Barneys Japan Co., Ltd. Announcement of holding an order event for special products created from unique manufacturing methods and techniques

Barneys Japan Co., Ltd.
A one-of-a-kind manufacturing method, a discerning gem created from technology
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TMBH is a brand that is attracting attention for its smart leather items made with a unique manufacturing method using a variety of exotic leathers. The attitude towards leather products that develops from technology without being bound by existing manufacturing methods has gained support from many leather lovers, both men and women. [Image 2

We will be holding an order event for -TMBH- for a limited time. During the event, you can choose the parts you want to use, such as elephant, crocodile, lizard, and python, which are often called rare exotic leathers, and make bags and leather accessories in your favorite color. receive. In addition, we will prepare card cases and wallets from the seamless, lightweight and durable “Hawase” series for the event. You can see all 4 types of card cases and wallets that have been updated to platinum and are exclusive to Barneys New York. [Image 3

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Limited long wallet ¥ 105,600 (tax included) Size: Length 9.2 x Width 17.8 x Depth 1cm
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Limited bi-fold wallet ¥ 74,800 (tax included) Size: Length 8.5 x Width 9.8 x Depth 1.5cm
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Limited coin case ¥ 48,400 (tax included) Size: Length 7 x Width 7.5 x Depth 1 cm
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Contact information
Barneys New York Customer Center
TEL 0120-137-007 (reception hours 11:00-20:00/except 1/1)
Barneys New York Official Site BARNEYS NEW YORK

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Barneys New York Roppongi location
Barneys New York was founded by Barney Pressman in Manhattan in 1923 and is known as one of the world’s leading specialty stores. Currently, in Japan, in addition to the Ginza main store, Roppongi store, Yokohama store, Kobe store, Fukuoka store, Seibu Shibuya store, a total of 11 stores including outlet stores and online stores are being developed.
The items handled are mainly men’s and women’s wear, accessories and shoes, as well as tableware and stationery. It also consists of original brands from Barneys New York and designer brands from Europe, the United States and Japan.
The stores, displays, customer service, and communication are integrated to create a unique and fresh discovery and a relaxing and comfortable time, providing a space where adult men and women can enjoy shopping together.

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