not using unnecessary things”, the simple formula that does not burden not only the skin but also the earth, is a highly functional and highly effective clean that meets high demands. We are developing beauty cosmetics.
Customer contact
2-4-9 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 0120-24-2273 (10:00-17:00, excluding weekends and holidays) URL:
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