Bazgraph Co., Ltd. Limited time “Text summary AI Tanteki” API free trial campaign

Buzzgraph Inc.
[Limited time] “Sentence summary AI Tanteki” API free trial campaign You can try “Sentence Summarization AI Tanteki”, which makes full use of its own natural language analysis technology, for free for 3 months.

Bazgraph Co., Ltd. (Hakata Station East, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representative Director: Koji Nishimoto) has implemented a free trial campaign for text summarization and text structuring API using natural language processing AI developed in-house for the first 100 companies. increase.

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–What is Tanteki API? —
[Image 2

Sentence summary API “Tanteki API” specifications:
–What is Hakase API? —
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Sentence structuring API “Hakase API” specifications:
Click here for inquiries regarding usage ↓↓
*Please select “Use API” from the inquiry form and write “Trial request” in the remarks.
Possibilities of Bazgraph’s Natural Language Processing API
Our service, “Text Summarization AI Tanteki,” uses a unique natural language processing engine to enable AI text summarization using a reading comprehension method that is close to human thinking, which was previously considered difficult for computers.
Furthermore, it is also possible to instantly extract and visualize “important parts in a sentence”.
By applying these and combining them with various services, we believe that the range of usage can be expanded and will be very active in various fields.
[Text Summary AI Tanteki] Summary of Related Services
Buzzgraph’s summary service combines not only “morphological analysis”, which is often used as an analysis method for AI summary services, but also unique “characteristic word analysis” and “functional element analysis”, etc., to I will summarize.
Only free membership registration is required.
About Tanteki’s service
■ Sentence Summary AI Tanteki:
■ Sanmon Tanteki:
■Tanteki mutter:
■ Discovery Tanteki:
■ Search Tanteki:
■ Compressed tongue:
■ Translated Tanteki:
■ Listening Tanteki:
■ Disaster Prevention Tanteki: -SNS accounts-
■ Official Twitter:
■ Official TikTok: ■ Official note:
【Company Profile】
Company name: Buzzgraph Co., Ltd.
Location: Hakata Modern Building 7F, 1-1-33 Hakata Station East, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Representative Director: Koji Nishimoto
Established: November 2014

Details about this release:


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